Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rain Storm finally significant; KTVU sends in Bill Martin; Get out the sandbags; Sunday short


So after a few days of relatively tepid rain, a big bad storm hit the Bay Area on Saturday night into Sunday. We're talking big rainy weather with a lot of wind and potential flooding in the usual-suspect areas--like the Napa and Russian Rivers.

In the immediate Bay Area, significant rain is pelting the region. SF and Oakland are being deluged. How big an event? KTVU has sent in weeknight meteorologist Bill Martin. Man, that's big.

Team Coverage is aplenty. Finally, it makes sense.


  1. And not one comment by reporters to residents of Napa,Petaluma,Guernville of "How stupid are you to live in a well known flood plain/creek bank?
    How many decades do we have to subsidize their pretty views?
    One Napa resident even said-dredge the creeks so deep they cant flood!..ahhh,Nature lover when he bought in,now a pave it at all, selfish wine sipper.

  2. What else is Big Bill gonna do? He can't surf in this weather. Might as well come on in and take the spotlight away from the lovely Rosemary Orozco.

  3. Bill Martin was on Ronn's show recently and refused to take stand on whether global warming was real. He may be big, but he is not brave.

  4. No knock on the comely and competent Ms. Orozco, but as I sat alone, cowering from the storm this morning, KTVU's team coverage was all that kept me from freaking out, throwing off my clothes, and running outside to allow nature to have its savage way with me.

  5. They probably sent out Bill Martin, because Lloyd LaCuesta retired and they *had* to send someone out. Over the years I think Lloyd got wetter than any other KTVU reporter. ;-)

  6. Bill Martin is head and shoulders above anyone else reporting weather in this area. I don't care if he doesn't have an opinion on climate change. He reports on weather, not the climate. Big difference.

  7. I think by sending in Martin means they don't trust the other weather anchors we the weather story gets big, which I think is B.S. and weakens the credibility of the other folks. Martin repeated the words "Big Deal" over and over again. Instead of saying, its is a strong weather system or something mote professional, he used a 6th grade phase. BTW, Steve Paulson is the BEST TV Meteorologist in Northern California. Just my opinion.

    1. I agree with Mike. Rosemary and the other "second string" weather folks are perfectly competent. KTVU does have a pretty strong "bench." I think they brought in Bill as a bit of grandstanding. And I also agree that Steve stands head and shoulders above the rest.

  8. So KTVU sends in weather veteran Bill Martin, all the other channels have team coverage with their meteorologists...and KRON has Janu on? Painful to watch. She's almost getting worse. When will they get the memo that she is not on-air ready and never will be?

  9. Across the board. Jeff Ranieri on KNTV and Paul(Yawn)Deanno on KPIX as well as Martin. Weeekends are supposed to be where you groom your next stars...yet you take a couple shifts away from them to bring in the big dogs and can't trust your weekend talent for a few days of rain? SMH