Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lowell Cohn: Power Sports Writter/Blogger of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

I make it a point of reading Lowell Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

Cohn writes sports. He could just as easily write about international relations or politics, that's how pithy a fellow like Cohn is, (he has a PhD from Stanford). He's also a food and wine aficionado with blog posts at Cohn Zone every now and then delving in Cabernet prose. If you're a Cohn Zone regular like me, you look forward to it.

But mostly, Lowell is a sports writer and blogger. I remember his early writing at the Chronicle. He was close to Bill Walsh and used that pull to provide readers with the personal inner workings of the late 49ers coach ways and means. It was great reading.

Cohn was a frequent critic of the late Al Davis, but that was besides the point. I loved it when he'd write about Davis, the Raiders dysfunctional state, and Al's legendary press conferences. Brooklyn Al and Brooklyn Lowell, what a combo.

Cohn writes a lot about boxing too. I want to ask him some questions about that sport. I also want to ask Lowell about what he thinks of Jim Harbaugh. Tiger Woods. Bill Russell too. You too can ask Lowell about sports, food, life, maybe what he thinks is the best deli in NY.

Cohn will guest on "Lieberman Live" this Sunday night from 9-9: 30 PM on my radio show.

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  1. Lowell is one of the best sportswriters in the bay area, and I wish he and Glenn Dickey were still with the Chronicle.

    One of the things that makes him such a good writer is that he's genuinely interested in what makes the athletes and coaches 'tick,' and isn't afraid to ask questions that might put people off.

    You're right Rich, Lowell is more than just a sportswriter, but there are many like him out there who also do more than just write about sports.

    One of my favorites is Roger Angel, who has written some great books over the years about baseball and still writes for the New Yorker.

    Other favorite local sportswriters: Bruce Jenkins (I'll read any column he writes), Carl Steward, Mark Purdy, Ron Kriochick, Henry Schulman, Dave Albee (he wrote for the Marin IJ for over 20 years), and beat writers Vit Tafur (Raiders), and Rusty Simmons (Warriors).

    I also think Anne Killion does some great features and I like Gwen Knapp who shows a lot of thought and takes strong stands in her columns.

    Noticed I've stayed mostly with the Chronicle?
    That's because almost all of the other major bay area newspapers are owned by the Bay Area News Group which has 'downsized' its product and subsequently put a lot of good sportswriters out of business. Shame on them!

  2. Lowell Cohn is lucky to have a job.
    He's got all the bad qualities of Howard Cosell, irritating, self-important, and pretentious and lacks any of Cosell's good qualities, particularly intelligence.

  3. @ November 28, 2012 10:58 AM....Spot On, I totally agree with everything you have said. Lowell Cohn is a treasure in the Bay Area as a Sports Writer, that "some" folks just don't have the where with all to recognize. I think that Mr. Cohn is Awesome, as for Glenn Dickey, thats a horse of another color...imho

  4. That Stan guy on his blog? What a great guy. A pleasure to read every word. Makes my day.

  5. You have to recognize Tom Stienstra as an mazing sports writer as well!

  6. Wow, you really don't know him. In my opinion, Lowell is a horrible man. A brilliant writer, yes, but a horrible, vindictive, man.