Thursday, June 27, 2013



  1. I watched the kpix bridge show. What a dud.

    I now know how the wife of a man that suffers from premature ejaculation feels.

    Disappointed, unfulfilled, and wanting so much more.

  2. I love it when Rich rips on some local on air person who deserves to be ripped like Radnich. Hey Rich, Why not tell us what you think of that ditz who does the breathless, little girl act on the Giants' TV broadcasts, Amy G? I can't believe that Comcast continues to promote and encourage this annoying woman who obviously knows little about the game, even after several years of being around it on a daily basis.

    1. On a scale of 1-10 what is the annoyance level for the following?

      1. Gary Radnich -10
      2. Amy G -3

      Why all the hate for Amy G ? She does fine for what she is asked to do. Stadium interviews, player features and post game interviews. And she is attractive. Move on..

  3. Amy G. sounds like she's talking to first graders in her breathless girl voice. She also obviously doesn't know baseball, and her annoying little puff pieces to promote her vapid interviews and
    features detract from the game. Comcast should do us all a favor and get rid of her!

  4. Why all the negativity about Amy G? Why? Because she sucks...that's why! She's an embarrassment and an annoyance to anyone who likes to watch Giants baseball. The woman is clueless, has a terrible voice, knows nothing about baseball and has nothing of any value to say. The only reason she's on is because it seems to be a model these days to have a ditz doing the cutesy little sidelight interviews during the games. I don't know who enjoys watching this nonsense, but it detracts from the experience of watching Giants baseball