Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mass mushy feelings inside KPIX; Anger and Resentment over Sunday Night Fiasco Still Lingering

The situation at KPIX5, (which is, apparently, their new moniker), couldn't be more murkier. The newsroom is a mess with veteran staffers, editors, some reporters who don't quite know what the hell is going on. Confusion abounds and there is clearly a sense of mass frustration over what was supposed to not be happening once the new guy stepped in the door at 855 Battery.

That new guy is GM, Bruno Cohen, who so far hasn't done anything of note except to take part in and OK a massive, gimmicky Superbowl-night quasi-infomercial with CalTrans on the unfinished eastern portion of the new Bay Bridge. That move has left the rank and file people deeply perturbed and I could use another word, but I'll keep it clean. For the most part, the Sunday night absurdity amounted to a thirty-minute commercial for CalTrans. And some of the tonsils talking part in the "event" are in an utter funk. That's from a station source who says the whole circus was not received well by many in the newsroom and back offices.

Cohen, it's been rumored, is thinking seriously about making a major personnel move in upper news management. So far, that move hasn't transpired but Sunday night's quagmire may accelerate it. Worse yet, the Bridge fiasco was a programming move long ago negotiated with CalTrans. The fact it was given thumbs up could portend for a major resume update for a few folks who can feel the tension.


  1. Any word on why CBS5 decided to drop the CBS mandate and re-re-brand itself as KPIX 5? Not that I have any problem with that - I'm always a sucker for a station that honors its heritage and goes against the grain.