Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Day After; Back To Business; More Sweet Holiday Greetings And Can I Get Some Wet Scrambled Eggs?; Thursday Opener

 Just said what was on my mind and that's about it. Was there a problem with that?
With that...
*Now that it's not cold outside time to talk drought.
*I didn't watch KTVU's homage to the Korean community --because, well, you can't be serious, right? (No, yo, Rich, they were serious!)
*I hope whoever narrated got a good teleprompter this time.
*No, I haven't discussed the radio station in the middle dial because radio is a mess and I think we know how I feel about guys named Frosty and Gil and blah, blah, blah...
*My radio situation: Wasn't "fired", "hired", enshrined, --essentially came down to didn't want to drive to Santa Cruz five days a week and back. In fact, I'm filling in every now and then so the conspiracy factory can sleep peacefully.
*"Insanity?" Hell no, just nailing the pompous peons who think their excrement doesn't stink. Maybe it was high time someone else took a bullet. But in the meantime, I appreciate the feedback.
*Ever notice when you order scrambled eggs rarely if ever if you want them wet will you get them wet. I want an investigation.
*You people are so easy!
*"Frosty?" About as compelling as a PBS special on cryonics.
*Christmas time in the Bay Area local TV News dept: Get 17 trucks over to the Walnut Creek fountain to interview every white person and the usual token ethic chick to accommodate the Macys demo.
*"Rich Lieberman, you suck!" (But we read the blog). Thanks, now get me 3 wet scrambled eggs and burnt rye toast.
*Mike James, the esteemed editor/founder of Newsblues, (paywall), Happy Holidays--Mike, you don't know this market, there's some beauties here, but thanks for the plug.
*Made a quick, unexpected visit to the Bay Area Radio HOF holiday party at Spenger's Wednesday and ran into a few noble gents. The tomato juice was lovely. I split soon before the heavyweights showed up so I could back home to watch the re-run of the KTVU salute to the Korean community.  (Paging Saturday Night Live).
*Liam Mayclam at Tommy's Joynt: Liam will deep fry a turkey leg and provide running commentary on the Buffalo stew. I'll buy the first Guinness, chappie!
*Yeah, Darya Folsom is a regular Diane Sawyer.
*"Frosty?!!!"--Sorry, but it has to be a bad dream.
*Liz Cook: It helps to know bankers.
*BREAKING NEWS: "In a story you'll see only on 2, a white dove flew over the Mowry exit on 880 and WE! were there..."
*Steve Bitker: "Good morning Stan, Good Morning Susan, Good Morning Mike, Good Morning Ron, Good Morning Doug, Good Morning......"
*"Dear God it's chilly outside, did you hear the news?"
*Career killer: Hosting a Noon News Show.
*Carolyn Tyler: they're screwing with you. I have no proof but I can see the handwriting on the wall.
*Ronn had a great night: he had a wet-dream whose main character consisted of a sexy Android.
*Hangin' with Langan: Owen Spann just completed a 5600th turning over in his grave.
Time for breakfast.
*Follow me on Twitter and get me my wet scrambled eggs.


  1. If you can get to the Piedmont Grocery in Oakland (Piedmont Avenue Shopping District) their scrambled eggs are the BEST. They have breakfast bar 9-11:30am. The eggs are soft scrambled and you just know there has to be some cream or half & half blended in.

  2. Did you see Wonder Bra on KRON this AM? Based on that thick eye liner, if she put on glasses, a moustache and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, she would've passed for Groucho Marx. She's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

    Where's Georgie Rask? Is he the one with the drinking problem on KRON?

    Steve Bitker is a legend in his own mind. He rarely, if ever, goes to live pro sporting events...except if it's a baseball game. That self-serving blog on the KCBS web site with Stan Bungled is just that...self-serving. Who the hell are they to talk about sports? Where's Al Hart when you need him?

    1. Rask with the red nose?

    2. Hi anon @ 8:16 you mean Folsom or Kato?

    3. > Did you see Wonder Bra on KRON this AM?

      Back when I worked there Taco Bell was doing this (stupid) campaign where a chihuahua would say, "Yo Quiero Taco Bell!" We used to say Darya looked like the Taco Bell chihuahua.

    4. @1205: It's Darya. The obnoxious one.

  3. The egg thing - it's all about the salmonella. Regulation cooking temps for all but the most 'haute' of cuisine.

  4. I was wondering Rich,If Van Morrison had dated a female Cyclops would he have a written a song about his "One Eyed Girl?".."Making love in the green grass with YOU,my one eyed girl".."La dee da"..
    That's dedicated to the guy who didn't like my Jay Mohr joke. I got a million of them...

    1. Stan&WorthlessObservations - Put those jokes on your site and quit cluttering the comments section of this blog. This is another negative reaction to Stan.

    2. Yeah,from the same guy with the same message. Stop me. C'mon. 5 years and counting you haven't slowed me once. As a matter of fact I'm making some real inroads in the local sports media. The only proud Liberal taking on the status quo good old boy system.
      Excuse me while I put up my American flag in front of home sweet home barrio. You cabron.

    3. I'm not Anon@10:05. I am another person who reads this blog and think Stan is annoying, pathetic, and detached from reality. He seems deluded about his own importance.

      I am disappointed that Rich is encouraging a guy who has nothing interesting to say and appears kind of crazy.

    4. But you are another Republican. And jealous that I can articulate my anti status quo feelings when all you can do in return is hurl monkey doo and want me silenced or banned.
      You have your agenda..and I'm sure Rich's readers have seen the same message from your KNBR or KRON cubicles year after year.
      And one last. Rich prints my posts to get readers,not to make me happy. Live with that thought cabron.
      You think I don't know that? most likely repub and a corporate stooge all in one. And why you never go to my blog and take me on..I can trace you back. Right?

    5. Stan I enjoyed your postings until you started calling yourself a liberal and saying you were taking on the status quo system. Sorry to inform you but here in the Bay liberals ARE the status quo system...and what is wrong with the area. As far as calling another poster "carbon".....I never realized you were Mexican. Too bad.....

    6. Stan knows absolutely nothing about politics which isn't surprising since he knows nothing about anything. He childishly calls anyone he disagrees with "Republicans." He is like a young child using dirty words he doesn't understand.

    7. Oh yeah, 639,906 and all the rest on this blog I knew that would draw out the racists. And it sure did.
      Its like when Radnich says "Mexican"..he draws it out like the gestapo saying "Jeeeewww" Same,exactly the same.

    8. Really? I've said it for years now. Its proof of who see's and hears only what they want. Republicans. And if you don't think Rich is liberal,you're crazy. He lost his radio show simply because he said the word masterbate. The status quo ended that.

    9. Gee,Lowell posted some nice remarks to my Cyclops joke. Rich,is only posting the putdowns.
      No,I don't wonder why.

  5. wow.Radnich just called you Rich,in his sincere looking down serious face "My friend Richie".
    What a weirdo,just bizarre. 48hours from now? You're the guy who cant hold a job,and he tosses you a bone to get off his back. The things we all say about our friends on TV and Radio...clunk.

  6. I rarely get to Berkeley anymore, so I'm pleased to hear that Spengler's Restaurant is still open for business. I didn't think they, like many other big, old style eateries would survive the 2008 recession. There used to be a department store on Shattuck named Hinks. That store, plus the Pennys' had been gone even before the advent of online shopping. Three D shopping will survive to some extent, because for many families, it's a group activity, full of bonding rituals. For many, shopping has replaced hunting.

    1. It's Spenger's and it's not what it used to be. Under new ownership it went like so many other landmark eateries. Smaller portions, not the fresh off the boat family type atmosphere and higher prices. Used to go once a week for lunch, I stopped going shortly after the change.

  7. Rich, what do you have against Walnut Creek? I have lived in or near this community for many years. For much of that time local news stopped at the West end of the Caldecott tunnel. It is nice to hear news issues that matter to the suburbs which like Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco have issues that matter to us all. If you don't know the area, happy to give you a tour and even find you some decent scrambled eggs.

  8. Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salads and scrambled eggs... [etc.]