Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five Million Thank Yous from 415 Media

Sick as a dog, but not sick enough to say thank you for hitting the 5 Million page view mark.

So, thanks for making 415 Media the most widely-read media blog in the Bay Area.

THE NUMBERS: 1-30-13 3: 51 PM PT:

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday--2
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history, (Jan. 2007)
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  1. Rich, Serious congratulations on all of your success. I do hope you keep the news coming though. I appreciate you wanting to get your new venture up and running, but what keeps me coming back is wanting to know what is going on with the SF media scene.
    Stuff like how many Bay Area journos are in New Orleans, how the local stations are covering the anti-gay remarks by the 49er DB, etc.

    Thanks again for all you do. and Congrats.

  2. Congratulations Rich!! I hope you can return tomorrow to KOMY. I must admit you were missed. I've been tunning away from the Loyah and mr. monologue aka Gil Gross and RoDUH....

  3. 24,000 page views yesterday. People cant get enough of my Radnich posts. No wonder the company goons post here.
    Just think- I don't make up the stuff. He really said it!.

  4. You blow as a talk show host on a loser radio station. Get the blog back together like you really did today. Nice job. The radio show today? Not so hot. The blog? Smokin'.