Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick hit: Could Walker be in the mix at Cumulus SF?; Barbieri note

Dwight Walker used to run KNBR in the pre-Cumulus days. He's now VP/Market Manager of Entercom SF and runs 95.7 FM, (The Game).

I'm hearing through the grapevine that Walker is making a push to come back to Cumulus and head up its cluster, that of course, being KNBR, KFOG, KGO, The Bone, etc.

Wait. Didn't they just fire Bungey, (Bill Bungeroth) and hire egg-white-tough Gary Pizatti? Yeah, and now comes word that Pizatti is a temp guy until a new Bungey is hired.

If all of this is confusing, and it is, sorry, but there's a gazillion rumors circulating in the Hawthorne cluster. I'm sure the lunch room is just a hoot.

This much is certain. Something or someone, maybe both, is about to go down.

I'm on it.


I don't have a dog in the Barbieri/Cumulus fight. I merely was reporting on the case, (or lack thereof) of the ramifications involving his suit with the company and whether Bungey's ouster absolved him of being deposed. It's a legitimate question.

There are people that wanted to know just that information. The fact I brought it up has nothing to do with my opinion of Ralph's status, his demise, and/or whether he has a case. Like it or not, the guy was here on radio for 25 years and therefore, yes, anything pertinent to his affairs, however trivial or noteful will get noted on this site.


  1. Ralph stayed on air for 25 years because nobody had the balls to tell him the truth. Kudoos to cumulus for sticking it up to him. His smart ass way of degrading everyone he hated showed on radio every time.

    Ralph, they didn't fire you because of your medical condition. They fired you because you are the biggest hipocrite and scumball. You got your own medicine, life is great, isn't it? NEXT!!!

  2. Rich. Sorry off topic. I'm watching kpix noon newscast, Roberta is in Oakland for the A's game, I have a crush on her! She's really pretty. And I'm straight. Well unless I'm drinking......xo Pam

  3. Rich, I have to respectfully question the accuracy of your statement that you "don't have a dog in the Barbieri/Cumulus fight."

    You won't deny your well establish Cumulus animus and it is my opinion as a regular reader here that you have portrayed Ralph as a poor little victim of "evil" Cumulus throughout your coverage of his termination.

    Along the same lines you have delighted at the prospect that Barbieri could prevail over Cumulus in litigation or some other fashion score a victory over that corporate devil. And all the while, you lost sight of how insufferable Barbieri was at the end and what a relief it was to be rid of him.

    I'm not defending Cumulus in general, but in this case they did the right thing. Because Ralph's enemies are your enemies, you do have a dog in this fight and he has an annoying, scratchy bark.

  4. Ahhhhh.Why didnt you ever say that? NO wonder thegame is KNBR alternative,KNBR parallel universe in sound and look. Retread good old boys.Including big boss man Walker.

  5. According to a very reputable insider...the new GM is currently being selected from a short list and Walker isn't on the list at this point. The odds on favorite to get the nod is a veteran broadcaster out of Nashville who left the business several months ago. Another candidate in the mix is female, which would be an interesting adjustment for Cumulus to make. Stay tuned. Interviews and conversations happening as we speak.

    1. Dwight is one of the few "good guys". This would be a huge plus for that beleaguered building. He knows the talent and people want to work for him. They would do themselves a huge favor by keeping it local too. I hope there are some teeth to Rich's post.

  6. I can assure you that Dwight Walker is NOT interested, today, tomorrow or any time in the next century of EVER working for Cumulus again!!

  7. Ralph Barbieri worked his way to the firing. No lawsuit is going to change this. This firing was well deserved.
    Ralph if the shoe fits, wear it baby.

    By the way, how is your endorsement of Amici's pizza coming along?
    Why don't you share with us the annual income you received from your good frieds at Amici's?
    The free enterprise system works.

  8. Tow things: 1.) Pizza boy is only a temporary fix to "whip the forces back into shape." (Believe me, I know this for a fact.)

    2.) Dwight Walker may be "one of the good guys," but he doesn't particularly understand what makes good on-air talent. He's a marketing guy with a sales background. Those guys would rather hire people who laugh at their jokes and know how to 'schmooze' than hire qualified talent.

    1. "Those guys would rather hire people who laugh at their jokes and know how to 'schmooze' than hire qualified talent."

      That explains the hiring of John Lund and Brandon Tierney. Both may know how to 'schmooze', but neither could ever be described as "talent".

  9. Does that mean on air talent of KNBR will be leaving. Hope he ditches that arnie show thats terriable putting it midly Dan Partick was much better. KNBR could save $$ get rid of Brooks,Byrnes,and yes lady Kate Scott who adds nothing to the show always interuppting the other two with some worthless comment

    1. That would actually improve said shows.Glad Nick and arnie will be gone soon January as another train wreck of a show no doubt Scott Ferral CBS sports radio will be on 7-10pm m-f. hope jt is the next to go as well.Same old schtick he airs everyday.