Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Insider: KGO-TV EP Served with Lawsuit

News from an insider at KGO-TV, (ABC7):

One of the station's Executive Producers was served with a lawsuit in the newsroom last week; it appears to be a hostile workplace issue.

I'm on it.


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abc7news.com - KGO Bay Area News


  1. I would offer my firstborn with a side order of curly fries to know who it was:

  2. And here's betting no one else in the Bay Area media will report on this lawsuit.
    Especially when it revolves around sexual harassment.
    Would not want to offend a longtime news organization such as KGO.
    Where is the National Organization for Women?

  3. How do you know it's sexual harrassment, or an issue appropriate for the National Organization for Women? You're jumping the gun here.

  4. One of the worst TV stations to work at. Management has their heads buried up their asses and have no clue as to how bad moral really is. Lets start with the so called chief engineer, what a work of "ART" this one is. The most moody and pathetic person there at KGO TV!!

  5. A co-worker of EP is suing outside company...EP called as witness. Nothing to do with KGO or EP...papers served in newsroom in front of everyone and was no big deal and not a surprise...forgettable until your source and story went off the rails.