Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Radio Ratings; KCBS and KNBR Hold Serve; KGO/KSFO Up Arrow; KQED Falters

6+ PPM

Overall numbers.

Notes: Advertisers do not use this chart. These are so-called beauty contest numbers...KGO, no doubt, gets help via SF 49ers pre-season games.

The full rundown.

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  1. "KGO, no doubt, gets help via SF 49ers pre-season games."
    Not really. There was only 1 pre-season football game during the August ratings period which runs mid-July to mid-August.

  2. Rich, Geeze. KGO up 4 books in a row with no ad budget. What's up with that? Maybe Escarsega knows what he's doing. I think he's been there about 4 months or 4 books. Let's throw some water on that!

  3. Are you kidding? Who listens to preseason games? Maybe more people are listening because they're doing really well. Just a thought. Sigh, no I am not an intern. You're rants are that old and tired.

  4. More people are listening to KGO because it's better than KCBS. KCBS may have more resources, but KGO just sounds better. I happen to like more of the national content on KCBS, but KGO is better locally. KCBS is sounding older these days. Dated. I don't think either KGO or KCBS is necessarily going to move too far in either direction, but that's just me. I think they'll tick up or down 1-2 spots from time to time. To suggest it's the Niners game is just silly and shows a serious lack of understanding about how ratings work.