Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Message To My Readers of 415 Media

415 Media is my baby and it continues to grow. It's the most widely-read media blog in the Bay Area and because it's not beholden to anyone, any advertiser, the content is real, unique, and most importantly, independent and 90% reader-supported. That said, it takes a lot of time and money to keep this site going.

So, today, I'm asking those of you that like to come here to make a donation to keep 415 Media a permanent fixture. I know things are difficult for most of you. But they're difficult for me too. That's why I've added a donation button. If you value 415 Media and can afford it, a buck or two monthly donation allows me the time to write the stories you want to know about and have come to appreciate. Some of you have been quite generous and loyal to the teeth and have made contributions which I gratefully appreciate. Unfortunately, I need more donations to keep this site financially sustainable and always available at your beck and call. Without those donations we can't continue to publish nor make this sustainable.

Please click on my Donate button and support 415Media. You don't need to sign up for a PayPal account to make a secure and confidential donation. If you do, I'll be grateful and I'll be sure to say so by private email or call. Any amount, again, is much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Rich Lieberman
415 Media


  1. Rich, you know I'd like to contribute but not to a website that has Stan as a "guest host."

    Apparently Stan believes he's some sort of "guest host" on your blog. Here's what he posted on his own blog:

    I'm not feeling especially angry. Actually feeling better then in years. And my guest hosts duties on other blogs sort of fills my urge to speak to many..."

    Could you please clarify whether Stan is now a guest host on 415 Media?

    1. I will not contribute because Stan hi-jacks and clutters the comments section. His off-topic rants are painful to read. He believes that this is his forum to deliver his 'posts'.

  2. I certainly hope this Stan is not some sort of Guest Host. I have been wondering why he has been allowed to fill up and monopolize many page threads for the last few weeks. Maybe he has a dollar investment in the blog. If that's so, he still needs to restrict the frequency and quantity of his writing. Stan, like many other writers here can be interesting, but not so interesting that we need to see 25 entries each and everyday. Less is often more Stan, just sayin!

  3. Stan often has interesting/entertaining things to say. He should just be limited to 1 comment/post and censored if necessary like everyone else. He can easily be ignored and does not have to be banned.Obviously he's not a guest host. Limit him and ignore him if you don't like his perspective.