Friday, August 2, 2013

Radnich Post Mortem; Latest KTVU Namegate; KCBS Little BART Muck; The 408 Reporter Chickey; Kate Scott; KPIX Christin Ayers, Smart and Looker; KQED; Savage Still the Best; Media Friday

There's a lot of you upset that I had a civil make-up with Gary Radnich. "I looked forward to your 'catfight --it's the only reason I came to this blog," offered one reader. Fair enough.

A notable KNBR figure texted and called me out. This should be my worst problem in life. C'mon, people.

Truth is this: There comes a time when enough is enough. How many rip jobs does it take to get the message? Rip, rip, rip, that's real exciting and entertaining. Well, really it isn't. I had an epiphany. I decided to myself that it was plainly evident that the daily crap on Raddy had served its purpose. Yeah, so he's not as good as he was ten years ago, but he's still pretty good. I said that many a times and I think I made that point. Why pile on? Look, as screwed-up as I am, I've had better days in my life too; what's the point of picking on others?

I've said to you that because I've worked a deal with Gary to bury the pen knife doesn't mean I'll occasionally rip him and/or the program when I see fit--that's only fair, right? Endless Gary-chirping may be fun to some of you but on a grand scale of things, it becomes sort of counterproductive and therefore, bland and unacceptable to the majority of the readers.

I didn't wake up one day and say let's kiss up to Gare--I figured out life is too short. No, I didn't get a lunch or threat to accelerate d├ętente. It was more a case of pragmatism as opposed to favoritism. There's nothing else to it. If you want to go and dream up a conspiracy, do so at your leisure and have fun with it.

**If you think KTVU Namegate is anywhere near over and quit beating a dead horse, you are soooooo wrongo, chap and chappess. It's still THE TALK of almost every newsroom in America because there's a million side stories that have yet to be explored other than myself and a few other schmendricks.

**KCBS did a lot of reporting, (as it should), on the likelihood of a BART strike Monday. What was not good: interviewing one of your own, as Janice Wright did with the afternoon traffic reporter, Sheryl Raines. A little too smug for my taste. And please, take a break from the giddy thoughts of carpocolypse now on Monday. It was much too evident.

**That star women field reporter in the 408 who likes to strut, so to speak, might want to take a few days off, according to my evil eyes who tell me her antics are the toast of the lunchroom.

**Dear Kate Scott: I'm not a hater. Those are your words. I don't care for your constant use of "nobody cares" and "frickin'" which sounds disingenuous and is, frankly, boring radio. You're getting better and that's good. The board goes back.

**Hey, KQED, quit taking yourself so damn seriously.

**The radio beauty-contest ratings are out next week and there's going to be a bloodbath at at least two of the stations in town. Really, old news now but worth mentioning nonetheless.

**Michael Savage could do a better show at 10% of his game than most of the local schlubs do at 110%. Savage was screaming and yelling, ranting and raving, and still talking about spaghetti and meatballs, Teddy, the whole meghillah; yes, it was fuuny. Sorry, it's an acquired taste.

**Tom Raponi and Lee Rosenthal: All the President's Men, 2013.

**At KTVU, it appears that I lost a few acquaintances over you-know-what, which is fine because I'd rather get to the truth than have coffee talk. Take note, anchorman and sportsey guy.

**Hey, KTVU-Cox: There's a simple process of HOW to handle a crisis and how NOT to handle a crisis. It's a simple case of being open and transparent and making it appear to the viewers and critics alike that you're trying to get to the bottom of the problem. Frankly, your performance so far has been brutal.

**One of the fired people at 2, Roland De Wolk, has hired prominent attorney, Michael Cardoza, who's been on my radio show.

**Smart, beguiling, professional and easy on the eyes, personified: KPIX reporter, Christin Ayers.

**The plethora of commercial spots on local AM radio in this town makes it all the more reason as to why more and more people are going to satellite and listening to music. KCBS' traffic reports aside, it's getting kind of messy.

**KRON is starting to act like KRON again which is sort of sad.

**Yes, the pay for major-market field reporters is low. That's more a state of the business, but not really. If you have 10-15 years in the biz and you don't work at KTVU, you're probably pulling in anywhere from $150G and up...factoid: KTVU doesn't pay as well as the other players in town--that's been the case for many years. I know for a fact.

**New KTVU Mgt. Reputation: Silence of the Lambs.

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  1. To tell you the truth, I preferred complaining about the "Gary-chirping" way more than I did reading it.

  2. The reason so many people are disappointed with your "detente" with Gary is because Radnich has by far the biggest ego in local television. He is the king of the back handed compliment, a person who loves to call people "little" to try to demean their talent and stature. A guy who loves to hear his own voice and bullies people to get what he wants. You were the only person with the cajones to call him out and tell it like it is and now you have gone over to the other side. Radnich has charmed you with a few kind words and you bought it. I will continue to read your blog, but it will never be quite the same. The edge is gone.

  3. No, your "edge" is gone.

    Every critical point you mentioned is what I have wrote--endlessly. And you're spot on--so was I, but at what point is there a redundancy? If he performs well, and as of late, he does, then to simply KNOCK for knock sense, is tired.

    If he says or does something stupid, I'll call him out. Period.

    1. You fucking liar. You sold out and that's what it is. Your readers know it,your enemies know it. What nerve to claim anything else.
      Life IS too short. And why I would NEVER change for a Radnich. You Forgive Larry? Bob?..and why not? Life is long with them? lol. Fuck you Rich - another media phony.

    2. Nice to see that Stan is taking this well.

  4. I Agree 100% on Savage. I am not a sports guy so have no comment on Radnich. KCBS is getting worse as the days go on. Please KCBS find more to report on. But hey at least the bay area does not have to put up with the A&G After show. The worst show on the planet.

  5. I too think that the complaints about what's here are entertaining. I'm weird; I love ranting and raving (see Savage). Big ego -- that's unusual in big market TV and radio? When you have been on the air as long as Gary you are going to have your days when you get ripped and should. Like everybody else. I think he deserves credit for his longevity and talent, even if he is not your favorite.

  6. You have a choice: tune in Fatnich or tune him out. Just like Rich has a choice in how he wants to critique his "work." Fatnich is irrelevant. He's a buffoon. He's like the side show at the county fair. There's no there there.

    In time, people will forget about Fatnich, whose head and neck are so huge that he never wears a tie. Tell me: how many people remember that Al Michaels was the voice of the San Francisco Giants in 1970s? That's right. Long before "do you believe in miracles" and prime time NFL telecasts, Michaels was the lead announcer for Giants baseball. One year, he paired with Lon Simmons and it was totally the best. Way better than the gomers who are homers on TV and Bozo the Clown's brother on radio with Dave Flemming.

    Point is: few remember that. Same thing will apply to Fatnich.

    Non-believer? Here's a few other names to throw out at you. John O'Reilly (KGO)? Barry Tompkins (KPIX)? Gary Park (KTVU)? Remember them? Distant memories. Yes, that's the same Tompkins who calls college sports on TV these days.

    Despite Fatnich's wishes and that ginormous ego of his, he'll fade away. Hopefully sooner than later.

    1. Al Michaels cane from Cincy and was paired with Art Eckman in 1974-75, then Simmons in '76. My recollection is that the Bay Area didn't particularly take to him. (They liked Bill Thompson better evidently). And in 1979 Lindsey Nelson was excoriated as cheesy, boring, annoying. Hank Greenwald was beloved. At best, when Nelson left he got some grudging respect. The Bay Area simply doesn't care much for outsiders. And I don't need to tell you how people felt about Phil Stone and Ron Fairly...

    2. Stone was the first person I thought of when you mentioned "outsiders," plus Steve Physioc and Tim McCarver. Also, Harry Caray, Harmon KiIlebrew, Ken Wilson, and Dick Stockton weren't around very long on the other side of the bay.

  7. Detente implies that both sides were participating in this. That's far from the truth. It's been one-sided all along with Lieberman constantly ripping Radnich. I've never heard Radnich mention Lieberman.

    1. Yes, this is like the Falkland Islands declaring detente with China.

  8. Re: R. De Wolk hiring an attorney: I could see it coming a mile away. It's just a matter of time before the other fired ex-KTVU employees lawyer up as well.
    Buh-bye KTVU's solid reputation.
    - Greg from SF

    1. It was a pretty big screw up. Not sure how a lawyer would argue otherwise, unless I'm missing something.

  9. > It's a simple case of being open and transparent...

    That's funny considering comments that don't square with your royal highness get censored.

    On going reputation of 415 media: Silence the wolves.

  10. Ripping makes for better reading, if you can substantiate it.

    Why would someone let KNBR tell him what to say?

    That's what made Glenn Dickey entertaining - he had a backbone.

  11. Rich,

    You say Kate Scott is getting better. In what ways has she improved?

    1. She has stopped using the silly sound drop of "YES".
      Now if she would only take Lieberman's advice and stop with the use of "frickin".

  12. So when do we see the press release from another Bay Area TV station announcing its hired all 3 of the people KTVU let go last week? LOL!

    In all seriousness though someone is probably going to pick up at least 1 or 2 of them. De Wolk might be tough because well, the guy is going after KTVU. I think I read some place that between the 3 of them they had more than 60 years of experience. Those kind of people don't fall out of the sky and land at your door everyday.

  13. That is Ernie from Oakland with Radnich.
    What ever became of Mr C who was a regular called at the Sports Leader.

  14. Lieberman says his change of heart is because Radnich has been performed recently.

    That's ridiculous. Radnich has been the same all along. I've always been a Radnich fan anyway but NO ONE whether you like him or not can seriously say he's changed.

  15. You didn't have to LEAD with my cat fight comment Rich. I'm a little hurt but oh well. I'll guess I'll get over it like my love affair with you sticking it to Radnich. It's just fun to pick on a bully and something to past time anyway. I guess Stan wears the crown now?

  16. You say that "it was plainly evident that the daily crap on Raddy had served its purpose.""

    IT HAD A PURPOSE? You weren't saying it because you believed it, you were saying it because it had a purpose?

  17. Earth to Lieberman, the KTVU Namegate horse has been kicked, beaten to death and the decaying carcass has mercifully been carted away except here at your blog.

    Let it go, there's nothing left.

    1. Rich is right. Namegate is not done. There's a lawsuit going. 3 people looking for jobs and we'll likely hear about it when they get hired. There is a manager who is clearly extremely lucky to be employed for now. A news director and general manager under fire with the ownership group probably looking for the slightest excuse to show them the door. Oh, and has anyone figured out whether KTVU has taken an advertising and/or ratings hit because of this mess? This story is still alive.

    2. You're magnificently mistaken, but you have a right to your opinion.

    3. And you're magnificently delusional. But you have a right to your own mental illness.

    4. @2:42, you are correct in noting that the details of the consequences of Namegate will continue to go on. BUT Lieberman keeps raising the specter of a huge untold story that he heroically will continue to pursue, a la Woodward and Bernstein. This isn't Watergate, it's a office prank gone awry.

  18. Here's the list: Most and least popular Giants announcers of all time:

    Least popular Giants announcers over the years in no particular order-

    Radio: Phil Stone, Ron Fairly, Wayne Hagin, Lindsey Nelson, Joe Angel (*the second time around in 2002-03), David Glass, and Bill Thompson (Lon's buddy from Fresno who was a good minor league announcer, but NOT a good big league announcer).
    TV: Gary Park (" We had a DE-LIGHT-FUL BOT-TOM Fish at a little coastside eatery known as Ned's place!" and "Will, you're overmodulating!" when Will Clark was screaming obscenities on the air during the 1987 NL West clinching celebration in the clubhouse) and Steve Physioc ("A little looper to left..Leonard to the wall....Let the celebration begin!") on the last out of that 1987 division title clinching.

    Most popular radio and TV announcers in this order: Lon Simmons, Russ Hodges, Hank Greenwald, Jon Miller, Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper.

    Indifference: Ted Robinson, Greg Papa, Al Michaels, Art Eckman, Denni Higgens, Dave Flemming, Bill King (virtually no one around here remembers he filled in on the Giants broadcasts for their first five years in SF)

    1. If I recall correctly, that infamous night in San Diego was Park's last calling Giants games. Barry Tompkins was pretty awful during his brief stint with the Giants.

      I am too young to remember King's work with the Giants, but I've read about it. I do remember Hank (doing a very good job) calling Warriors games with King.

    2. You nailed it. Great job!

    3. Hi 5:00,

      Your list is a fair and well-considered one.

      A few comments:

      My big problem with Gary Park was whenever the Giants played the (ecch) Dodgers, he seemed to be ALWAYS looking for something good to say about them. WTF was up with that? I wouldn't be surprised if his tan was a spray-on.....

      Bill King, IMHO, was a fine baseball announcer. He always kept the mental picture of the game bright in one's mind. And that voice.....

      A memory: when Harmon Killebrew (who had a truly amazing collection of loud sport jackets) was Bill's color commentator on A's broadcasts, the joke around my circle of baseball buddies was the Killer's habitual opening line whenever he got on-mike: "That's right, Bill..."

      I like Dave Flemming. I hope the Giants can find a way to keep him. I think he'll get better and better as the years go by. Clear, concise, on point.

      Hank Greenwald was marvelous in his prime. He left SF for that short stint with (if my memory isn't faulty) the Yankees. After he came back to the Giants, he wasn't quite the same.

      But after all is said and done, the Gold Standard will forever remain the great Lon Simmons.

      The Best. Ever.

      Those of you who have never heard Lon call a Giants game (particularly in the good old days with Russ Hodges on KSFO) are to be pitied.

      - Greg from SF (a long-time SAN FRANCISCO Giants fan from their earliest days at Seals Stadium)

    4. Lon Simmons longggggggggggggg drawn out pauses.
      It was what made him the best and unique.

  19. Evertime i hear Joe Angel replayed on radio highlights for Baltimore wonder how he keeps a job Very overthe top and annoying like John Sterling of the Yankees a bomb for a rod etc.

    Ron Fairly was terriable could not understand him sounded like he had marbles in his mouth glass was not much better either

    Rank em best to worst Hagin,Stone,Angel,Glass,Fairly,Nelson why the giants hired him yes a legendery announcer but no ties to west coast or giants? His nasal voice was hard to get used to.

  20. I remember Phil "Check That" Stone
    (4-0 Dodgers...bottom of the 6th...check that, bottom of the 7th)

  21. Rich's slobbering over Savage reminds me that RL has poor judgment, and the only reason I look at this blog is for scoops. RL's opinions are of no interest to me.

  22. I think you are being a little harsh on Rich, it is hard to discuss taste, likes and and dislikes, when it comes to radio host, it is a matter of personalities. I agree with Rich that Michael can be entertaining, I have listened to Savage, when I found him funny and entertaining, once he talked about jazz (which was my first love in music) I really enjoyed it, but before long he becomes hateful, starts to yell, and so for me it is not worth tuning in and waiting for those rare moments. I also disagree with Rich about Ronn, I do think Ronn is one of the best hosts in the Bay Area, especially with Gene gone, and John Rothmann not being on the air. Rich is also very critical of Brian Copeland, but I have always enjoyed Brian, and I think these days he is very good, better than Gil, who I use to like, but just can't stand his format and delivery these days. Brian has been a guest on Dr. Drew's show during the Zimmerman trial and he is very eloquent, he (I suppose because he is black) has a different take on many issues, and I find him interesting, he takes calls, and can engage and challenge the callers. He is definitely a lot better than Tim Montemayor, Frosty, Sussman and Gil.

  23. Calling Savage the best of Bay Area radio personalities is basically calling him the fastest guy in the special olympics. I agree wholeheartedly he's the best of the lot, but I think that goes without saying since he's a nationally syndicated host. To discuss him as being "local" because he lives here makes no sense since he doesn't cover any news about the Bay Area. Is he discussing the BART situation? Does he cover Ross Mirkarimi saga? Aseana Airlines situation in depth? No. No. No. From time to time I hear this guy make fun of people in Berkeley or San Francisco, but that's only because it's his reality. That doesn't make what he's saying necessarily local. Seems like a stretch to me, and I get this sense there's communication between you and Mr. Wiener, which garners the positive posts about him. I'll agree he's better than the lot, but I'll also say he's half the host he used to be. That's still better than what is being served up around here.

  24. "**At KTVU, it appears that I lost a few acquaintances over you-know-what"
    Well Rich name some names. Who is the sportsey guy and who is the anchorman?

  25. "If you think KTVU Namegate is anywhere near over and quit beating a dead horse, you are soooooo wrongo, chap and chappess. It's still THE TALK of almost every newsroom in America..."

    Glad you called almost every newsroom in America to find out if they're still talking about it.

    I work at a Bay Area TV station and none of us here are talking about it anymore. I'm willing to bet it probably isn't get much play in Des Moines, Ft. Myers or Cape Girardeau anymore either. In fact, in recent chats I've had with friends in other markets in this country, it never comes up anymore. Hasn't for a while.

    I have to admit the hyperbolic histrionics Rich is working himself into on his Quixotic witch hunt/investigation/whatever it is is amusing to watch though.