Friday, November 23, 2012

Media Folk on Social Media Behaving Badly; Black Friday Orgy

You knew it was bound to happen. And has it ever, many times, including this affair involving Rachel Maddow.

News Organizations, including the vast majority of TV, Radio, Print, etc, have openly suggested, even slightly demand that their personnel hype stories on Facebook and Twitter. It makes sense: Facebook, even in its late malaise, still is a powerful and popular social media entity. Twitter too, which has become the defacto player in pubbing stories and messages.

But inevitably, reporters with a massive amount of time on their hands, stray and post stupid comments. Racially insensitive, misogynistic babble that could likely get them in trouble because not everyone "gets it."

Welcome to the new world.

*The Black Friday orgy I was expecting didn't disappoint. The usual TV shots and radio gore was, frankly, over the top. Notice a trend here? Locally, KGO Radio, was hellbent on giving you Black and Blue Friday, devoting mass segments on shopper time.

And anchor, Lisa Campbell, filling in for Jennifer Jones-Lee, provided a momentary bit of utter hilarity. Interviewing an ABC Radio reporter in NY, she asked, incredulously, if, (I'm paraphrasing), "the fact there's 'no parking in NY City had an effect on sales?" Uh, apparently, Campbell has never heard of that thing called the subway.

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  1. Come on, Rich, be more careful. The incident you allude to with that blonde pumpkin in Cincinnati was not "an affair involving Rachel Maddow." Except for Rachel being the object of this woman's long-distance contempt, Rachel had nothing to do with it, and she was wise to not react to the provocation.

  2. Tricia Macke...John Boehner...what's going on in Ohio that everyone has these crappy artificial orange "tans?"

    Whether you agree or disagree with Maddow's views or journalistic style I have never seen anything that I would characterize as "angry," though her presentation is assertive in a way that wouldn't cause one to bat an eye if coming from a male presenter. I think Ms. Macke is engaging in that unconscious right-wing projection we hear so much about.

    TBogg has it right today on the Black Friday orgy:

    "It’s only a matter of time before an an enterprising local news director decides to run stories during sweeps week about impending food shortages and then sends his news team down to the local Food King to film the food riots."

  3. Maddow, a very good looking young man.

  4. She's right about Maddow being an angry young man.