Friday, October 19, 2012

My Ted Robinson Interview in Radio Ink Magazine

Radio Ink Magazine

A few questions for Ted Robinson, 49ers PBP broadcaster.

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  1. I'm tired of pointing out the man has no vocal power. "Screeech" is not power.
    But then again Dave Benz was hired to do PBP also.
    Not what you know but who you know..

    1. Agree 100% with you,this is a weak sports market which allows kruk & kuip,bob fitzgerald and greg papa survive here where no other market would put up with their homerism,amateurism and blown pbp.

  2. Nice guy, class act, at the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in Berkeley recently.

  3. Great announcer and seems like a very genuine, likeable guy, but "no one can ever doubt Alex Smith again!" It's okay Ted, we all have our moments - you're still great.

  4. You bring us another side we may not see, thanks Rich.

  5. I have always liked Ted and it is obvious he puts a lot of work into his preparation and broadcasts. He may not have the greatest voice but he does an excellent job of PBP, whatever the sport.

  6. Ted Robinson should be given his own talk show again. He had one on kcbs awile back.His knowlegde is far superior than everybody on KNBR combined and treats both the callers and guests with respect without any of the cheap sound effects and juvenile humour heard so often on bay area sports talk,but proably busy with other assignments to try it again.

    Proably the most verstile sports announcer today doing basketball,tennis,football,olympics

  7. As a tennis fanatic I can tell you Ted does his homework. He is always prepared and his exchanges on the booth with former tennis greats and experts shows a tremendous depth of knowledge. His call during the epic Nadal vs Federer match was excellent. Honestly, I prefer listening to him on tennis rather than football but his versatility is unquestionable. He is probably the hardest working PBP since Barry Tompkins!

  8. I like Ted Robinson's voice and especially the fact that he pronounces "49'ers" like a grownup. He is a national network quality talent.