Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Day of Nothing, But...

Today is an official mum day. A bum day too unless you like college football games and Rose Parades, (OK, Go Stanford, for the hell of it.)

Most of the restaurants are open but you get the feeling even they look glum still recovering from New Year's Eve. A good day to sip coffee, peruse the NY Times, (at least those 12 of you left that likes to read a printed edition), and meet your future ex-spouse.

I doubt the industry wags are engaged; even Wednesday seems like a lost day and the rest of the week is a ho-hummer. I'll try to be back later--checking on a few rumors and getting ready for the big announcement. What's that, you ask?

Stick around and you'll soon find out. And enjoy your mimosa.

Happy New Year.

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  1. I hear you big Rich. Thankfully the wretched holiday season is almost over. From thanksgiving through the first week of January I go into a deep depression. Can't stand the whole holiday madness. This week and its over finally!!!

    1. My depression starts on Halloween.

  2. Rich - wonder what you thought of KQED-TV canceling both their 3p + 6p broadcasts of the News Hour in favor of a day of re-runs back-to-back of their restaurant show check please ? Today of all days what with the goings on in DC they pull this ??? I just wrote to the KQED Prez requesting an explanation. Have you ever heard of KQED doing something like this ????