Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January '14 SF Radio Ratings

KCBS, KQED Strong January --

KNBR commands #3 spot with help from 49ers--

KSFO drops.

KGO maintains 2.1

The Game gets to a 1.2. Whoopee

The full numbers are here

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  1. KKSF is dropping like a rock. Very Frosty.

    50% less then in November.

    Bring back Len Tillem.

    4 hours GG is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much esp on Friday. When will they learn

    1. Really you are so right, I wonder if their syndicated shows mostly Alan Colmes and Dr. Bill Wattenburg has good ratings, I suppose Armstrong and Getty gets decent rating, but they are on for 4 hours, which is just too much. I wonder what kind of contract Gil has? I don't see how they keep this boring host on for 4 hours who tunes in to him?

    2. I enjoy Alan Colmes. Dr. Bill seems to get most of his calls from the bay area. Isn't his show national?

    3. Since Clear Channel programmed Tom Sullivan the same time as Alan Colmes, I listen to Tom Sullivan now. His program holds together better. Alan's seems to never really have any topics and just takes calls which are usually all over the place. I find it curious that Clear Channel's nationally syndicated hosts on 910 and 960 take callers, yet the local shows that they brag so much about in their promos have hosts that do all the talking. The opinions of just regular folks are much more enlightening to me to get a pulse on how the real people in the country are feeling than scheduled guests that purport to tell us what the polls say people are feeling. Consequently, I find myself listening less and less to 910 because it gets old very quickly. Too many topics covered superficially with Gil asking all the questions.

      Whatever happened to the hours where there was a guest who got interviewed during the first segment of the program and then phone lines were open for callers to ask questions or share experiences relevant to the topics? Only 2 hours of KQED forum for that now. Thank goodness baseball season is just around the corner. With 2 teams to follow, much of the radio day is filled with games.

    4. G seems like a wonderful person. But no other host talks that long, do they?

      Old Michael Weiner doesn't seem to be making any KSFO Waves.
      What in heck were they thinking?
      Let's entertain the senile old men who are quickly dying off!

    5. I thought I wanted Tom Sullivan back too. Actually, I am glad that I have the choice of hearing him once in a while. But after a few shows, I now recall the one thing I didnt care for with Tom. I don't like when he stays on the Money Manager Economic bean counter theme for more than an hour at a time. I;m somebody who will likely never have much money unless I win the lottery. I only have so much interest in the picayune aspects of interest rate fluctuation. Barbara SImpson warned me. Yes, that Barbara Simpson, the smart and charming neighbor you never had. She is a 'Wise Latina' of Italian extraction. You've heard , her farewell quote of :Be careful what you wish form because you might get it!". How true, Barbara, how true.

  2. Hey Rich, your buddy Savage seems to be doing a good job at capturing the "white supremecist" demo, no?

    1. Savage likes playing old rock 'n roll and telling stories from his days growing up in the Bronx. That might appeal to an over 60 crowd, but do kids want to listen to that? I'm not so sure.

    2. No no, every bluuuuuuue mooooooooon, one of them calls. Therefore, they all listen. His show skews to the cemetery.

  3. I have been listening & enjoying the "Game" more instead of KNBR. KNBR hit a New Abysmal Low this Morning as Paulie did the Morning Show Alone with P-Con and Paulie said his Favorite Band of All Time is Poison. That is absolutely the Most Moronic Statement I have ever heard in over 30 Years of listening to Bay Area Radio!!

    1. I'd rather hear Paulie talk about the vast contributions of Poison to the musical landscape than hear John Lund and Greg Papa discuss the hilarity of the word "anus" for 20 minutes as they did on the day of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Not to say that KNBR is a great station, but the Game is a joke. The fact that their ratings have been stagnant for the 2 1/2 years they've been on proves it.

    2. He was terrible and really showed his ignorance of historical sports knowledge anything previous to the Raiders moving to L.A. And he mispronounced Ben Lomond as Ben lo-MOND with the accent on the second syllable. Real Bay Area guy. I'm surprised he knows how locals pronounce San Mateo or San Rafael

    3. I also enjoy the Game. The Rise Guys and Papa/Lund are pretty entertaining. Except for Ratto, KNBR has grown tired.

  4. I'm wondering if the Warriors are helping KNBR's ratings as well.

  5. KCBS - It's the standard for news here. I've since stopped turning on KGO ever during the weekdays.

    KQED Strong January -- It will always be hard to beat here in Northern California, but to me it is proof that radio isn't dead. That people actually want a form of talk radio. Michael K does a solid job, and the national programs are untouchable because of the resources.

    KNBR - the day the Niners an Giants start to fade is 3-6 months before you see KNBR move to 6th or 7th. Their programming is a complete bore, short of Gary. Love him, hate 'em, he's the closet thing now to a sports institution. The type of show you listen to without thinking, which is good because then you're on their level. Tolbert is pretty good, but it seems his show has no direction at all. The rest of them are largely useless, other than Woodson, who delivers a solid and informative performance every night. It's the one show that seems like it has all it's ducks in a row, but I'm guessing that's because of Ray's own work ethic. No, I'm not related to Ray (or anyone else in this business).

    KSFO - Another station I've stopped listening to, for the most part. The Savage thing is so old already, and the morning show is just tragic. I hate to use the word "bimbo", but it really does sound like a bimbo and an idiot, and I fall to the moderate/conservative side of things, at least here in the Bay. I always thought Melanie Morgan was kind of an act, but at least it seemed professional. Recently, I heard a couple of new people in the mid-day, and none of them seemed interesting. I couldn't figure out who they were subbing in for.

    KGO News- Just tragic. I can't even comment on the M-F. I know the people who work there are probably working hard because they all probably fear for their jobs, but the whole idea of light, fluffy, and FUN News is just stupid. Giving away tickets to lame concerts, and things like that is for Soft Rock. They're probably trying to tweak everything within the numbers in the hopes of making an impact. They won't. The station is just a mess, and you can't touch KCBS. This whole traffic nightmare RIch has been writing about got me to tune in, and I've heard so many mistakes that now I can't even trust them for traffic. I know go right to KCBS, where for a moment I did go to KGO.

    KGO Talk - One by one:
    Ronn Owens - old and boring. Every time I hear the show he brings up these pointless topics, and attempts to create a controversy within them. It's just so weak. From time to time he'll have a guest on I enjoy, but I cannot remember the last time he said anything that made me stop and think. If he ever does, he's referencing a point a caller made.

    Pat Thurston - I don't always hear the weekends, but have quite a bit the last 3-4 months. She's great when she's passionate, but not as exciting when she's doing topics that aren't in her wheelhouse. My gut tells me they're telling her "to get younger", with stupid topics. Stick to your guns, Ms. Thurston.

    Brian Copeland - Similar to Pat, when he's on he's on. When he's on he's probably their best host, but most of the time he's not on at all.

    Karel - I know Rich hates Karel, but I tend to like him, especially when he's on! I know I'm singing the same tune here, but it seems to be the case with all of them. I will say I think Karel has some really awful moments. Probably the worst on the station, when he's doing some segment, or playing music no one cares about. He can get me to tune in, but he always gets me to turn off.

  6. Matt Rey - It's Newsy! I like this guy. It's mellow, and doesn't make waves. A decent local show. It doesn't really get you anywhere, and I can't see him pulling a large number, but it's not offensive. A MAJOR REPRIEVE from that idiot who used to in that slot, whose name is evading me right now.

    Ryan Scott - As my wife said, "He sounds like the idiot at the resort trying to tell the bartender how to make the drink." In other words, a know-it-all-know-nothing. It's insulting to think about past hosts, and then think about that show.

    Dave Weintrob - Heard more than 10 minutes of his show for first time this weekend. Prediction: He'll be fired soon! I actually liked the show I heard Saturday but he is aggressive. I could see this guy cursing on the air, or crossing the line.

    Michael Finney - It's a show with a purpose. It's good, especially if he's talking about something you care about. A solid weekend show.

    Maureen Langan - I don't dislike her as much as the others, but it doesn't seem like a Bay Area show at all. It's more like LA or NYC. She can be funny at times, and self deprecating, which I like, but she doesn't have the presence other hosts have. Sometimes it seems like she's grasping.

    The Game - I like Papa a lot. I think that guy is fantastic. The rest of the station sounds like my son's friends talking in the basement. I guess that's what the "younger demo" is all about, but I can't listen that long. When Papa is doing his thing I tend to enjoy the station.

    Gil Gross - I've never really cared for Gil, to be honest. He reminds me of the liberal Sussman, for some reason. I cannot remember the last time he's done something I find entertaining.

    Armstrong and Getty - They have their moments. They're too hokey for the Bay, and try to hard, but it's not terrible. Options are limited.

    Randy Rhodes - She's never been entertaining to me. Epitomizes why Air America failed.

    Alan Colmes - His show I like. It's the same thing every day, but it's funny that he brings the crazies on, and engages. I don't agree with most of what he says, but I also don't agree with his callers.

    Frosty - Why? Who is he? What were they thinking?


    MONTY! That's his name. Matt Rey is better than Monty, which is like hurdling a an ant hill.

  7. Rich...did you hear the KGO/Dallas traffic reporter slam your hometown last night? Buzz Barnett was talking about something in the road and wasn't sure what it was. "Maybe it's an asteroid. I mean...it IS Oakland...not that they couldn't USE an asteroid."

  8. The latest rating numbers speak volumes as to why KGO is such an insignificant radio station these days.

  9. Was this list just for conservative talk or for all talk shows? They all look conservative.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Michael Savage self-destructs somehow.