Saturday, October 12, 2013

The New Tosca

 The new Tosca.

They even left the old jukebox in the same place. Glad they didn't screw it up.

I'm meeting my future ex-wife there on Monday. Monday is good. It's about time we talked again.


  1. Hi Rich,

    Yeah, Tosca is cool, but I can't tell you how much I miss Earthquake McGoon's, Turk Murphy's old joint on Clay St. Hands down the greatest (trad) jazz club in the known universe.

    Good luck with the future ex-wife.....

    - Greg from SF

  2. Tosca, Adler's Museum Café, Silhouettes, Vesuvio, Savoy Tivoli, Mario's Cigar Store,(which it was not) City Lights Book Store, all of these made North Beach unique. Can't tell you how much fun and I had in those place in the mid eighties to mid nineties, if everything else failed you could always go to the book store and get some intellectual material to read when you got home that nite

  3. Yeah, but do they finally take credit cards?

  4. Now all we need is Clown Alley to return...

  5. I miss the original "U.S" Restaurant. I know this may sound gross, but I really miss that old retaurant's Tripe dish.

    The new U.S. Restaurant is too yuppified for my taste.

    (I also miss Sam Wo's...but this is for another thread)...

  6. Not to mention the Keystone Korner next to Central Station. Seemed like everybody played there -- Bill Evans, Art Pepper, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Charles Mingus a few weeks before he died...

  7. never been. let us know how the food is and take pics!!