Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Quick Start Darts

KNBR/KGO tonsil, Kate Scott is recovering from a pretty serious bike accident last week.

Scott, who does traffic on Knibber and co-hosts the pre and post-game CAL football broadcasts on KGO was riding her bike in rush-hour traffic when a car ran a red light going about 40 mph and broadsided her. Fortunately, Scott was wearing a helmet and although woozy and suffering concussion-like injuries, is expected to make a complete recovery. She'll be out at least this week and possibly next week too. We wish her well.

*KRON'S Da Lin is moving to KPIX.

*To set the record straight: Just because one can find major fault with one's on-air persona doesn't mean critic is giddy over a personal being involved in a serious bike accident. Get real.

*Yes, KCBS is remarkably remarkable when it doesn't delve into wanton giggles and endless chuckles. It's called the art of reading the room. Plain-spoken conversation and straight-up interviews are a delight to hear. If the content is good, you don't need any artificial enhancements. In other words, KCBS is consistent. Madden tosses with Bunger and Bitker, Matier banter with Willie Brown and the chuckle with Sandalow over a Mit muff or Barack blunder is just fine with me.

*As opposed to the train-derailment to the right of the dial from 740 AM.

*A major on-air personality has been away from the microphone for over a week and I'm going to find out why.

*Props to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area post-game Giants coverage, particularly analysts, Bill Laskey and Vida Blue. Candid, funny, and astute observations from an unlikely duo.

*So much for that Bay Area World Series.

*Something good about Cumulus: More sports, less Karel. Advantage, listeners.

*Ah, don't you just love it when a certain morning show has a collective man crush for over three hours with a certain pitcher who's probably headed elsewhere soon. Gawd, talk about the blind leading the blind.

*What's going on with Caroline Tyler at KGO-TV? There's a vibe there that requires some deep thought.

*Dan Rosenheim at PIX: survived the month.


  1. Sorry to hear of the Kate Scott accident. Way too many cyclists do not survive such crashes, I am glad she was wearing a helmet. I hope she recovers soon and the jerk who hit her is cited.
    Ditto on the Karel note. You can tell how angry he is when he is preempted by football. Yesterday he said with an annoyed tone: ”next Saturday I will not be on due to sports”.
    Btw the nightmare of the NY comedic witch continues....

    1. Karel sounded more than annoyed by another week of being pre-empted. He will be several more times this month and maybe next. Times are TBA by the NCAA depending on TV game scheduling.

      Here -- you'll enjoy this:

      This is what a piss-poor radio hack writes about himself. See? He must talk about himself. Karel is a sick 50 year old baby Honey Boo-Boo Chile. He sounds like he's on speed. Weep out of hilarity and hope for better results for the 7-10pm daypart on KGO weekends.

      Maybe Karel has fungal meningitis. If the new guy was listening Sunday, I don't know how Karel could survive being at KGO. Honest.

      Honey Boo Boo Chile Karel said aloud on air Sunday night, "Oh, the new boss may be listening tonight ... whatever." I'm hoping Gary Pizatti is on the horn back to Atlanta saying to Lew and John Dickey, "From what ditch did you get this moron and why didn't you fire his happy ass? And would you like me to do it for you? Like, now?"

      This from the guy who said on air on the gas crisis in California on Sunday, in blaming Republicans for the rise in gasoline prices, "...and the Republicans just want to stick pipes up the arses of all 50 states."

      Then, mention something that related to his gay lifestyle, like always.

      He admitted, again, that the "Vulcan" motorcycle that he rides with his new boy-toy is not his ... it's a "review model."

      Hey, Gary ... the industry says you fire a load of Cumulus people. Fire THIS load if you have the cajones.

      Read below and see it from Karel's own pie-hole .... and thank the Supreme Being for the Cal Bears who wiped the Saturday KGOne slate clear again by dismissing this fool off the air for the night. More of those coming.

      10/06/12 8:51 am

      Over the Brink I live always on the verge of great success and the brink of utter disaster. It's how most people in my industry live; in chaos. My friend Daniel Charleston says we love the chaos, he and I (he lives a chaotic life by most accounts); that that IS our balance, we would be off balance any other way. It's like fish from the Pacific Northwest. They live in very turbulent, wave-driven water near the shore. At the Aquarium of the Pacific, they have a tank that simulates this. When they have to clean the tank and turn off the wave machine, the fish are disoriented, they don't know what to do. They swim sideways, float act all crazy because the constant wave motion and current is not there. In other words, the things that make most off balance help them keep theirs. That's me. What would throw most people under a bus forever, emotionally crippling them, is what I seem to thrive upon. But it's rough. This month, and last, my biggest advertiser ....

      OK, that's enough. Next?

      OK, So You wanna Get pesonal?

      10/04/12 8:28 am

      "You never write personal stuff in your blog any more..." an emailer commented recently. it's true, the long missives about the very intimate details of my life have been missing of late. Why? Many reasons. Time, mostly. But also, I found by telling people THAT much not only did some use it against me, use my words to hurt me or in some way demean me, but also many stopped actually respecting me because of it. Because they saw behind the facade, behind the public face, suddenly, I was less than to them. The truth is my personal life has been so crazy and emotionally turbulent maybe I haven't wanted to put that in print anywhere. For instance, as i sit here right now, I am a mass of emotion. it's only 8:08 am and already huge thoughts are in my head. Maybe it's that I turn 50 in a month. Maybe it's the experience with a marvelous man now gone from this past weekend. Maybe it's fear.

      It just keeps getting worser and worser with this tripe. What a waste of 50kw on Eighty Eighty Eight Ten.

      There is plenty in the Cumulus syndication closet to put on cheaper than Karel. Same with Mo' the Less Than Funny Comedy Clown (LTFCC) from New Yawk.

  2. Rich, I did something this morning I haven't done in a long time. I read the San Jose Mercury News, boy I've missed the feel and smell of print media!

  3. Matress Man is out with a bad back. Montemanure is filling in: EIGHTY EIGHTY EIGHT TEN!!!

    1. Out of curiosity I just tuned in to Monteminor's show. He is doing an exact copy of his weekend show. WOULD YOU PAY FOR FACEBOOK!?!!?? EIGHTY EIGHTY EIGHT TEN!!!!

    2. Plus Monte has to SHOUT into the microphone.

      Monte please do us all a favor, leave.

  4. Kate Scott will survive, she's the hottest looking Tom boy in the Bay Area.

  5. Speaking of missing from the airwaves - where's KTVU's reporter Jade Hernandez? Thanks.

    1. Probably somewhere wrecking another home.

    2. Napa Joe - Jade just started a family with her husband. She will be back on air in a few weeks.

      As for the home wrecker comment 'anonymous'... The girl is a saint... and if you knew her or worked with her.. you'd also know her character... and how far off that anonymous petty shot really is.

      Must me someone desperate to stir up something in the newsroom before her return... maybe someone who wants her job?

    3. Thanks for the info 7:35PM. It is appreciated.

  6. The Irony? The driver was Stanley Roberts.

  7. What is going on with Carolyn Tyler? Just tell us what you think.

  8. Hey Rich, here's a hot one. KNBR was presented with the Ledgendary Station award at Saturdays Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame luncheon. Guess who accepted the award? Would you believe Tony Salvadore! He'd been inducted earlier in the event. Talk about ironic, the guy who was moved aside by the Atlanta boys 3 yrs ago!?!?Typical Cumulus!

  9. Ahhh,No wonder. Last week,Radnich kept saying who cares if a Da Lin left KRON to Pam Moore. "If you left THAT would be different" as Radnich buttered her up. "Lin?" "If he leaves we get somebody as good and who works cheaper". Pompous ass with some real superiority attitude. And his rep as Anti Asian was at work again.
    Raddy never noted KRON got somebody as good as Vern who works cheaper.

    1. Stan,Get Help!

    2. That was a real nice goodby from Raddy. "We can get as good as you ,cheaper"..sure,be a back stabber. It keeps his paychecks coming,and that's all that matters.
      I wonder if Da Lin still has that photo of him and Gary? Or is it dart board practice material?

  10. Good grief! Get well, Kate Scott.

  11. Kate Scott is damned lucky to be alive. According to a police motorcycle officer I know, any vehicle-human collision that occurs at 15 or more miles per hour is generally fatal.

  12. Stanley Roberts was just on Check Please Bay Area and the fat ass recommended House of Prime Rib.

    1. That's the one where he claimed White people in Petaluma stared at him because he's black.

      Maybe it was they saw his show?

      I guess when you do anti poor people segments,and portray poor mentally ill people in the worst light possible you look for reasons why people might not like you.

  13. Hope that Kate Scott is doing better.
    Sounds like it could have been worse. Yikes!
    Kate get well.
    Here's to a speedy recovery.

  14. Da Lin now joins Emerald Yee,Rick Quan,Sue Quon,and Wendy Tokuda as Radnich material of examples of no talent or they crossed him.
    Anybody see a trend? a common thread?..huh?

  15. btw,Kate and Raddy? Adios pelota to you too. Yeah,I heard..Karma's a bitch.