Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing You All a Safe and Happy Day


  1. Is that the Walnut Creek fountain Rich? Where all the white women at?

  2. Gene Burns every year on KGO did a special Christmas Eve show with music from around the world, stories, and best of all, Gene Burns reading of O.Henry's "Gift of the Magi".

    For several years I recorded the show and have it on CD's or my computer.

    Last night I listened to the 2005 Christmas Eve show.

    Gene Burns' reading of "Gift of the Magi" is still the best.

    Rest In Peace.

    1. Sounds wonderful, Merry Christmas!

    2. Maybe they can have David Weintraub who admittedly didn't know the man host another show in his honor?

    3. Weintraub didn't want to do the Burns show, if I recall, but it was a holiday weekend and it was supposedly his idea. Since there was no one else available he said he'd do it but ended up just voice-tracking the segments. That's how I recall it. You may dislike him on air or as a person (you wouldn't be the first) but I hardly think he should be criticized for helping give us all what was a nice dedication to Gene.

  3. Rich- keep up the good work my friend in 2014. I work in our broadcast industry and have here in the bay area for many years. I can tell you that many of my brethren read and thoroughly enjoy your lively and colorful blog. You always have an unusual take on things, you fearlessly "calm them as you see them," (Like Cosell!) and you break some great stories. I hope more of your readers will send you donations to support your efforts in 2014.