Friday, January 17, 2014

A Young Wendy Tokuda Reading News and David Fowler Dancing on KPIX, Circa 1978

 This is amusing. (Aren't they all, Rich?) Well, this one is both poignant, funny, and God, so 1978ish.

A very, very, very young and eager, soft-spoken, Wendy Tokuda --and David Fowler, remember him? Better yet, at the 2: 20 mark of the video, David Fowler arm-dancing. Not exactly John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever, but close enough.


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  1. Weather in only 22 seconds. What would they do with all the extra time if they were that concise today?

  2. THAT was dancing? I suppose it will do for a very buttoned up kind of guy. I noticed he was smart enough to remove his collar mike after the end the of broadcast. Get a load of that melodramatic music, so, so very serious. That was back when THE NEWS was THE WORD!

  3. That really jogged the 'ol memory seeing David Fowler again! In regard to the game referenced in the KPIX story in the video:

    For Giants and baseball historians/addicts, a 1978 Opening Day crowd of 36,131 saw the Padres come from behind to beat the Giants 3-2. The starting pitchers were John Montefusco for SF, and Gaylord Perry for the Padres. Gary Lavelle gave up 2 runs in the 8th, and took the loss for the Giants. Mickey Lolich got the win, and Rollie Fingers the save, for San Diego. Time of game: 2:49

    It was a good crowd, but there were still plenty of empty seats, to start the "Giants Fever" season. Garylord and Rollie are now in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as are Dave Winfield (who hit the only home run in the game), Padres starting SS Ozzie Smith (in his MLB debut), and the Giants starting 1b Willie McCovey. Padres starting catcher Gene Tenace ('72), Lolich ('68), and Fingers ('74) were World Series MVP Award winners. Jack Clark and Darrell Evans also started for the Giants, and they had noteworthy careers. Johnny Lee LeMaster started at SS for the Giants, went 0-3, and most likely got booed!

    Some All-Time greats, plus "fan favorite" LeMaster, on the field that day at The 'Stick!

  4. Why call it a "young Wendy Tokuda" and not a "young Jim Fowler"? Or even mention 'young' in the first place?
    1978 implies that both will be younger. This is the double standard you should be above Rich.

    1. Perhaps the reason Rich didn't refer to David Fowler as "young" is because David has been dead for so long (12 years) that it was neither necessary nor appropriate.