Thursday, November 8, 2012

Olbermann looking for SF GIG? Rumor Mill Thursday

Why was Keith Olbermann secretly meeting inside the offices of a certain local TV station the other day?

Because he needs a gig, I would assume. The question is, (maybe your question), why would A., any GM hire the notoriously difficult-to-work-for ex-Current TV, ex-MSNBC, ex-ESPN cable/network, (briefly, NBC Sports Sunday Night Football) gadfly?

Legitimate question.

Maybe Olbermann likes the Bay Area. Maybe he'd be willing to work for a bag of peanuts, (by his standards), although I'm sure he has a few shekels in the bank.

If the bigwig pulls this off, and there's no guarantee the duo were even talking about a gig, then I'd bet this would and could be a major splash. Risky too. I don't know, maybe Keitho was in town to catch a Warriors game, (I doubt that, really.)

Stay tuned.



  1. Keith is good.. a good liberal. But the walkaways are killing his impact. I haven't seen a thing he's done since his last MSNBC or the like gig.

  2. How do you know they were *secretly* meeting? Obviously, your tipster knew enough to pass it along, so it couldn't have been that much of a secret. (Or did he wander in on heated negotiations in a basement men's room?) This logic might stupefy you, but is it just possible ... that Keith knows this executive from one of his former gigs in New York, that they're friends, and it was a social call? And that your executive took the opportunity to introduce Keith to a few others at their station? Not everything has to be a conspiracy, Rich.

  3. Really? In SF for a "secret meeting" last week? While he was in NYC?

  4. Rich, weren't you the one a few weeks ago who said MSNBC was looking to move a bureau to SF?

  5. oops, I meant Chris Matthews. Not Olberman. Forgot he was canned.

  6. It wouldn't be dumb for Cumulus to hire Olbermann and put him on against Limbaugh nationwide in some of their markets.

    1. Yes it would be dumb. Olberman self destructs and feuds with management wherever he goes. No one in their right mind would hire this guy. It's guaranteed to go bad.