Friday, June 14, 2013

NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai and Warriors Radio Tonsil Tim Roye on my KSCO/KOMY Radio Show Today

On my radio show today:

1-1: 20: Raj Mathai, lead anchor at KNTV, (NBC BAY AREA)

2-2: 30: Tim Roye, radio play-by-play broadcaster for the Golden State Warriors.

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  1. Larry King is still doing his show on Hulu I guess

  2. Breaking Noise ...

    Rupert Murdoch filed for divosrce from his wife of 14 years yesterday. In addition to Sarah Palin coming back on Monday to FOX Noise, it has been revealed the Murdoch will split the company in two within two weeks.

    All TV assets and movie studio will go to a new company known as "21st Century FOX" and the newspapers will still be under the News Corp. banner.

    All "local" TV entities (Like KTVU) will go to 21st Century Fox.

    The deeal between the Murdoch's includes a pre-nuptual in 1999, an updated pre-nup in 2000 and one in 2004. Mrs. Murdoch, it has been reported, will NOT get lifelong medical / health coverage.

    This will be fun to watch!

  3. Mr. L - Sorry to bust the bubble, but you are wrong on the Paul McCartney marriage non-factoid.

    It was HEATHER MILLS who came to the world's attention when her bike collided with a British cop car and her left leg was amputated below the knee.

    Linda Eastmas was with Wings and got over $50-mil in the divorce settlement.

    1. I said Linda Eastman was with WINGS. Maybe you misheard he.

    2. No, I heard you correctly. You just "forgot" to mention Heather Mills like she didn't exist. From what it sounded like, you didn't know. After the fact doesn't count.

      No, she had nothing to do with Eastman Kodak, though she was a gifted photographer. Her father, George Eastman, was an attorney.

    3. Maybe I'm missing something here, but Linda Eastman/McCartney did not get a divorce settlement, she died of breast cancer in her late fifties, I believe, and Paul was with her and in love with her to the very end. Heather Mills got the big divorce settlement, my guess is Paul married her on the rebound. Paul and Linda was a great love story, especially for someone in show business, but they made a point of not ever spending a lot of time apart.
      When you loose that it is hard to re-create.

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  5. Larry King, Rich, has just signed to do a new show "Politics w/ Larry King" on the RT America (Russian TV) cable network that is on some US system.

    He signed the deal May 29th, according to the LA Times.

  6. Linda Eastman didn't receive a divorce settlement because she passed away while still married to Paul M.
    Mills is the one he divorced and got a nice settlement.

  7. Thank you for being correct. Linda died of breast cancer in 1998. She was 56. Paul idolized her, and the two were married partners for 30 years. Her photography was magnificient. Linda was an animal rights activist, writer, cook and Paul taught her to play keyboards, not guitar. Paul started a breast cancer awareness charity and wa with her when she passed away. The McCartney familiy ranch is in Tucson, AZ. Her ashes were spread on British soil in Sussex, England.

    Thank you again for correcting the inaccuracy above. I am a big fan of her music with Wings and her book of photography.

    Heather millions received about $36-million in a divorce settlement. Paul has remarried now for the fourth time.