Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Radio/TV?--What's that?" Our Future Leaders

Yeah, this all but confirms it.

Talk about Parallel Universe.


  1. No,whats really weird is...I just closed the tab on reading that,and came here. They did leave out some things..I just tossed a Panasonic Telephone from 2000-2003 that I cant get the big battery for..it was heavy but reliable.
    And Rich,you remember that post I made where I asked "What does Condi Rice do or ever done"? She said she looked forward to her AUGUSTA membership "To make connections" EXACTLY..she does nothing but make connections..for those faux over paid speeches she does.
    I had her pegged to a T.

  2. I imagine a day very soon where most will watch sports on their I Pad or Kindle tablets, not tv. People may like high def, but they like to feel special more. The NFL redzone is just the first step to having people pay a premium to watch what was once free with no commercials.....figure out how to get a live feed with no commercials matched up with the local radio broadcast....who needs beer and truck commercials every 3 minutes?

  3. Funny, but there's no mention of their attention spans that are measured in milliseconds.

    Or their PC believe that the entire world is supposed to rotate around their rosy-red rectums.

    Or their grandiosity and suffocating sense of self-entitlement.

    Or their generation's inane belief that everything should be free (see note above at 4:19 p.m.).

    The reality of our society's failure to raise functional youths is well summed up by the book, The Dumbest Generation. Check it and its inescapable truths out at http://www.dumbestgeneration.com/home.html.