Saturday, August 17, 2013

Michael Krasny, Broadcast Pioneer at KQED Radio Celebrates 20 Years at 'Forum', (And Can Tell a Great Joke Too)

  Michael Krasny is celebrating his 20th anniversary at KQED. Krasny hosts the morning show, "Forum", (Monday-Friday, 9-11 AM), which is an intellectual island on the mostly-dreck ocean of terrestrial radio. It's a program that is largely devoid of usual present-day broadcast drama. The only drama you hear on Krasny's Forum show is that of pithy novel authors and an occasional call from Robert Redford or Philip Roth.

Krasny is not only a broadcast giant locally; he teaches English and literature classes at SF State. In fact, before KQED, Krasny hosted a weeknight talk show on KGO Radio and it was there where I met him and he was my English professor at State. He started out there back in 1970. Wow, time does fly.

I always knew he had the intellectual and professional insight but at State I saw his comedic side. The Cleveland native is also a Jewish-humor advocate and can tell many hysterical jokes. Trust me.

Here's a grand huzzah to at least 20 more years of success to Michael Krasny.

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  1. Let's lionize Michael Krasny instead of Michael Savage. Krasny is a true rock star of Bay Area radio. The man is classy, intelligent and does his homework. He listens, he teaches, he is never a polemicist.

    He is radio at its best.

    1. Anonymous, you are so right. I remember him from KGO days. What stood out most, aside from his intellect, was his gentlemanly manner. He would thank every caller. And in the most pleasant way. I was not surprised when he left for KQED. Such a perfect fit.

  2. Very good at hosting a radio program and giving an intellectual point of view.
    Not your typical talk radio host.
    Are you listening KNBR?

  3. KGO hired Jewish talk show hosts? No way!

  4. Hannity, Savage... Oh yeah, that's right. There are people who aim higher. Even when he was at KGO, Krasny made a point of respecting people who disagreed. Forum is excellent.

  5. Rich, you actually attended college? Did you graduate?

  6. When they traded Krasney for Bernie Ward, I knew things were going south at KGONE.

    There's a story... Rich, why not get an in-person interview with Bernie Ward in the Big House?