Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dan Raviv on Saturday Night Radio Show; CBS News Washington Correspondent

I'm delighted to announce CBS News Radio's Washington correspondent, Dan Raviv, for the 9 PM hour on my radio show Saturday night.

Raviv also hosts the "CBS World News Round-Up" every weekend, (heard locally on KCBS).

He's also co-authored a new book on Israel called "Spies against Armageddon."

Should be riveting radio.

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  1. Y'know, I thought Dan Raviv was gonna die of heartbreak when GW Bush left office. Or when McCain didn't get elected. Or when Romney didn't get elected. For a "Washington Correspondent" who doesn't work for Fox, he's quite the shill for the republican side of things -- shockingly so on a network like ABC. Ask him about that for me!

  2. This will make for interesting radio!

  3. So, who's doing the interviewing? Raviv is out of Rich's leage on the subject at hand. Rothman would be a better interviewer. Don't embarass yourseld like last week. Raviv has better things to do.

    1. Cheap shot.

      You might be correct that "Raviv is out of Rich's league on the subject at hand." I would hope so. But you draw the wrong conclusion. Rich adds great depth to his program by interviewing some of the best in their respective fields and for asking terrific questions.

      Rich doesn't have to be a scholarly expert on international relations or a former network news reporter/anchor to interview Dan Raviv, John Rothmann or any of the other high-profile contacts he has tapped for appearances on LIEBERMAN LIVE.

      Rich deserves credit for a couple of things at least. First, his ability to attract such wide ranging, interesting and informative guests to his program and to ask questions of them that no other interviewers would come up with. Second, he knows how to conduct incisive, insightful, and at times hard-hitting interviews.

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