Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Waited Hours To Watch Melanie Collins Debut on Yahoo Sports Talk Live; Janelle Wang, Stock Up; Tuesday Media Notes

Yahoo! Sports Talk Live debuted on Monday Night on
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

Melanie Collins

Real invigorating. Tremendous Sports Journalism. I was waiting for Howard Cosell to enter from the ground and belt out a huzzah.

Suffice to say that I watched about as much of this, eh, program as I could. Some young blond woman who covers sports for Yahoo, Melanie Collins, also debuted, as did some hyper British guy who said a bunch of things. I couldn't make out anything he was saying because he was talking very fast and I was too glued on checking out Collins. She adds a lot to the program but I'm not too sure it's sports-related. If that's perceived as being misogynist, it shouldn't be. I admire the great sports journalistic tendencies of Collins; as far as I'm concerned she's the Diane Sawyer of sports. I smell a Pulitzer coming. I'm going to watch Yahoo Sports Talk live every now and then just to see when Collins breaks into investigative sports form.

**Comcast SportsNet Inner love dept. special: The multi-invigorating, hardened sports journo supreme, Paul Gutierrez, is now an Oakland A's "insider" for the cable network. Gutierrez is married to Amy G, the woman reporter that does hard-hitting interviews on the field for the SF Giants. Guiterrez A, Guiterrez P, Glenn Kuiper, Dwayne Kuiper. Notice a trend?

** I rarely talk about the female voice on Knibber from 9-Noon because you already know how I feel and no matter what I say, how I feel, the results will be the same. The same old song. Of course I also know too, that, she too, could be a future Marconi winner much the same way as I too could be the next leading man opposite Cameron Diaz.

**Roy Hibbert: karma.

**The great Radu update: 12 more kisses to the betting fool. If he keeps this up, Fred and Ethel might have to sit on him and beg for insults.

**It's not that I enjoy picking on the bloated one, he just encourages it.

**Somebody at KTVU should tell Rapponi that the moles are out in full force. I suggest a memo.

**More Stock Up: Janelle Wang, KNTV, NBC Bay Area. Works hard. Dedicated. Cool personality


  1. what happened to all my great comments?

    1. They were censored by the blog owner as so many are.

    2. Something else about Fatnich, Darya btw, says to Raddy "That's why we could never get along"..about the off camera intermingling. She laughed sure,but...
      Then today, she said she tried for once to listen to KNBR.."And the commercials were one after another, I gave up". Darya fantasizing? A whole lot of fantasizing of whats wrong with the media is going on.

      Enough of you're clutter here.

    4. I KNOW if this is you Rich,you would use your pic as moderator. So,whats going on? One post so far today..whats going on?

    5. And to repeat Rich,if you got some personal hate posts with my name on it--it was NEVER me. They've done that on Lowells blog..and signed my name. Lowell checked the email.IP and that proved it wasn't me ripping him.
      The "fatnich" and "clutter" sounds a whole lot like some guy who posts on that blog that recently parted ways with me.

  2. Thanks, Rich, for watching the disaster for us. Now I don't have to waste my time. I never to o Yahoo for news, whether it's the so-called "football expert" or a newbie like this. Female sports writers and columnists who have promo photos like that are disrespected not for their beauty but their MISUSE. If you want respect, do good, hard-news journalism, or go to the fashion magazines. And same with the meathead guys who think have six-pack abs and good looks is all you need to be a sports guy in any medium. Go to a muscle-builder's magazine. I'm sick of you, too. Give me factual, no homing for the home-town team, journalism

    Signed: a professional journalist

  3. Additional Cumulus NEWS ...

    Remember Cumulus SVP Gary Pizzati? He had been doing the gig for the Dickey's as "interim market manager" for the past seven months. Those days are over with, obviously, not much in "moving the needle." Whil Pizzati be heading back to Atlanta or is he, now, "on the beach"?

  4. This show is like New Coke. Not that Chronicle Live was ever that good of a show but this new rebranded Yahoo show is a total joke for the entire 60 minutes!