Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Loyah comes to Lieberman Live Saturday Night

This Saturday night from 8-9 PM on the radio show.

The Loyah gets cross-examined.

Give a listen. Good radio.

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  1. Ask him about anything and everything except trusts and living estates (boring!).

  2. Is there a point?
    Should I give up less than a month in?

    I mean, I WANT to listen! I really do, Rich.
    But hearing it live isn't always an option.
    Archiving the show as a podcast solves that problem.....

    ....except you still only have the first weekend's shows up!
    And I've asked a few times about the podcasts here without a response.


    Ball dropping?
    That "Zwerling Touch"?
    The Podcast Guy is partying at Ibiza??

    I don't know. All I know is you have at least one person here who wants to listen and yet you are pissing away all these great guests and any potential extra listeners.

  3. I really want to tune into your weekend show but I am having difficulty reaching it online. Is it only through podcast?

  4. Suggestion: Each week, when you give the final rundown on who is appearing on your show, on what day, and at what time, insert the link for the station's streaming audio into the beginning of that post. Please do it in some prominent way.

    Clearly, there are those who have not saved the streaming link to their browsers.

    Hearing Len Tillem interviewed as a radio personality should be a must-listen show segment. He's such a character!! You're doing a great job so far of recruiting guests for the show! And you're dealing with subject matter that most other talk shows only deal with fleetingly, if at all.

    1. Del: There's a link, ("Listen KOMY") at the top of the blog on the right that you can click on. It's always there.

    2. And the podcasts? It states it will be posted the day after the show.

      Say something! Anything! Is it being looked into? Am I just missing the archive? Is the station reversing policy on the podcasts? More coming soon? Something that was overlooked? You have to archive it yourself and there is a learning curve? You need help on this? Someone forgot to hit the record button?

      Sorry. It sounds like I'm wasting a lot of time and drama obsessing over this when really I shouldn't nor want to. It should be simple and easy for the listener and they shouldn't have to jump through hoops. Make it tough for people and they go elsewhere. The path of least resistance and all.

      I like what you do, Richie, and been following the blog for a few years and enjoyed the first weekend's shows with Rothmann and all but the blunt reality is I'm going to choose a date with my lady or hanging with my friends rather than passing on that and staying home glued to the live stream on the computer. More and more of society is on the go and having the program available on demand, much like television, is the way to go.

      I use to do some internet DJing and it was frustrating trying to get a live audience. Listeners wanted downloadable podcasts but we could not provide that as the shows contained music and that constituted downloading the music for free, which we could not do. Putting the shows on SoundCloud, a UK-based outfit that archived the show for listening but not downloading, was the solution. Hell, I stopped DJing three years ago but I'm still getting hits on the shows. Something to think about as it is easy to upload shows and perhaps this could be a solution to whatever problems are going on over there.

  5. I've already stopped listening because of getting snapped back at a few posts back from Rich, along the lines of "It's not a big deal" and "Chill out." There's plenty of other places to listen to on the dial.