Monday, August 19, 2013

JT The Brick; Passionate Fox Sports Overnight Talker on 'Lieberman Live' Radio Monday

   Today from 1: 20-1: 40 PM on my radio show on KSCO/KOMY, I'll interview passionate Fox Sports Radio talker, JT the Brick, (John Tournour) We'll discuss his new book, sports, notes, NY anecdotes and the biz.


  1. Maybe his radio show is good but his work on the Raider preseason telecast with Papa was laughable (as is the whole production).
    They used him as a sideline reporter, what did he report? "That you in the Raider Nation can go to and buy all sorts of great Raider clothing like the one I am wearing right now!"

    Dude made Amy G come off as Edward R Murrow.

  2. The NFL practice games are a joke--I agree. JT works for the team and yes, it's essentially a commercial for the Raiders. To his defense, he's not alone.

    Exhibition football is boring and mundane. JT works for the team. I doubt anyone cares about sideline interviews on practice games.

    Listen to him on radio.

    1. And he is not a Raiders fan, though he has said on several occasions that he LOVES Raiders fans because they are passionate about their Raiders. JT is a New York Giants fan. If you don't believe me, ask him.

  3. NFL practice games are a joke for sure (unless a player gets injured)but the Raider telecasts, with the announcers wearing Raiders garb and continually hawking Raiders tickets and fan swag was akin to watching the Home Shopping Network.
    It is a shame they can't sell out their games so we can see a real production instead of their own delayed act.

  4. I've listened to JT on the radio, and he's one of the many reasons I can't stand what has happened to the broadcasting profession in recent years.

    Non professionally trained egotistical loudmouths such as JT the Brick, Scott Ferrell, and Jim Rome, (who was ridiculous when he started but has gotten better...however I still can't stand his smug, know it all persona), have pushed aside seasoned pros who actually have training and credibility.

    The nit wits who hire these clowns? They are radio 'consultants'(i.e. failed Program Directors such as the bird brained Rick Scott, who mismanaged several radio stations before jumping into his new work.)

    I wouldn't waste ten seconds listening to ANYTHING JT the Brick or Scott Ferrall, or any other of these braying know it alls had to say

    And doesn't JT live in So-Cal for crying out loud? He's one of the Raiders announcers? How does that work?

  5. He lives in veagas

  6. I use to listen to JT back in the mid 90's. He was the overnight/early morning host on KNBR. Before they went with full ESPN radio overnight. I remember when he was brought out to be a host on 1050 and would hype up the "Raider Nation." He is the first host I remember really using the term "Nation" for a sports fan group. He left after about a year or so if I remember to go to work for FOX Sports Radio when they were launching that network, about the same time Tony Bruno went to FOX to be the AM host.

    I always enjoyed him, yes I know he got his "start" as being a caller but that was 20+ years ago I think you can call him a radio personality now. Just because he didn't get a degree in sports journalism doesn't mean he can't be a host.

    To the previous poster-do you get mad at PR people who were reporters before they went into PR? I doubt they have a degree in PR/Advertising. I sense some bitterness from you.

  7. I'm not a JT guy during baseball season, but I am a JT guy during NFL season. No radio broadcaster does team by team breakdown better than JT. Even though he is a Raiders guy, he provides great objective analysis on every NFL team . . and he's usually right. Somehow, he knows every NFL team inside and out.

    Oh yeah . .it's called being a professional, which JT is. Big shout out to the Brick. Bring a take and don't suck . . LONG TIME VOICE!

  8. The best thing Fox Sports Radio does is when they pair Tom Looney with Ben Maller. Too bad it isn't a regular thing.

  9. Without a doubt, Ben Maller is the best thing on Radio. Too bad he is not on everyday.