Monday, February 17, 2014

Furthur Proof The Cloud Company Knows Nothing About Radio Nor Gives a Shit Really

Further proof that the cloud company doesn't know anything about radio.

They are, once again, all about acquisitions and consolidation. They have squandered any semblance of the benefit of the doubt. The pricks.

They hire guinea pigs as consultants. They rely on the aspect of fear as a prerequisite of employment by the zombie workforce that encompasses much of their personnel. From Atlanta to San Francisco, New York, LA to Chicago.

They destroyed radio in this city. Destroyed legacy stations that were once the embodiment of entertainment and variety in a city rich with broadcast pathos and distinction. An indelible mark that was thrown out to the wolves.

They have made life quite miserable for a number of hard-working people who somehow keep on performing under the most dire of circumstances. Too bad someone would not come forward and said, "enough is enough!", but this isn't Hollywood. You got to sell those mattresses you know.

Try as I might, I cannot ignore these miscreants and their destruction of the radio in this market. God only knows what they have in store for the future.

The bastards.

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  1. I hereby nominate Karel as A1 Bastard No.#1.


  2. > They hire guinea pigs as consultants. They rely on the aspect of fear as a
    > prerequisite of employment by the zombie workforce that encompasses much of
    > their personnel. From Atlanta to San Francisco, New York, LA to Chicago.

    Rich, this describes every media company I've ever worked for.

  3. They may be on to something. There is a proliferation of good old boy programming on cable television and I guess it is doing well. I suspect Dickey's new adventure will appeal to many of the folks who watch this awful junk. Country music is good stuff but unfortunately it is linked to conservative, sometimes right wing, values. Think Dixie Chicks.

    Thank goodness for KCSM. Everybody pledge to this commercial free oasis in a sea of stupidity.

  4. They don't hire consultants. They've fucked the whole thing up on their own.

    They never cared about the bay area's rich history, and that was evident the day they crushed KGO. The same goes for the previous owners who sold out for their investors, never caring about their audience, or any public responsibility.

    There's only one person who could have done anything, even uttering a single word. It's not Karel, or Thurston, or Copeland.

    It's Ronn Owens. He has proven himself to be a gutlesss shill who only cares about how he looks in the end. Not that I'm surprised. I've always known this about Ronn, but I guess part of me wanted to believe that when things became so bad, that when there was no one left but him, he'd actually have the balls to say something on behalf of not only the people he has worked with, but the way this company has been run in to the ground.

    It's funny when you think about Savage and Owens, who have never liked each other. At the end of the day they're both the same person. Old Jews from the east coast who in their final stages care about no one but themselves, and actually praise the people who have killed this business, as opposed to just remaining silent. I expect it from Savage, but something tells me even if he was slighted, our someone he cared about, even he would say something. Not Owens. He's just concerned with how he looks in his farewell tour.

    It cannot come soon enough.

    Bravo, fellows.

  5. Rich I know sometimes you sound bitter but you hit the bullseye here. And its so sad to see the decline of radio sink faster than the Titanic

  6. Someone once told me as I was about to embark on my broadcasting career: "Why in the hell do you want to go and do that?" I didn't know what the heck he was talking about, but now I sure do! However in all fairness, show me how many careers have smooth sailing involved. Very few!

  7. What's almost as bad as the dismal decline in programming, is the swarm of commercials hawking Dr. Oz-like snake oils, and services. (What the hell is "non-24?")

    I guess that's all that these stations can attract, these days.

  8. Years ago I worked at a Toledo radio station owned by Lew Dickey, Sr., who recently passed. The old man was kind of odd, but he was a decent broadcaster and his stations did well in the market. Young Lew was a scrawny adolescent who hung around the station, and occasionally did odd jobs, like bulk erasing stacks of carts. If anyone should have grown up to create a great radio company, it is Lew Dickey, Jr. It's in his blood. Sadly, that did not happen. Very disappointing.

  9. Tech companies and those who run them don't give a shit about people. If you are a red mark on the MS-Excel spreadsheet, you are no use to them.

    They like to rule in fear. They like having control. Sure, they give you shuttle services, free food, discounted health clubs and shit like that. They want you to believe they're good people by forming foundations and making donations to charities that are of benefit to them.

    But they'll lay you off in a heartbeat. They don't care about tradition. They don't care about family. The executives only care about themselves and the shareholders.

    It's fucked up. And this mentality is pervasive throughout Corporate America -- thanks to the tech companies.

  10. You would think the listeners would matter to them, but no. They don't even post an up-to-date schedule of who's on the radio, especially on the weekend when sports rears its ugly head and listeners don't know what to expect.

    Shame on them.

  11. I just tried KCSM 91.1 for the first time .... and I was really impressed.
    No commercials,.... no repeated content.... variety of music.
    Current ..... "Legacy Station"

    KGO ? or K-JOKE ? ....... Snake oil it is
    Karel-Go-Round..... Ronn & Kopeland carnival barkers.
    Drunk traffic reports.
    Ovation cell therepy.... Blind guy sees with non-24

    1. With absence of commercials, one can only wonder exactly who or what funds this station? Hopefully not the taxpayers.

    2. 8:58... It's that newfangled thing called "public broadcasting..." Google it. If you keep listening, you'll hear somethinng called a "pledge break" when many taxpayers call in to fund the station.

  12. Who needs regulation when the free market works just fine? Yeah right!