Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October SF Radio Ratings

KCBS holds serve. Ditto KNBR.

The Game shows a little light. (About time, although it's a small party.)

"Talk 910", (KKSF) limps along. So much for two beige-wallpaper guys talking mish-mash.

Here's the full numbers

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  1. It also shows in Larry Kreuger taking every bit of morsel thrown his way in freebies. Not sure why he wants to brag everything about him is for sale. Gambling vices to free cars to club memberships,he's all open palms all the time.

  2. The only reason 95.7 had a bump was the A's post season run. Let's see them maintain that for a November book. It will never happen.

  3. Rich, I've asked this question previously, but never got a response.
    What kind of numbers was KGO doing during it's hey-day before the change?

    I'm surprised that 960-KNEW is doing so poorly.
    Their afternoon shows are excellent Liberal Radio! Randy Rhodes is top-notch and Norman Goldman is drawing lots of former Republican Callers who value his intelligent Attorney/Brass Tacks style!

    1. 960 is the best because they talk about real issues they let people call and talk. I am completely done with 910 blab blab big mouth from frostie and gill who have no brains. I would urge people to dial to 960 you will be informed and entertained I assure you of that.

    2. I prefer Norman Goldman over Gil, Gil is just too boring and predictable these days, others have correctly analyzed Gil's new style, and I written several blogs very critical of his style, so I won't go into that. Randy, Tom Hartmann also have good shows, as does Bill Press (if you an early bird or have insomnia). Some time in the afternoon I listen to Mark Levin, I really can't stand him, his voice, how he treats callers, but his show gives a good insight to the war going on within the republican party, however I can rarely stand him for more than 15 minutes at the time, so I go back to Norman Goldman, I tune into Gil's show, but don't listen for long, depending which expert he is talking to. Can't stand his stories, dumb criminals, and most of what his content is.

  4. So everyone is going to get reminded about KTVU's Asiana embarrassment again:

  5. I've heard Liberal talk radio described as "A left wing wine in a right wing bottle." I am liberal and I don't want to be preached at, I just want intelligent talk on interesting subjects. I miss "Talk of the Nation" from NPR!
    Right wing talk is one of the reasons for the demise of AM radio. It drove 80% of listeners away from tuning into AM. I used to think Rush saved AM, but now I see how he killed it in the long run.

  6. I appreciate the #s. I can't figure out who owns KGO on the chart. I like KKSF and don't mind the beige guys...definitely beats Rush in my book. With less daylight however, their listening range will be limited in late afternoon, early evenings so I expect ratings to go down for awhile.

  7. A competing 'radio wars' Blogger has said "He's afraid to post ratings for fear of being sued". After all these years? Sounds extremely fishy. It sounds like some stations might not have appreciated the facts being made public- EVERY month.
    I mean,it was his most popular topic- one I suggested to him as a matter of fact.
    Maybe that's it.