Saturday, December 22, 2012

A SF Radio Pioneer: Dr. Don Rose -KFRC circa 1978


  1. Never listened to DDR that much, but realized that this was a professional through and through. It's hard to imagine how much work used to go into a show like his- now it's all digital and much easier. Everything I heard about DDR was that he was a genuinely nice man, even with all the physical issues he had. The business could sure use more people like him these days...

  2. Sad that he died when modern medicine and heart care has advanced enough his life could have gone on. Or,as we saw in Dick Cheney,use power and money to deny a heart to those who would have had decades to go in life and instead, use a young heart for old fart himself. In Don's time it was whats available for the youngest.

  3. 12:56 -- shame on you for your Cheney comment. Don't see you making the same comment re: Steve Jobs using his $ to prolong his life. Go polish your own turd & Happy Holidays...

    1. Steve Jobs wasn't 75 years old. Some 10-40 year old died because of Cheney.
      Merry Christmas!

  4. was rose one of the best at his craft? yes

    but come limitations?

    his bits had to be timed, he still had to play a certain number of records per hour, his play list was limited, he had to hit the marks when the weather, time, traffic were reported, as well as give out the call letters

    vent frustrations? he paid for a comedy service...the way all the morning guys did back then

    loved the guy when i was a preteen...not so much as i got older


  5. What a great trip down memory lane! Thanks Rich!

  6. I was 13 years old, living in Fremont, when this video was produced in 1978 by a student at San Jose State. What I do remember vividly at that time was November 1978. Dr. Don was on the air for 610 KFRC and was trying to deal with the Harvey Milk shootings and then a week later Jonestown. Dr. Don did his best to be "on" those two weeks. It was hard on everyone around the bay area but Dr. Don tried to keep the spirit of his morning show and yet he knew when to tone down his schtick during this time. I truly miss his show.