Thursday, November 22, 2012

Media People that are working on Thanksgiving

Often times I critique those of you in the business. It's become expected here and the readers, and mostly all of you, look forward to the beat.

Today, this day, Thanksgiving, we take a break.

And to those of you...the anchors, the writers, the producers, the assignment editors, the reporters, the interns, working today, on TV/Radio, have a great holiday. Be happy and healthy. We acknowledge your work on this day.


  1. Don't forget the DJ's! Believe it or not there are actually some of us live on the air today. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rich!

  2. And don't forget the print media, either. The reporters, assistant city editors, page designers, copy editors, paginators, photographers, graphic artists, web producers, production staff -- all of them must sacrifice family gatherings and instead are hard at work today producing tomorrow morning's news product.

  3. Did I hear Jennifer Lee on KQED FM traffic news this morning??

  4. When I worked at NBC Burbank before the GE takeover we had catered meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Afterwards, not so much.
    In the old days the networks were a great place to work. I worked for them all in LA.

  5. Didn't mind working on this Thanksgiving in the least. You get holiday pay and the 'suits' aren't around!