Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Jim Eason IRS Game

Former KGO talk host, Jim Eason, chimes into 415 Media with this IRS beauty:

I've discovered a new fun game to play...only if you are retired with lots of free time.Call the IRS phone number.
You'll have to wait a long time before ANYONE answers, but you do get lousy music and a chirpy voice reassuring you your call will be answered. (The estimated waiting
time when I called recently was 8 to 10 minutes - that was AFTER waiting 12 minutes
before anyone answered.) The person who answers is NOT a qualified person to
answer any questions, but will switch you to another line...that's when the estimated
wait time begins. Eight to ten minutes, in my case, was 19 minutes.
When someone finally answers, you'll be given his/her name and badge number.
A couple of weeks ago, a lady said her badge number was something-something-
886. I said, "Good morning, may I call you "886?" MISTAKE. Grumpy voice said,
"May I help you, sir?" I began explaining my problem - it involved an error on my
2010 tax form regarding Social Security payments. When I tried to explain the IRS
letter I got, but didn't understand, the sweet lady kept interrupting with, "what were
the numbers on your 2010 form?" I asked, "Do you want my numbers, or mine AND
my wife's or..." "WHAT WERE THE NUMBERS ON YOUR FORM?" Fortunately I
had my 2010 Form 1040 in front of me, so I asked, "What line number would you
like?" "What is the number entered on the Social Security line?" I said, "The IRS
claimed they computed the numbers I should have entered from a Form D - I think
it was a D - and I've never even seen a Form D..." "What are the numbers on that
line, SIR?" I said, " Well, on line number..." "What are the numbers?"
That's when I made the fatal mistake. I said, "Jesus, lady, if you'll just..."
"Have a good day, sir..." Click.
So, if you have time to kill. Call the IRS, and think up a terribly involved, complex,
problem, but open your conversation with "Happy New Year."
Those people are the grouchiest turkeys I've ever talked to. It's an education, though,
so try it.


  1. No different really than my last conversation with Bank of America. Or Comcast.

    Jim Eason never misses an opportunity to disparage government. I'm reminded why I'm glad he is no longer on the air in the Bay Area.

  2. Eason has a lot of time on his hands out there in North Carolina.......boy could Cumulus use him now!

  3. Please don't bother the IRS with Mr. Eason's nonsense, they're extremely busy giving away our money.

  4. great to hear from an all time favorite, this friendly curmudgeon...

    put him on the show Rich!

  5. Jim, you must be terribly bored.

    I'm self-employed and I've had my share of tax issues. I've found the IRS to be patient, helpful, and understanding.

    Services cost money. The IRS is simply a necessary evil.

  6. Jesus, what is Jim's problem? How long did his callers wait on the phone while he went through whatever garbage he did back in the day?

    Everyone has to spend an hour on the phone these days for anything, including those big JOB CREATORS / capitalists like Bank of America or Comcast.

    And while I have no doubt there are plenty of IRS horror stories, they once found a mistake my accountant made and fixed it for me over the phone.

  7. Where is Eason hanging out these days?

  8. I think Jim is just one of those kind of people who loves to complain about everything. He made some very disparaging remarks about many of the people he worked with at KGO after he left there, which showed very little class on his part. It's not surprising, giving his caustic and bitter personality. I'm not surprised he's back in North Carolina. What does surprise me is that he stayed out here in 'liberal' Norther California so long. At least back in the Carolinas, he can be the red neck horse's rear end that he always demonstrated himself to be when he worked on KGO.

  9. Understand he's coming back to KKSF 910 is that true?

  10. Oh, please god no more Jim Eason on local radio! This guy may play well to the rednecks of the world, but here in the bay area, he's very annoying!