Saturday, February 1, 2014

What's Going Down at KGO and KSFO; A Theory

 Nothing of significance went down at KGO on Friday, at least nothing of significance yet something, I do believe, is on the radar.

First off, Cumulus sent Atlanta suits to SF to talk to all the on-air hosts at KGO and KSFO.

Both stations are underperformed --we know that--even Cumulus and the Dickey heads know that. Of course they won't admit as such because that would require them to admit their colossal mistake and blunder of radio mass proportions.

Here's what I believe is going to transpire. I think they're going to bring forth a sort of hybrid. They will stick with news but they're also going to bring in some talk shows during the week. This is all in the planning stages. They know they tanked in the market and /Thursday/Friday's meet-up with all the hosts amounted to whom they'll pick out of the group, (and outside the market), to do some weekday and weeknight shows.

I'm going on pure hunch here based on a few folks I talked too. Could I be wrong? Sure. They're not talking--even some of my moles don't have the slightest idea what's going on but you don't fly in Atlanta suits to merely say hello, how ya doing, nice to meet you. There's some tinkering to be, it may be modest but it also might involve wholesale changes--I think it's somewhere in the middle.

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  1. Rich, I think you are looking too much into this. If you have checked the national weather reports, the city of Atlanta has been under a blanket of snow and ice this past week. For all you know, the suits in Atlanta thought coming to San Francisco, where the weather has been unseasonably warm this winter, would be a great excuse to get out of the freezing temperatures and call it a business expense. That's probably all it was.

  2. Well,on his KRON sports segment Thursday Radnich said "My show is ending". That could be one Cumulus some way.
    Or, Radnich was just exaggerating about his show with Cumulingus Corp.

  3. I agree with 2:28. Corporate suits frequently have meetings - anytime for any reason. Just because KGO is tanking, boring, and irrelevant does not necessarily mean the recent meeting had significant meaning. Let's get over it until proven otherwise.

    1. I think there's more to the KTVU apology for the Asiana fiasco than we've been led to believe, and the rest of the truth, as well as purging of still more names, is coming soon. After all, suits from Atlanta (what is it about Atlanta and suits? Do they have lots of Men's Wearhouses there?) came to KTVU too, and we were told more was on the way. That was back in...July. But those changes are coming soon! They are! Yup! They are! And there's more to that story. Lots. Yup! More people will get fired. Frank Somerville will get on the air and break down and cry. Bodies will end up floating in the Bay, mysteriously tied to lead weights.

      The Truth Is Out There.


  4. And even if they did decide to reformat KGO, do we have any confidence they would come up with anything better? Getting rid of seasoned talk hosts and going all news was their idea (based on their audience surveys, of course -- hah!). So I don't hold out much hope that, if they change, they won't come up with some other sort of canned programming that they can put on the air that won't cost them much. KKSF 910 had a golden opportunity to get a foothold in the market, and what did they do? Bring in hosts that do all the talking. And those ratings aren't improving even with their tinkering around with the hours. The 2 somewhat decemt syndicated national talk hosts -- Tom Sullivan and Alan Colmes-- that Clear Channel programmed are now on at the same time. Go figure.

    I can do without Randi Rhodes. She is sort of like the right wing talking heads, just from the other side of the aisle. Too much one-sided politics. And the east coast accent gets hard to listen to.

  5. 4:37 is a douche-nozzle...

  6. What is the picture you posted and what is the relevance? Just curious.

  7. Is it possible they just free up some hours and syndicate national shows like a Dennis Miller or "name"?



    Now that there have been apologies from our favorite media blogger, for whatever the reason, it must be said that Karel is in deep trouble. His rant, publically, on his own web site proves it and last night's performance was proof.

    To admit before whatever amall audience with just over a one-share there may be, in the worst daypart radio has to offer (9-midnight Sat.) it is amazing how galling this individual, Karel, really is, and immature, unprofessional and more.

    To start with a Tweet about how bad in San Francisco this past Friday how desperate he is for a boyfriend, is pathetic. To hear him on KGO's 50,000 watt air on Saturday talk about, with intimate description, a red-haired, red-bearded man who opently "flirted" with the Bay Area's most disliked and disregarded talk-show host was nothing but sad and sick to hear. A literal "blow-by-blow" with Karel sounding like a love starved 16 year old girl about his dalliance.

    On top of that, a boasting, nearly gloating, remark abot his meeting with all KGO / KSFO talk show hosts that stated, in effect, "I'm still here, they want me to stay now, they didn't say anything about me not being here in the future," was plain stupid. The audience really doesn't care, despite the comment from Karel, "Thank you for your emails and calls about it. I appreciate it." Nobody's business.

    To say, however, in his blog under "Media Blogger" that "KGO doesn't define me," and that "This isn't news, it's business," is patently wrong. It is news in as KGO has suffered at both the hands of weak management, weaker administration and, in several cases, the weakest air talent of most any radio station in the Bay Area is fact.

    To beg that anonymous posters, esperts, media people in-the-know be banned without identity is pure bunkum. Karel now shapes First Amendment rights but putting Rich under th e bus in his online rant? Really?

    Then to talk about, in a 90 minute show after Cal basketball about Woody Allen and his step-daughter's open letter in the New York Times over an alleged, but unproven, statuatory rape account from 20 years ago was sick. Fact, true or not -- does that belong on a Bay Area radio station.

    The obvious smirk about David Weintraub not being on air at midnight was uncalled for, but sounded a payback after Weintraub discussed Karel's "manhood" a week ago. Unfortunately, the two-woman try out for two hours was an hour, fifty nine minutes too long. They were horrid.

    KGO has a long way to go outside of administrative meetings to fix what is clearly broken and the reinvention of Karel is sadly a poor example of progress. "It's radio," Karel says in his blog. No, Karel, it's public exploitation of a mind not functioning probperly and being used as clownish freakiness on your part. An act that people don't want to see - or hear - any longer. That's why you got one call last night.

  10. They should rehire Len Tillem.

    Of course that would mean they have a brain so I guess that wont be happening

    1. Amen. Preach on my brother. The fact that the guy isn't on somewhere right now is a crime.

  11. If only, Anonymous1:45PM, if only. I would love to hear the law-ya again.

  12. Dear Karel - you sanctimonious goofball. "Today, I get email about me being fired this Friday with the lot of KGO hosts still working, about an article you ran based in ZERO fact. Yes, the head of Cumulus talk wants to meet the station's talent. THAT'S NOT NEWS, THAT'S BUSINESS. But whatever. Could I be replaced, sure. It's radio. Could everyone? Sure, it's radio. Only me? Sure, it's radio.

    Yet you let anonymous posters say horrible things and dance all over my corpse when I'm not even dead yet at the station. You let people say they are experts blah-blah and NEVER have to identify yourself. "

    Really? I mean, REALLY? That's not even close to what was said. Pity you, Karel.

    You suffer fools, Karel, if you think you can keep this paranoid act of yours going.right here in San Francisco and beyond. Your "novelty act" has taken advantage of people who used to listen, out of curiousity, Many people as you have admitted, have turned on you,and find you a dishonest, misinformed, low rated bore.

    So why listen? For a few minutes of unreality, actually. To see how far you will go until someone pulls the plug on your act at Cumulus Media.

    No one has to identify themselves here. Why should then? To leave themselves open to your ridicule, name calling and lack of tact? If it is ok for you to say things about you, and you do, even that "manufactured." Mean and hateful? Look in a mirror, again, hotshot. You get what you deserve..

    You bring down what used to be a great radio station at KGO. As you were told, Karel, STFU and grow up as you grow old.

    If you disagree, that's fine. Have, at least, the sense to prove the fault of what has been said here.over the years. Rich was too nice and you turned it against him, again, as you've done before. The world owes you nothing in fame. No one is interested in hiring you and your track record proves it. Stick it in your ear, Karel, as you unmercifully do each time you wear out your welcome weekends on KGO.

    Some people "in the know" know more than you give credit. Thanks for reading this blog. Maybe you'll learn something about reality. You need a dose of it.: