Monday, November 11, 2013

KTVU PR Guy Holub Leaving To Join Cox Media Competitor in Atlanta

  Holub Leaving KTVU--

Jeff Holub, head of creative services at KTVU is heading to Atlanta to work for a direct competitor of the Cox (who owns KTVU) station in Atlanta, WSB-TV.

Holub became persona non grata to Cox with his constant complaining of wanting to be transferred out of the Bay Area, hoping to, if not work at corporate in Atlanta, then at least a more "agreeable" location for him in Charlotte, NC or in Ohio, his home state.

A station source opined to me:

Wonder if Tom Raponi, (Channel 2 GM), will comment on why Holub, who makes life miserable for the people who do the work he takes credit for, gets to stay and then give notice and work for a competitor, while others in his department are led out the door like criminals. 
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  1. I miss the " Peter Gunn " intro of your show.

  2. Dicks float to the top.

  3. The answer to the question is that Tom Raponi is a man with dignity, while Jeff Holub himself was the d-bag who did the door walk theatre when people would quit.

    PS Rich - you spelled the d-bag's last name wrong in your article tags.

    1. Tom, is that you? Dignity? Compared to who or what...Jeff Block or a can of corn pissed in to and left out in the hot August sun? Raponi orders those shows as part of Cox douchebag management training.
      Tom...maybe drop off a few more KICU employees at the car lots in Burlingame andeave them there so they feel pressured to buy a car.