Sunday, December 22, 2013

KRON'S 'People Behaving Badly' Reporter Reunites Homeless Drummer with Carlos Santana; Stanley Roberts, Marcus Malone Feel-Good Story; Makes CNN

Finally, some good news.

And it all happened courtesy of our 415 Media favorite, Stanley Roberts.

Roberts, KRON's "People Behaving Badly" gadfly correspondent was perusing East Oakland for a story about illegal dumping sites and came upon a homeless man, a guy by the name of Marcus Malone.

Marcus Malone? That Marcus Malone? the former original drummer with Santana? No way, must be a joke.

Pretty soon Roberts did some digging. He told Malone he'd get back to him.

Pretty soon the facts checked out.

Roberts then, through a buddy at KRON, was able to get in touch with Santana himself and reunited the pair.

Both Roberts and Santana appeared on CNN Sunday. We don't normally get all teary-eyed over stories but this one made us feel a whole lot better. Here's hoping Mr. Malone, who figuratively speaking, may have hit the life lottery, is able to get back to living a healthy and productive life.

And to Robert's kind scoop, finally, a person, behaving rather "nicely."

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  1. I saw the segment on YouTube where Santana and Malone reunite via Stanley Roberts. I have to admit, it made me tear up just a bit. Instead of the normal behaving badly, we had something quite different. Nice to see people behaving nicely. And one hopes Malone will be in much better shape rather than searching for things people dump on the Oakland streets.

  2. I lost any and all interest in Roberts after his racist tirade on an episode of Check Please, Bay Area.

  3. Great story by a competent reporter. At the other end of the spectrum we have an incompetent idiot named David Weintraub doing three hours of amateur hour on KGO. He makes Maureen Langdlen sound like the next coming of John Rothman. Listening to this idiot makes me long for Spencer "Juan" Hughes. Advise to Weintraub: get rid of the nasally dude voice. Worst voice in radio! You sound like a prototypical 38 year old skateboarder clinging to your "glory years" in your 20s. Also stop with the 5 issues per hour format. Are you trying to do a Gil Gross imitation on his 910 show? Add a few "aaaaaaahs" and "hhhmmmmms" as well as pregnant pauses and with your voice you could be the Gross of a new generation dude!

  4. I disagree I think David Weintraub is much better than both Maureen Langdon and Hughes, he does introduce a lot of subjects, but he takes calls, I think he is better than the guy KGO had on in the morning Gregg (or Craig) Nori, not sure how to spell his name, he has filled in a few Sunday mornings now, and has at times a cohost, Melissa, she sounds smart enough and nice, but the show is not that great. Matt Ray who also fills in is fairly good, not great. John Rothmann, Stacy Taylor and Christine Kraft are all better than the host mentioned above, I could throw in Peter B Collins have not heard him in ages, but as far as I remember he was better than a lot of the fill in hosts KGO chooses. At least Montemayor is gone, he was if possible worse than Gil, don't know what the deal is with Gil these days, he is intelligent enough (Montemayor not so much) he is a broadcast professional, I guess the reason I'm so disappointed with Gil, is I expect more from him, because I think he is capable of so much more, where as I believe Maureen and Montemayor is/was not. Actually I think Maureen is smarter than Montemayor, not that is saying much, anyway he is gone, which is a good thing.

  5. How is the devolving into a KGO bash? Because someone compared a fill in host to a news reporter? That's a pretty stupid comparison to start with by a person who thinks "advice" is spelled "advise."

    Lets try to have a hate-less convo following what is a positive story.