Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KTVU's Ken Wayne Facial Alteration Was Not Kenny Rogers Inspired

          Several of you inquiring minds  has asked about the very noticeable change in KTVU's Ken Wayne's look, namely his face. The eyes --underneath it appears he looks like he had some plastic surgery and he did, according to a source close to Wayne although unlike Kenny Rogers, Wayne's facial alteration was not utilizing the superficial, I'm middle-aged card.

Wayne has been suffering from an eye-lid irritation for several months and went to see a doctor who recommended surgery. After consulting with family and friends, he decided to go ahead with the procedure and had both eye lids altered because if only one was done, according to an Insider, "he'd have looked even weirder, and in TV that's not good."
We agree.
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  1. He's still a Good Lookin White Boy, nothing to worry about.

  2. Sounds to me like the Nasal septum deviation excuse for a nose job. Not buying it!

    1. Yep. Exactly what popped into my mind when I read it. Not only does he have an excuse for the new funny look, med insurance probably paid for it.

  3. I find that Ken Wayne is one of the more solid reporter anchors on local television. He has a talent for not inserting a great deal of charisma while being a compelling reporter and a good story teller. He also had a great everyman look. I will be honest in that this may be shallow, but I have difficulty looking at him. Eyes are bloodshot and kind of creepy. Any way to put back things the way they were? Hopefully I can get used to it.

  4. Q. What has four normal sized arms, four normal sized legs and two normal sized eyes?

    A. Kenny Rogers and Bobby Vinton

  5. A warm compress would've done wonders.

  6. The medical justification has been used for decades. So what? He had an eye job, and he did it to look better on TV. He survived the procedure, so good for him.

    There was a short-time weekend anchor on KGO years ago who dismissed viewer letters urging him to have the distraction of a large, protruding mole removed from above his eyebrow. Even his family name did not save him.

  7. Kenny Rogers: "Your fly is down" surprised look. "Your wife is sleeping with the pool guy" surprised look. "Dolly Parton really hates you" surprised look. "Your music sucks" surprised look. "Ruby never took her love to town" surprised look. "Your plastic surgeon was a former used car salesman" surprised look with a slight hint of anger....