Friday, June 7, 2013

KRON Should Rebrand As All-News, (Sort Of); Exclusive Peek Inside The 415 Media Coffee Shop With Bay Area Media Celebrities; TGIF

KRON should rebrand itself.

It has the chance to make a move as 24-7 news station, well, sort of.

KRON could try to reinvent itself as a sort of Bay Area version of NY1, the big apple all-news outlet which is a pretty much no-frill news and sports. It doesn't have a high budget and sticks to local NY metro news, sports and weather.

KRON, its financial status settled for the time being, already has begun to shed some of its albatross state with a fairly steady, if bare bones, template of local news and lots of weather and time checks. It still possesses a few star names, (Heenan, Moore, Lividakis, Radnich, etc). Sure, the onslaught of infomercial specials and low-tripe off-news programming has to remain for money reasons, but KRON could make a dent if it were to abandon some of the short tripe and stick to more traffic and AP copy in the late morning, early afternoon, and into the evening too.

**KPIX5 has been adding a few more reporters to its manager-heavy personnel dept. That's good news only these new reporters come from markets in the 70-100 dept. and nobody really cares at this time.

**Nice that KCBS should mention 4000 times its in-house love fest BBQ with John Madden on Friday. Hey guys, commuters love Madden but while they're on their way to the office and trudging a 9-5 day, the last thing they want to hear, 4000 times, is your pigout on the grill with the coach. Bunger and Bitker should read the room, you too, Susan Leigh-Taylor.


*Marla Tellez:
Eggs Benedict and a mimosa.

*Dan Noyes: cheeseburger and fries, small salad.

*Darya Folsom: hotcakes.

*The KNBR Morning Show: Spam omelet, burnt toast.

*Diane Dwyer: Steak Diane, glass of Kendall Jackson cab, 1998

*Ronnnnnnnn Owens: corned-beef hash, black coffee

*Greg Papa: chicken-salad sandwich with some club soda.

*Jan Wahl: Joe's special with a side of bacon and rye toast.

*Larry Beil: hot link with a banana milkshake.

*Tom Rapponi: whole chicken, boiled.

*Janelle Wang: sand dabs, steamed spinach with hollandaise sauce, champagne.

*Ken Wayne: BLT with a diet coke.

*Dan Ashley: 42-ounce porterhouse with a baked potato.

*Damon Bruce: brisket with some chopped liver on the side. Egg-cream.

*Larry Krueger: dry oatmeal with a cup of 7/11 coffee.

*Gary Radnich: mutton; pan-fried, with some orange soda and a side of fries.

*Frank Sommerville: French toast.

*Mark Ibanez: Eggs Florentine with carrot juice.

*Joe Fonzi: vanilla ice cream.

*Fred Inglis: vanilla ice-cream, with some chocolate sauce.

*Dennis O'Donnell: chipped-beef on toast.

*Roberta Gonzales: Calamari steak, Caesar salad.

*Da Lin: cup of tea.

*Stanley Roberts: Double Double at In and Out. Strawberry shake.

*Eric Byrnes: 2 cans of Red Bull, a chili-cheese dog, and tonic water.

*Dan Rosenheim: 2 Guinness and a bowl of peanuts.

*Wayne Freedman: cheerios, granola and some green tea with a bagel on the side, plain.

*Tom Tolbert: 2 extra large grilled cheesed sandwiches, curly fries and cheesecake with a vat full of PBR to go.

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  1. I'll take a Roberta Gonzales. You can keep the KNBR Morning Show, does anybody ever order that?

    1. Cheers Anonymous, Paulie Mac here. Would you like me to do a song parody of your comment? No? Do you maybe want to talk about Bruce or Jerry? No? Can you help me with my taxes? No? Well then, I'm outta here, I got nothing. Cheers!

  2. Isn't NY1 a cable station? Is KRON supposed to abandon all of their union agreements and go rogue? Not to mention KRON's commitment to serving the public with an over-the-air service. Where else would viewers get to see all of those paid for mini-infomercials masquerading as news features in the middle of newscast? They are improving content somewhat but will be hard to take too seriously until they drop some of those dreadful advertisers.


  3. "**Nice that KCBS should mention 4000 times its in-house love fest BBQ with John Madden on Friday"
    Susan Leigh-Taylor is the last person who should attend the John Maddne BBQ.

    1. Susan Leigh-Taylor is a genuinely NICE person which is more than I can say for you. Pathetic.

  4. > Is KRON supposed to abandon all of their union agreements

    KRON abandoned all their union agreements a decade ago. Maybe not on paper, but in reality.

  5. *Rich Lieberman: 38 year old hottie. Bus fare. Crab sandwich on sourdough.

  6. KRON of old, before the Young family purchase had a regional news, sports and information cable channel called BayTV launched in 1994 ... small staff of 50 doing it all within the KRON bldg. The Young leadership canned it early in the 2000's...

  7. Rich you forgot Ray (jabba the hutt) Ratto. I'm thinking the whole list would be an average lunch for him.

  8. Gawd == what a panderer you are Mr. L. How cool of MZ and Wallich to hijack the last 10 minutes of your show. Good luck on the Saturday Special. You'll need it not having any ideas of what to do. Impressive to say to the boss. "I am worried, a little". You take two minutes to reassure him. Good grief.

    1. I have the utmost confidence in Mr. L-man's ability to rise to the occasion of hosting the "Saturday Special" on KSCO AM 1080, Monterey-Santa Cruz-Salinas-San Jose. I know he'll do a splendid job of filling in for the inimitable and iconic MZ. Day in, day out, Mr. L-man displays his remarkable talent and brilliant acumen on the "Rich Lieberman Program," which has no equal in local talk radio. Never dull, never tired old shtick. Move aside, Michael Alan Weiner, Ronald Lowenstein.

    2. The peerless one: Rich Lieberman. I'll be listening to the "Saturday Special," hosted by the great one tomorrow on riveting talk radio, the mighty KSCO 1080.

  9. Rich...What about Phil Matier, what kind of Sammy, or dish is he???

  10. I was fortunate to go to the Madden BBQ a few years back. IT is everything the KCBS plugging says. I'd give anything to go again.

  11. johnny bom bonneyJune 7, 2013 at 5:11 PM

    Paul Deanna - Turkey with extra tryptophan
    Fitz - Head cheese with a side of HGH
    Brain Flores - Sneak in a pre-packaged, last-day sale date bologna sandwich and ask for some water.

  12. My main concern is: how does this change in ownership affect the lovely Jackie Bennett? I think she is GREAT!

  13. I used to watch NY1 all the time when I lived in NY. They'd repeat the same thing every half hour, though. Kind of like KCBS radio on TV.

    I think KRON turning itself into an all-news org is a good idea. Sure beats infomercials.

  14. Marla Tellez: Tofu Benedict, a glass of Gravenstein apple juice, and a (Analy High School) Tiger Claw.