Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lost In Translation: How An Innocent Post Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

A few days ago I was talking to a friend about few things; you know, small talk, shooting the shit; complaining, slightly commiserating like I usually do, kvetching, the usual full recipe.

My friend told me to rightfully shut up and quit worrying and nagging over some petty minutiae. After all, as she explained, there's a lot more important things in life. Get a grip, pal!

Then along came this.

What I thought was a minor detour away from the daily media grind here turned into quite a furor. And I have no clue, no rhyme or reason why so many of you began to rant and rave. Granted, it's my fault, we're talking about the Internet for God's sake and I should know better.

A few things I'd like to get off my chest so bare with me here as I go over it all. Mind you by doing this I know, once again, I'm asking for it and the lunatic fringe comes out of their dungeon but what the hell, why change now. I mean, based on the response, even from the nut cases, I created quite a storm. I do that occasionally although this was not the intent, not a bit. But I forgot, it's the damn Internet, yeah, shit, indeed get a grip.

Ok, first off, I'm fine. I have mood swings like all of us although I tend to like to air some of my dirty laundry here, doesn't mean the world is coming to an end. I was merely trying to point out, and boy am I one naïve son of a bitch, that, based on my friend's shakedown, there's far more important things in life. Like living, breathing, enjoying the fresh air, that stuff which I thought was perfectly clear until all 'yous went berserko and began analyzing. I'm astounded--I didn't know there were so many of you therapists out there, online, what a bonanza!

Earth to some of you: This is a blog. This is not National Review or the NY Times. It's a blog. It's also written, posted if you will, with the idea of being entertaining. Some of you have taken offense to that for which I say, sorry, but in the new world, yeah, sue me, I'm trying to stand out a bit. Nobody gets killed and everyone's happy. A daily read for many of you that come here to check the pulse, get a quick jolt of local content and laugh a little, remember that relic?

In the process, via the lovely "comments", (more like body slams), I was routinely hounded, belittled, insulted, pounded into submission. But I did something different this time: for the most part, I published almost all of the comments. The only ones that were omitted were just plain garbage and nutty so those were deleted. You got your licks in, congratulations, I'm thrilled.

I'm also thrilled, humbled in fact, in addition to everything else, that some of you hold me to a standard even the most vaunted media companies in the world can't adhere to. As I have stated numerous times, I'm not perfect. I have made mistakes like the rest and that sucks. But remember when you chide me for my imperfectos, do this every now and then: Google Jayson Blair, NY Times. Or Janet Cooke, Washington Post. Sure, it's a variation, a bit extreme but it makes the point.

Some of you lament that I'm too critical; excuse me but the very nature of a critical blog is to be critical! Hello. You want nice, touchy-feely, this is the wrong department, go to the dollar store. This is Target. Those of you that I have ripped, save for a few, mostly get it. Is it personal? Well of course when it deals with you, sir/madam, then by definition, yes it's personal.

Let me state again, (I'm repeating myself, I know, nasty habit), that first and foremost, I try to do my best. If you're looking for a long, drawn out manifesto on the shortcomings of NPR, this is the not the place to hang out.

If you want drama-free postings and content that is vanilla ice cream this is not your destination. I tend to extrapolate and embellish and utter out often times harsh meanderings that could be entirely, and justifiably, bordering on manic thought process but that's just me and while I seek to remedy it, for my own personal good, by and large it just seems to be stuck in neutral. Sorry for the jumbled syntax but it's. a. blog.

There's a few of you that are completely out of control and incapable of having civil disagreements and I would respectfully urge you to reconsider coming here because it's obvious that your hatred of me, this, that and the other is beginning to seriously cause extreme mental bodily harm and I don't want to be responsible for that, I've got my own issues to deal with, thank you very much.

Don't screw with me because I dare ask for donations to make this site, my site, sustainable. I'm supposed to feel guilty for asking people who come here regularly and read this to make a donation? Oh, because it's the Internet and everything's free on the Internet and screw you Lieberman. Fine, then screw KQED, PBS, NPR, news sites for their routine pledge breaks. I'm not comparing myself or this blog to KQED but in case you haven't figured it out it takes some time and money to churn out content. I'm no exception. And to keep going, with limited advertising and a literal one-man band, me, I need money for this to continue. Or not. For some of you that would be great. Others, maybe not so much which is my point here.

When I first began doing this it was to provide a forum for people who are interested in Bay Area media to read up on what was going on; what was happening, who's going where; who's going nowhere; and so on. Then it morphed into more than that, mostly from you people asking my opinion on various anchors, hosts, radio people, news personnel and I gave you/give you, my honest feeling for the most part.

Are there elements of gossip, rumor, the so-called "juicy stuff"? Yes. Is there actual reporting, follow-up, phone calls? Contrary to some of my ardent critics, yes, and I aim to get it right. It's not my fault if some of the targets don't return e-mails even if their anchors and reporters do.

When the KGO Radio ambush took place, many of you came here seeking an outlet to vent your rage and angst and anger. The KGO purge continues to be a source of major insult inflicted on a community and you would be surprised how so many people continue to e-mail me every day about how much they miss the old format.

On that same front:

*I will continue to call out the morning host on that station when and if the situation merits.

*I will continue to call out some of the pompous, egotistical buttheads --myself included, when there's smoke.

*Post pictures of pretty woman weather forecasters because they're nice to look at and view. And by the way, they love the attention, believe me.

*Darya: You're a star here for better or worse. Don't be so offended and sensitive. In the long run, come the next contract, you'll appreciate my traction.

*Comcast SportsNet Bay Area: Ted: why is it you're the only one that gets it? Olivere? Get off your high horse.

*KPIX: Dan, it's not personal. You made it personal.

*KTVU: Hey guys, it's not my fault what's going on --I'm just the recipient of the stories. Every now and then, if the big guys were to clarify we'd all be happy --it's a fine concept: clarity.


Those of you that write and offer support, financial and otherwise, thanks. Every now and then it's nice to read your feedback and try to get the information you are seeking.  Even the negative leather lungs.

A common complaint: you sure know how to dish it out but you can't take it. Fair point. But while dishing it out, I also put my name behind it. I know many of you who comment, for whatever reason, want to be anonymous and that's cool, you may have legitimate reasons, it's the people that attack, that are 4 feet 9 and act like they're Wilt Chamberlain behind the protection of that keyboard that tick me off but that comes with the territory.

Thanks again for the feedback.
Have a pleasant evening.
Congratulations, 49ers.

Eat well.
Sleep well.
Be happy.

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  1. You really "don't" get it, do you, Rich? You see, sure, we "get" that your personal little blog show is an effort to be head and shoulders above the "crowd" of others aro.und. Yes, you piss people off with your continual inaccuracies, your pompous callouts of others, your misrepresentations, your fact twisting and your lies.

    Trying to make amends in the midst of yet another mindless cluster f#ck of "emotional outburst" from you should, but hasn't, taught you something, but hasn't.

    You, sir, are "large and in charge" here. That's your right after "dishing the dirt since 2001." We get that. Like the a$$hole who shouts, anonymously, "Fire!" in the dark movie theater, you, however, have assumed a certain, if minor, responsibility to those whose visits and comments you desperately and passionately depend.

    You also take yourself as too important, Rich.

    It is, then, our "fault" so that you can bitch, whine, censor and call us "nut jobs" and morons. .

    So why come back to watch the blood letting? Because your commenters have, often, much more sense in disagreement with you than you do.

    Entertaining to be different? Different than what, Rich? You have no reason to be "different". You're all alone and that's a big responsibility to take that on single handedly. You're no Ben Fong-Torres and your sudden mind-numbing "but I'm me and if you don't like it, f#uck you" attitude is what makes you a laughingstock of opinion.

    You can do what you want here. You don't have to improve or reinvent yourself to be better. At least make an effort to "get it right", do it well consistantly and make it better.

    You've brought so much of this on your own, Rich. Sad as that is. You have no right, nor do we, "not" to be offended, so, "get over it."

    You are so funny when you react and not respond. That's why many of us come back when you have these pathetic emotional blowouts.

    People have seen right through you. You're the master of excuses, Rich.

    Good luck, Rich.

    1. Yo Dipstick:

      It's a blog. It's not the New York Times. Lieberman will have inaccuracies. He's admitted that before. Go to Colorado and buy a bong and shut the hell up.

      You say he's no Ben Fong-Torres. Why should he be? Ever read his crap? It's puke on paper. It's fluffy, self-serving egotistical mumbo-jumbo. He'll never take on serious issues. He uses the pronoun "I" like he has sole ownership. It's all about him, not the industry. He thinks that working for Rolling Stone means he doesn't gather any moss.

      While Lieberman may miss the mark on occasion, he makes people think. That's the one thing people have failed to do in this age of smart phones, tablets, hash tags and likes.

      Thanks to FB, we all have to "Like" something. We can't be truthful anymore. Conflicts of interest run wild. No one's ballsy enough to blow the whistle.

      Lieberman may have brought some of this on his own, but someone has to say something about the lousy state of the media everywhere.

  2. Dear Karel:

    * Get used to the phrase "I'd like my chai latte to go, please."

    * It's pretty sad when the average number of anonymous responses to any of Rich's blog-postings far outnumber the number of people signed up to read your own blog (7).

    Can't wait for your absence from KGO; please let it be soon...

  3. Rich, you'd be much better off printing every comment and not reading any of them.

  4. Another brilliant post by the absolute master of his profession. Rich, if there were some sort of major national awards given out for blogs, you'd be my choice as the number one recipient! I especially love the way you regularly skewer Raddy, Paulie Mac, 'Mattress-man,' Kate Scott, Amy G. Olivere, Fatty Fitz, Darya, Mel Baker, and so many of the other fakers and posers and amateurs who disgrace our fine media. Keep rippin' em my friend!

  5. "There's a few of you that are completely out of control and incapable of having civil disagreements"

    Frankly Rich, you are the one who quite frequently resorts to name calling when a commenter makes a civil comment that disagrees with you. You are constantly calling people "schmucks." I've seen more name-calling from Lieberman than commenters.

    1. Being a critic is cool, needed and with reason, especially in media.

      Doing it mean is ok, if there is reason.

      Biting heads off those you disagree with or those who disagree with you is uncool and wrong. You've hung yourself out there too many times. People question your because you have been flat out wrong too many times. Then, you ask foregiveness for making mistakes after you've put yourself so high on a pedastal. Doesn't work. Why beat yourself up like this? You can't do it alone, obviously. Blogging is not for the weak of heart. When you criticise others for being schmucks, idiots and morons, it obvioiusly turns people off and against you when your an even bigger on for being so wrong, yet, so mighty to think you are right. Bad way to run a railroad.

      One knows, now, what they'll get here. Sometimes, a small glimmer of light shines, though infrequently. The commenters, for a large part, are what's entertaining and "real" here. They replace the blogger who sets the tone of the whole deal. That's why I come here, not for Rich Lieberman's rants, raves and emotional nonsense.

    2. Rich - Civil disagreements? You forgot the meaning of the words months and years ago. This rag has become your personal forum, not one for the people who take their valuable time to come by to see what's up. Many agree with your topics. So many others disagree with your hate, childishness, and crap when you can't even take what you dish out.

    3. Amen. Anyone who disagrees with Rich is attacked as an "intern", "schmuck" etc. if not completely censored. I came on board as a supporter but even I have grown tired of the Lieberman double talk. On the one hand he gets on his high chair and denounces folks for a lack of transparency, yet when it comes to him and his radio show on itsy bitsy KOMY he says: I OWE YOU NO EXPLANATION
      That makes you a hypocrite Richie boy. Is this too harsh? Keep censoring...

    4. He gave an explanation: technical difficulties. The drive was too long. He is waiting for MZ to buy KGO and put him on in Lowenstein's slot. You'll be laughing out of the other side of your mouth when Rich's weekend steamroller gets going.

  6. Keep your head up, Rich. When the weekend show starts, you will really have a forum to fight back.

  7. Instead of owning what he himself wrote and published in black and white, Lieberman is distancing himself from his own words and unable to accept responsibility.

    Just a conversation with a friend, "innocent post that went viral" , "lost in translation."

    So many excuses.

  8. Rich makes a really foolish post and then makes excuses. Nobody is perfect, etc.

    Yeah, what happens if anyone in the media makes even a minor mistake, Rich skewers the person, can never get over it.

    Karma is a bitch, Rich.

  9. Rich - I often disagree with your point of view, but I admire you speaking your mind. But, as has been said before, you should, in my opinion, post EVERY comment because that's what makes this site great. You express an "extreme" opinion, internet trolls rip you. It's all good. Let 'em in !