Friday, January 4, 2013

KPIX Moves; Stan Bunger and John Madden; Matier and Willie Brown; Have you heard this before? 95.7 FM is in Trouble; KGO-TV's Carolyn Johnson is the First Guest on Lieberman Radio Show Monday; Friday Buzz

New KPIX GM, Bruno Cohen, hasn't made any significant moves since he took over at the local SF O and O, but if a few sources are correct, expect something down the pike. The password is "sports." And keep in mind that the corporate people in NY in charge of the money have been doing a lot of cutting to people who make too much money.

By the way, there are those who insist to me that the current news boss should keep his resume updated.

*KCBS' Stan Bunger: just when you think he's slipping a bit, you get a dose of Bunger at his best, like on Friday morning...lobbing some good openers for John Madden and making the most of Matier and Willie Brown interesting when time interferes. Speaking of which, when it's obvious that there's really little, if any traffic this week, (which is the case), do we always needs a traffic update every 10 minutes? More Madden, less traffic. Every now and then it makes sense.

*An industry wag with about 30+ years in the biz tells me 95.7 FM The Game is in trouble. We've been down this road before haven't we? The wag offers this: "Listen to their ads--mostly all are national spots. Very little local box retail." He went further: "The A's, (the all-sports flagship station carries them), have begun looking for another station after next year." Plus this: "when you can never get a '1-rating and you have a weak signal it's a problem."

*No, I'm not going to suddenly tame down the critique on this site just because I'm about to do a daily talk show. If you'll notice, naysayers, trolls, the guests have been A-rate, some of whom I've been more critical than others, (see: Dan Ashley and Ralph Barbieri). There's a reason why they do the show: Because, like it or not, I'm a damn good interviewer and my show has staying power and will only get better. That's not chest-bumping, just the facts. Deal with it.

*Speaking of the radio show, the first guest to lead us off on Monday is KGO-TV's Carolyn Johnson, straight up at 1 PM PT. If you can't listen live, podcasts will be up the next day.

*Dear KRON: A source close to veteran newsman, Tom Sinkovitz, tells me he would be willing to come back and work with Pam Moore and/or Catherine Heenan and Gary Radnich. And money probably wouldn't be an issue. Food for thought.

*Raj Mathai and Janelle Wang on KNTV, (NBC Bay Area): an acquired taste that is getting much better with time.

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  1. Do you seriously, in your heart of hearts, think you're a good interviewer? I would think that with age would come a capacity for honest self analysis.

    1. He won't let you read the critiques because he is a tool and a fool. Reality to Rich is a fantasy to him.

    2. Even though I've been a frequent critic of Rich's blog, I was surprised to discover HE IS a pretty good interviewer and has a good voice for radio too.

      I felt like Rich did a great job with Ralph who is very difficult to handle - for all the reasons we are all familiar with by now. Also I felt like Rich was sufficiently assertive without becoming excessively adversarial and was appropriately sensitive to Ralph's somewhat diminished mental/physical condition.

      So even though I'm sure I'll be criticizing Rich for one thing or another here, before too long, I'm rooting for him to do well with his new daytime show. Kind of like a David vs. Goliath thing.

  2. I think with time,THEGAMES importance will weigh in on you. At least they hire more then one people of color -even if only for weekends- and at least GM/PD Jason Barret has taken surveys,and even took live questions.
    Can you imagine Lee Hammer answering to the public? KNBR posting results about Fitz and Brooks?..those two are not getting ratings,they are there based on Warrior propaganda. Its the Warriors sweatheart deal with KNBR that keeps those two on the air.
    THEGAME does some good in existing.

  3. It's not enough for The Game to just "exist." Pretty sure they need ratings in order to make money. Not only are you not hearing local spots, you're hearing a LOT of PSA's. The national spots they do air are more than likely barter or network. Having to pay all their high-priced "talent" Entercom is losing a ton of money on KGMZ.

  4. A's looking for a new station. Again they have been on so many 560,860,910,960? 1310 including u c berkely as well should have bought 860 that one had a good am signal although the rest of the lineup if i recall was the horriable sports byline or boreline usa programming.

    Could you change the words we type in to prove were human the system you use now is heard to read the numbers in door part especially

  5. Memo to The Game: I pick up 860 driving through the backroads of Lincoln, CA "Que Buena Pelota... GOLASO GOLASSSOOOOO!"

  6. Never noticed Bunger "slipping a bit". The guy is sharp as a tack and consistent as hell. Seems to fly under the radar a lot but if you listen regularly, and also compare him to the competition, no one is even close.

  7. How insulting for a long time voice for KCBS to be told he's "Slipping" as a diss by an often innacurate blogger who is more wrong than right much of the time. Rich, don't burn all your bridges. If a blogger did this to you, I'm betting you'd be very angry. Bunger is far more experienced and ksayin'nown that you. So, when will the slipping Bunger be on your little radio show? yyGet some credibility yourself, first. Just sayin'.

  8. I can train an ape to be a good interviewer.