Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Those of you that need a good dose of 'The Loyah'; Len Tillem turns to Podcasts

Len Tillem, the "loyah", has gone on to bigger and better things: Podcasts.

"I don't want to work for any radio people right now--I'm independent and I like it that way and now, people have a way to get my message without all the brouhaha.", Tillem told me by phone.

How successful is the venture thus far? Let me tell you. Five thousand listeners already know - they downloaded Tillem's podcast last Friday.  Len had a discussion with actor/director Jon Favreau (married to Len's niece) about the future of the program.  Give it a listen.

That future started on Monday - Len has another podcast up, ready for listeners who need their Len Tillem fix.  Podcasts are going up each weekday.

So, where do you find The Loyah?



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  1. I guess when falling out of KGO, Len definitely consider "Podcasts" over KSCO, the last place he would send a feed if any. I guess he didn't care about that business. I'm Glad he took KKSF and riden it as far as he could. Again Best Wishes! Len

  2. The Sage of La Selva BeachApril 3, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Len Tillem: Suck up your pride, stop licking the wounds of your defeated ego, and instead of riding off into the sunset of podcast land, ask the iconoclastic Em Zee for a gig on KSCO/KOMY. YOU would be great as a lead-in to, or immediately after, Rich Lieberman, the writer of this great blog, and a radio talk show host extraordinaire.

    MZ: If you're reading this, take a day off, drive to Sonoma, and meet with Mr. Tillem, "the Loyah," to discuss a deal.

    To Len and MZ: Make it so!

  3. Fired again!

    Yes, it's true. Len Tillem, "the loyah," has been axed from KKSF 910 Newstalk AM less than 2 years after KGO canned him.

    Oh wait, 910 has rebranded itself by dropping "news," referring to itself now as "Talk 910." Probably did so because local 50,000-watt icons KGO and KCBS are battling for the #1 slot as the premier AM news channel. But I digress ... back to the topic at hand.

    Should we crying over Len's disappearance from AM radio, or jumping for joy that Gil Gross has an extra hour?

    While Len's somewhat entertaining and does share some good legal advice, his concentration on wills, trusts, nursing homes, and other "old folks" stuff is exactly NOT the kind of programming KKSF wanted to promote. Very often his show was one big infomercial. There are all kinds of things he COULD have touched on that would have appealed to a younger audience, but he never did. Good riddance.

    Note to Len: Stop deluding yourself with this "I am still on the internet" stuff. Nobody, I mean absolutely NOBODY, is gonna tune in to hear a pushy lawyer podcast. What a joke.

    I'd like to hear Gil Gross from noon to 3, then Alan Colmes live from 3 to 6 pm. Otherwise I have to choose between "All Things Considered" and Gil Gross, a choice I don't want to have to make. Plus, moving Colmes' live show from 7 pm to 3 pm has resulted in his show now being on delay here. He should be live.

    No matter what, I'm enjoying the extra hour of Gil in the afternoons.

    John Rothmann is OK, BUT as many people have said in the past, he talks too much about the Israel and the Middle East.

    1. That's why he had high ratings on KGO, right? And that's why there are at least a few people that I personally know (which means there are many more others) who have been and continue to listen to his podcasts. "NOBODY"...yup, that right there is proven to be a lie, which doesn't speak much for anything else that was mentioned.

  4. What time does he broadcast live? I'm more interested in hearing him live than in a day old podcast...

    1. I heard he takes calls via (866) 536-1000 to make podcasts.
      Best time to call Weekdays 1pm-3pm PT. For more info: http://lentillem.com

  5. I admire Len's knowledge of the legal process, and how he tried to prepare someone for courtroom systems of communication. That said, Len could at times become too quick to insult people for their mistakes in life, albeit in a playful manner. Sometimes I laughed too, other times, the sound of a 22 year old man discussing how he got ticketed, then being yelled at by Len, being repeated called Young And Dumb!(a favorite refrain, oft repeated) sounded a little pompous and disrespectful. Still, I hope I'm a fraction as sharp as Len when I reach his age, (not so long from now). He must be rich by now, but he is still a 'go getter' who enjoys the game. Shalom.