Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick Plug: BARHOF Luncheon this Saturday

BARHOF Induction Luncheon
Saturday, October 6, 2012
DoubleTree Hotel Berkeley Marina
11 am no host reception
12 noon lunch
1pm Induction ceremony

Tickets: www.broadcastlegends.com


  1. OH,your kidding me. A group that sounds like barf..inviting for a luncheon?..lol.

    1. oh "your" hilarious.

    2. oh what a mean streak you have. If that gets you upset..PM me...

  2. Congrats to Stan Burford. One of the last class acts to leave KGOne.

  3. Always good to see that top notch radio vets have been appreciated over the years by the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame getting a mention.

    Ben Fong-Torres
    wrote a nice piece about this year's induction class in this past week's pink section of the 'Caenicle.' (in tribute to Herb Caen!)

    Thanks for giving the event a mention Rich.

  4. I stopped attending these when more HOF awards started being given out to people still working in the market....that is just wrong. Hall of Fame is for after career. This group has become very self congratulatory with too much focus on length of time instead of talent.

  5. Agreed. This becomes somewhat of a popularity contest, and how can you really be objective about someone in a performance field where opinions vary so greatly?

  6. That can be said of any "Hall of Fame" you look at. Let's continue to honor those who've served the airwaves well through the years and not grouse about their small moments in the sun. They come very few and far between in the current broadcast climate. Congrats to all!

  7. Amen to that. You think the likes of no talent hacks such as Pauli Mack, 'P-con' 'the witch' from NYC (Maureen Langden), Tim Montemayer, 'No-Name,' and Brandon Tierney will ever be considered for the Ba Area radio hall of fame someday? None of them will be around long enough to even qualify because eventually one of their bosses will wise up and fire their sorry as......s!