Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bay Area people have major interest in media biz; Sunday Quiz; Who do you like and dislike?

One of the things that amazes me the most about doing this is the fact that so many of you are supremely interested in the state of Bay Area media. Be it TV, radio, the Internet, naturally, many of you are active in the goings-on in the electronic communications world. And that's good because it is that that drove me to write this blog on a daily basis.

I have also learned that many of you have a list of very favorite people, people you like and people you clearly dislike. You have very specific processes and a vast model that guides your morning, your commute, your evening newscast and many of you follow this as a routine. I'm not breaking major ground explaining that but I've found a lot of you are more focused on this subject matter than I thought.

In that respect, the Bay Area, the nation's #4 media market, (#6 in TV), has developed a keen media awareness, from say, LA, or even NY where the following is just as intense, but people here are more passionate about their TV and radio performers. That's just my opinion, but I think it has significant merit.

Let's do a little poll here: Tell me your routine. Who do you like listening to, say, in the morning? Give me an idea of your viewing habits. Do you tend to watch cable more for news or is it the Internet and, Channel 5, for example, at 5 PM or The '10 O'clock News' on Channel 2? And which anchor do you like the most and why? Who do you hate too and why?

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  1. KTVU news in the morning and @ 5pm. Radnich & Krueger from 9am to 9:30am (that's all I can take). Damon Bruce in the afternoon as I run errands. Otherwise, The Green Sheet for sports news and the internet for the rest of the news.

  2. I listen to radio mostly and I think,as we come up to the one year anniversary of Black Thursday, that as horrible as it was, it created new interest in the state of our local media, the ugliness of corporate ownership, and our roll as consumers.
    It also gave us a chance to reflect on what we had before. It made us nostalgic for the days when local TV newscasts and newscasters were an important part of our lives. When radio was fresh, local, and seemingly more diverse.
    All the changes we've seen the last year and many years before has awakened our desire for what we've lost. And I think your blog, Rich, has been a great place to vent, reminisce, and hopefully somehow express thoughts for a better future for our local airwaves.

  3. Rich, I wake up to ABC7 mornings. I do bounce around switching to 2,5, never kron. I watch again ABC7 at night, I just like Dan Ashley a lot! I really think he could do the network gig. I read RL415 way way tooooo much! :) I listen during my commute to KRTY, or if the giants are playing KNBR. Im in bed with David letterman. Oh I bet he wishes. :)

  4. KGO from 5:00 am to around 6:30 am - not so much for the news, but for their schedule. Traffic on the 5s, sports around 20 after and 10 till the hour - keeps me on time. Best part of the KGO morning "news" is Lynn Jimenez, too bad they won't give her more time at short attention span theater.

    On the way to work, KNBR or NPR. On the way home from work, switch between KNBR (I like Tolbert and Ratto) and 910 for Gil Gross - depends what the topic is on either.

    Weekends now that baseball is over I like 910 for Dining Around though Joel is no Gene Burns and then over to the new KFOX or back to NPR if I'm driving around.

  5. We are Carolyn Johnson/Dan Ashley fans. Calm, right spot on with the news. No blood on the sand, film at 11 breathlessnes. That is very refreshing.

  6. First is ch7 news weather at 6am. Then rise guys for the commute,and the oldies station with blooper calls...most unfunny,but one every now and then...then Raddy around 9..but when they do that 10 minutes of talk-10 minutes of commercials..and come back for 2 minutes of talk and BACK to commercial?..end of my Raddy day. Lund and Papa at 12...evening TV news?..ch7 first,then 5 and then KRON..those cartoon people known as the KRON 4 news team are fun in a car crash way.
    Comcast sports at 5 also..but if it ain't Lowell,Tim, or gets dull-fast. In no way is it what it once was. I can skip it most days no problem. Why sit through an hour infomercial for local teams?

  7. Retired for a little over a year, I have no work schedule to follow. I wake up/get up, when it begins to get light. So, now, I'm up a little after 6 AM.

    (upon arising) -- I start with KGO-TV news, and stay with "Good Morning America," as long as they are covering news, but leave when any one of three things occurs:

    --There is any mention of Dancing With the Stars
    --The Blonde comes on (the beginning of celebrity gossip, and coverage of kinky murder trials
    --Nancy Grace makes an appearance.

    This, usually, takes about 20 minutes, at which point I turn to KTVU's "Mornings on 2," and continue with news.

    (9 AM, to 5 PM, taking errands into consideration, and barring SERIOUS "breaking news") -- Ronn Owens at home, or in the car. TV/Radio off, until 5 PM.

    (5 PM to 6:30, or as long as I can stand it) -- KGO-TV/ABC news. Note: There's no particular passion, here. It's a matter of habit.

    After that, I'm online, periodically checking news sites. If a major local story breaks, I'll check KTVU at 10 (missing Dennis Richmond), and follow suit through 11 PM news casts. Otherwise, I don't watch much late night news.

    I used to have the bedroom radio tuned to KGO. But, now I'm tuned to KCBS. It's not for "listening pleasure," but for "OMG!!! EARTHQUAKE !!" (Just in case) LOL.

  8. Likes: AM TV: Malicoat (5) for a bit- still missing Kessler/Kohara...
    Radio AM drive: Sarah & Vinnie (missing producer Icky).. then try Ronn
    Evening TV: Ashley/Johnson 11pm: King/Bastista
    Weekend: Macovec/matier; Ken Wayne
    Dining around

    Dislikes: RYAN SCOTT, Dave Clark, KGO

  9. I enjoy news and news talk. KGO was my station until they fired everyone that I liked. For local TV news it is KTVU. For world news it is KNTV NBC Nightly News. I also enjoy CABLE NEWS (1) MSNBC and I bounce between CNN and Fox when I know that Juan Williams is on. I record and watch the Sunday talk shows. FOX News has the best panel when Bill Kristol and Juan Williams take part. Meet The Press is second. Find out why we in the bay area only get to see half of Face the Nation.

    KTVU Saturday and Sunday mornings are tops.
    Morning radio is now KQED also Saturday mornings.

  10. Channel 2 in the morning...Never KRON cause I can't stand the Loudmouth Folsom.

  11. I don't watch local TV news. I get my news from the SJ Mercury News, SF Chronicle, KCBS (I like Phil Matier), Google News (gives me a choice of sources), and Fox News Channel (esp. like Brett Baier and Charles Krauthammer who are well-reasoned and not at all extreme). Fox News Watch should be checked out for its critique of the news media. If I want to see local TV news, I'll turn on KTVU, but rarely--not since they let Mark Curtis go.

    For sports, I read Comcast SportsNet-Bay Area, watch Chronicle Live, and listen to KNBR podcasts (I prefer not to endure the endless Geico and Kars for Kids commercials--ugh). Ratto is knowledgeable and great entertainment although his predictions are usually wrong (he typically makes the safe choice, which is to be pessimistic). Thankfully, the SF Giants are World Champs!!!

  12. TV: Channel 7 news morning and evening (no longer channel 5 in the morning as I used to)
    Channel 2 at 10
    Radio: KLIV in the morning KCBS during the day for traffic (and news) otherwise KCSM or KKHI(WHOOPS I mean KDFC!

  13. Mornings: KTVU from when I get up about 6:30am to they end at 9am. From 9am to 4pm, I keep an eye on my facebook newsfeed for any breaking news. Then, Gil Gross from 4pm to 7pm and either KNTV or KPIX at 11pm.

  14. Sarah & Vinnie (KLLC) in the morning. Afternoon drive 910, KCBS, KLLC. Evening news, KPIX - occasionally KGO.

  15. Amy Goodman at 6 am on KPFA and then if the topic is of interest (about 1/3 are) the KPFA 7 am show, where the host is smart, well prepared, and very professional. Gave up on Ronn Owens over his Iraq war-fever. Will search out Ed Schultz on internet stream now that AM960 is so dull, and will if I remember listen to Len Tillem (sp?) for its voyeuristic appeal from 3-4. That flows into Gil Gross, whose topics are of interest but who just never presents a very serious or thoughtful demeanor. Evenings are empty until Coast to Coast comes on; used to be on KSFO but I now have to stream Santa Rosa KSRO. KGO of 10 years ago was as good as local radio gets, but that's all gone now, and I'd say I NEVER listen; if I went traffic or weather it's KCBS, reliably. Absolutely cannot stand Brian Sussman, always wrong and never in doubt. Wattenberg is a mean-spirited jerk a lot of the time, and I hate it when people fawn over his supposed great brain. Don't hate me, but I still wish Bernie Ward was on the air. Huge personal failure, but he was good radio most nights, except when he was talking about food.

  16. LIKES: KTVU 10 o'clock news. Solid pros who know their business. A sleeper is the ABC-7 News at nine p.m. on KOFY. KCBS as well. They do repeat stories every hour, but I think they consider that not everyone has them on for maybe more than an hour straight.

    DISLIKES: ANYTHING on KNBR. Shrills for the Giants and be damned if you say anything negative about their other properties. The same applies for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. I'll watch TV at 2 a.m. for infomercials. I'd rather watch Montel Williams sell his soul for his juicer -- at least that's of value compared to watching the grumpy blob (ratto) as he shows the world he's insecure with his rapier wit.

  17. Weekday mornings: Start with KTVU from about 5:30am to 7am. Will switch to KRON because their traffic guy is the most thorough, he actually covers Marin with some depth, they have the most traffic cams and offer alternate routes. Mark Dannon and James Fletcher are fine, however I reach for the remote as soon as Daria Folsom opens her mouth.

    Weekday evenings: KTVU and KPIX, the best in the biz.

    Weekend mornings: KTVU...again, the best at that time. KRON...that weather girl looks like she just came from the bars/clubs 5 minutes before going on air. She's AWFUL....!!!!! It makes the whole newscast unwatchable because you fear when her segment is going to come on. I'd take Charley and Humphrey more seriously than that girl! And waaaaay too many commercials "disguised" as segments. At least they did jettison Henry.

    Weekend evenings: KTVU and KPIX. Sorry guys just look a little too robotic, too "perfect"...not a hair out of place. KCRA...are you San Jose or San Francisco? Make up your mind!

    As for terrestial radio....I gave up on it years ago. Too many commercials and not enough substance.

  18. That DJ Katie on KOFY's Dance Party. I want to take a spin on those turntables.

  19. Radio (in the car): 95.7 The Game. No rah-rah Giants propaganda. The rise guys are good.

    TV (local news):

    ABC7: Best talent and news gathering in the market. The breaking news is a little much but it seems like they've toned it down. Plus, their female talent is easy on the eyes, with brains to boot.

    KPIX: What happened?

    KTVU: their shows are packed with 30 second stories that don't tell you anything. And you want me to "trust" you? Riiiiiight

    KNTV: Who?

    KRON: When the talent has just as much air between their ears as they do on their chests...transparent.

  20. Don't listen to much morning radio, but in my laundry room I listen to Celeste Perry and Oldies 103.7. Celeste is a class act and has a quirky (also mine) sense of humor...Love love love her...
    in the car, out and about, KCBS mainly for traffic, I hate it when I'm in the car any longer than 45 minutes, the same stories repeat.
    During the day at home, I'll mainly listen to my ipod, or Pandora for new country music (since we have NONE in the Bay Area!)

    1. Actually, they repeat but hourly usually and it is staggered somewhat, most all news stations take that approach, it is based on average listener habits, not "super cumers" or the high TSL types. And you are not an average listener, you are a pro.

      As a radio pro, you should understand that most folks listen for 15-30 minutes a that is what KCBS is geared for, hence why cume is high, and TSL is decent, and has benchmarks "traffic and weather together every 10 minutes"...meeting and delivering upon expectations to a fault. KOIT or other music or background stations are different and designed for TSL... and if I may say, the 90's was the worst decade for AC music, why KOIT and other alleged "Brite" AC's continue to play that library from that decade is beyond me. I know playing the 70's sounds too "oldies" based and the 80's has some way out adult stuff, but better to be deep in those decades, and play the more recent material, then to play most any 90's AC material.

  21. We wake up to CJRT in Toronto (via internet) and turn on KTVU at 5:15, to catch Steve Paulson - best weathercaster ever! We used to stay with KTVU in the AM, but "doofus" Dave Clark is very annoying, and makes the morning newscast unwatchable. So we spend the rest of the morning with Alisa Clancy at KCSM.

    In the car it's usually tapes or CD's and occasionally "Funny 95.5" up here in Santa Rosa.

    Weekday evenings we listen to WWOZ from New Orleans, except Friday evenings, when we listen to KRCB (local Sonoma County public radio).

    Occasional KTVU news at 6, but we usually wait for the 9 o'clock news on KOFY and occasionally stay up late enough to catch Bill Martin's weather at 10:45.

    Weekend mornings, we catch KGO-TV. Lisa Argen is professional and usually accurate. (Yes, we're weather junkies.)

    Saturday mornings it's the Rockabilly Roadhouse on KRSH, then in the afternoon it's a Whole 'Nuther Thing on KSBR (Mission Viejo). Sundays we start with Radio Deluxe on CJRT and listen to CJRT all day. We use a Logitech Squeezebox to listen to internet radio through our stereo.

    In summary: With the sad state of commercial Bay Area radio, and the easy access to internet radio, we are spending more time listening to public radio from the Bay Area(KRCB, KCSM) and public radio from other areas (CJRT, WWOZ, KSBR) It is sad to remember the glory days of KFOG, KVRE and other innovative stations from the past, and see what the consolidators (Cumulus, Clear Channel, etc.) have done to local radio.

  22. KGO-TV at 11pm
    Nothing in the mornings.
    Cable news in the daytime, if ever.
    KRON= never, ever, ever!!!!
    CHS5= new, annoying talent. Do not understand the obsession with Ann Notarangalo.
    KTVU= everyone's constipated
    KGO radio= bunch of lefties
    KCBS= yes for traffic, news people starting to bug me, I have never been able to stand Rebecca Corrall's voice.

  23. Great question...
    Radio: No longer KGO, which is sad since I've listened to that station for 30+ yrs until 12/2011. Now I listen to KQED and KCBS. Although at 9am I do check in on Ronn Owens but will immediately turn off if the guest host is Tim Montemayor...Can't stand him or Karel. I love Christine Craft, Pat Thurston and Jim Gabbert.

    12:00noon - 3pm KQED for Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air and the World News and 9pm for BBC Radio.
    3:00pm - 6p Here in Santa Rosa KSRO for the The Drive with Steve Jaxon and/or the KRSH for Bill Bowker. If I'm in the city or at my desk it's KCBS, KDFC (formerly KKHI) and KRCB. Since I can't stand pre-programed corporate crap I'll stream KCSM and WWOZ. But now I'll check out CJRT...great tip MarkNick 11:16am Thanks!

    TV: World News KQED TV. Local KGO/TV for Carolyn Johnson or KPIX for Ken Bastita and KTVU on the weekends.

  24. Bay Area media? No thanks.
    For my news and commentary I'll take
    Laura Ingram
    The Drudge Report
    The Daily Caller
    Tammy Bruce
    Sean Hannity
    and to many others to count.

  25. In the mornings, i watch KRON. They have the best traffic coverage, and they're actually local and not national when I wake up and go to work.

    At night, KGO-TV for me. Switch back and forth with CBS 5, but only for Dana and Ken.

  26. 7:00 AM -- Turn on the news on KTVU, pause the Tivo, make coffee, wash my face and wonder what Paulie Walnuts is doing in the mirror.
    7:20 AM -- Hit play, checkout how Tori's looking (that girl cannot hide a harried morning), then alternately curse at and fast forward through the coverage of the previous night's carnage in Oakland, the boring fire and accident film footage, the meaningless blather from Washington, DC; sit back and enjoy Paulson's weather report, and finish off by trying to spot Sal Castenada's daily fashion faux pas.
    7:36 AM --Turn on 680 and catch the interview with Kruk (MWF) or Kuip (TTh).
    7:50 AM -- Spend the next hour on the internet reading newspapers, fact-checking the day's propaganda, and dreaming of rounding up all media moguls (plus Maury Povich) for a few rounds of waterboarding and a few decades of rock breaking.
    9:00 AM -- Pick up a few minutes of sports talk in the car, remember that I'm pissed at the NHL, hate the NBA, and hardly care about the NFL. Turn my attention to podcasts, flipping off other drivers, and wondering if anger really leads to health problems.
    2:00 PM -- Look at the radio dial, remember the good old days of Pete Wilson, and wonder why everything just keeps getting worse.
    5:00 PM -- Catch a few frightening crime stories on KTVU, contemplate ordering another 50 pounds of ammunition, shout a few profanities at Tom Grunick, oops, I mean Frank Somerville, hit pause on Sweet Gascia Purebred's smile (I'd love to be her Underdog), check to see which Seinfeld episode is airing later; return to news in time to catch the latest feel-good story about Oakland residents vowing to take back the streets, move to the edge of my seat in anticipation of the police chief's comment, resign myself to not understanding it, then ready myself for race-baiting attorney John Burris's nightly anti-police segment (I wonder if KTVU gets a cut when he raids the Oakland treasury?).
    6:00 PM -- Quick look at KNTV's offerings (will Jessica be sporting the sexy teen look or will it be the twenty-something party girl?).
    10:00 PM -- Tivo records the news on KTVU, but I usually just erase it to spare my brain.

  27. Most mornings I'm out the door early and listen to Imus on 650 - I've followed him since his days on KJOY in Stockton and still enjoy his program and sidekicks. Later I will usually sign on my computer and go online and listen to old airchecks of Harry Harrison on WCBS-FM and Jay Sorenson on WNBC-AM. I also have a lot of audio stored of Dr. Don Rose and a few times I've played unscoped airchecks of his from 6am to 9am. All the timechecks are right on, the news etc is 40 years old, but I don't care - it's the entertainment value I'm after and modern radio - esp. in the bay area just totally sucks. Back in the 60's and 70's we had so much on-air talent - all over the dials - it was an embarrassment of riches. Today it's mostly all garbage and not worth listening to.

  28. "Who do you hate too and why?"

    Tacky. Just tacky.

  29. I often work evenings to early morning. I used to listen to KGO, but their midnight fare is clueless. First it was red eye radio with two morons, then it's bloomberg financial (yawn) news spoken in european accents. Sometimes I listen to KCBS, sometimes KNBR, sometimes a CD. I'd love to listen to KKSF with all my radio heroes but living in the south bay the signal is crap so I don't. I'm a nomad without a radio home at the moment. When I do listen to radio, it's often via my smartphone from St.Paul or Seattle.

  30. First,I look for how much cleavage Darya and the early morning weather girl is showing...then check ch3 to see the same AND a high riding skirt on Christina..a little later check out ch5's hippy dippy heart of gold young anchor who sits next to Frank...she's a real throwback to Lee whats her name of the old Smothers Brothers show-Far out! but-she's a real notice how long it takes for the luscious lips of hers to unwind?..sloooow and sexy.
    There is always a plethora of bra outlines and camel toes to admire.The occasional nipple outline too. Woman in their prime breeder years. No wonder old dudes spend a fortune on certain GM's.
    Heels..ahh,the evil of news is the waste up shot. So many legs,so many calves,so many high heels not shown. Sigh.
    One last..Jessica wore a deep V blouse on election night-she looked hotter then ever-..or was it erection night?..hee.

    1. @anon 11:30... how old are you? 12? "Nipple outline" ??? *face palm*

  31. In the morning, I tend to go back and forth between KQED's "Morning Edition" and the Stephanie Miller Show on either Current TV or XM Left.

    Before he retired, I would switch over to KGO at the appointed time if I needed Stan Burford's traffic report. But now Joe Vincent...I mean McConnell!!!...gets me over the Bay Bridge and down the Nimitz each day. ;-)


  32. knew am
    ronn owens

  33. Mornings: SF Gate
    Middays: Google News while at work
    Evenings: Huffington Post
    Overnights: Sleep

    Radio just doesn't figure into my conscious life any more. If I'm in the car, I may have KCBS on just to hear humans talking, but I'm not truly engaged. I say KCBS but they could have changed their call letters since I last paid attention. I do know that they have canned Scott Pelley bits on in the mid-afternoon which I find laughable.

    Television? NBC Nightly News, then Jessica Aguirre and Massaj Mathai until they insult my intelligence (thus about 90 seconds). Jeopardy, Daily Show and Colbert Report round out the day.

  34. Damon Bruce is very good but I can't stand the commercials and the callers so I listen more to Lund and Papa. Papa knows more sports than anyone on air. Giants in season. And that's it. The banality and commercials have led me to the internet for news.