Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So, you want to be a Team Player? KGO boss runs ads looking for Salespeople

Bill Bungeroth, the local Cumulus market manager, needs salespeople, badly, for KGO Radio. He asks, implores really, that you should contact him and be a team player. Whoa! How cool, dude.

Like, really, dude, duddette, you too, can write your own ticket, be in a "fast-paced" environment, make some really cool deals, meet a lot of people, and sell, sell, sell. Must be a problem there at the new "810 AM" because I've heard the Bungey ad about a million times already. I'm thinking, if the gig were that exciting and great, wouldn't it be rather easy to fill some positions that promise such great returns?


  1. Cumulus sales reps are not allowed to manage ad agency accounts. They have to make all their money generating direct local sales (ie, door-to-door). They have a dedicated sales employee called a "key account manager" who is paid a low commission to handle all agency business.

    Most radio companies allow a certain amount of "easy" money from agencies, mixed with direct sales so that they can actually make a steady income.

    They restructured their markets like this in 2008 before they purchased Citadel to save themselves from bankruptcy.

    Another way Cumulus is the greatest company ever!

  2. Practically any company will pay you commissions if you find them business.

    Cumulus should try trolling Craigslist for new suckers.

  3. I know a few sales people who have left KGO since the December purges.
    They all report it's a toxic place to work and even more importantly that many local advertisers don't want to be affiliated with KGO. The advertisers fear they'll lose customers if they advertise on KGO.
    Many former KGO listeners boycott KGO advertisers.
    As well they should.

  4. I can't imagine a job in radio that's any worse than having to sell air time for Cumulus!

  5. Bungey's ads are energy!! What's wrong with you Bungey?

    I've been listening to Owens when the KQED topics don't interest me and his voice frequently cracks like a teenager.

    I don't know whether he's sick or age is catching up, but I'd be worried about getting some beat downs like the ones Barbieri received.

  6. Many radio stations play ads for employing their sales departments. No surprises here. Slow news day...

  7. It's fairly common knowledge, at least in the industry, that in one of his 'motivational speeches' to his sales staff BungleBreath told them he wanted to see them beat their competitors so badly that their sales people would lose their jobs, have to pull their kids out of school, have their homes foreclosed on, and eventually end up destitute and living on the streets! Most of the staff present at that meeting have since left Cumulosers, and now Bunglebreath can't find anyone who wants to work there. Shocker!!!

  8. Cumulus San Francisco has been the most miserable radio office in the market for several years now. They arrogantly drove all of the sales people that had any talent, treat everyone like crap, pay crap, and think you should be lucky to work there. No surprise word got around and no one worth a damn wants to sell for them. Also, reports are that this Bunghole guy is a huge douche.

  9. Not only has Bunglebutt driven out great sales people, he has also driven the ratings of all San Francisco Cumulus Stations to the lowest ratings in over 20 years (except KNBR of course, but that's because 680 has the Giants)
    Bungleturd and his old school micromanaging will alienate even more people in the coming months. What a Turd Cumulus San Francisco is. A stinky old turd.

  10. Working for Cumulus must be hell on Earth. Think about it. In such a dire economic depression for a company to advertise its job openings on 50k watts ad nauseum and still not get enough takers tells you a lot....

  11. Hey Rich
    What is a good price on a kgo spot?

  12. When you visit Bungeroth's office, guess what he has in a huge frame behind his desk?

    The Cumulus logo.

  13. I thought he had an autographed photo of Lou 'The Dickhead' smiling broadly.

  14. He must have a very small penis

  15. The ads are embarrassing. Anyone who has ever worked in the radio business knows this, and it's a running joke around the office. It was really funny when during his show, Rod Brooks started discussing how he was going through resumes to see who would be a good fit. By funny I mean laughable to the listener.

    Come work for us! Come work for us!

    Seriously, Bill? If your spots were valuable at all you wouldn't be able to waste so many of them with your pleas for employees.

    I have some serious insider information about Cumulus but have been biting my tongue for ages. It may be about time to spill the beans.

  16. Desperate, pathetic old fool. In the history of San Francisco radio, I have never seen such a dislike for one person as there is with Dungerhole. There is absolutely no respect in this market for that little man.

    1. Probably an overstatement, like him or not.