Friday, July 13, 2012

Willie Brown on Condi Rice as a Veep Candidate for Romney; Compelling Political Talk on KCBS Friday Morning

I'm a political junkie. Love it.

And most especially the talk of a Condi Rice emerging as a possible running mate with Mitt Romney.

That juicy trial balloon was the subject matter on KCBS this morning with Willie Brown and political insider, Phil Matier.

Brown said he thought Rice would be a great pick. "She's an ex-Secretary of State, Stanford professor and she's an expert on foreign relations, she's got it all."

But, as anchor, Stan Bunger pointed out, would she take it? Said Brown, "Hey, think about it--if someone asked you if you wanted to be the vice-president, you'd say yes--'it's a great gig."

Really, Willie? After all, Rice, as pointed out by both Bunger and Matier, has repeatedly said she's very much not interested in the "gig." "If they ask her, they do it on the assumption that she'll accept it."

I liked Bungers' last question: "Would this be the 'anti-Sarah Palin pick?" "Oh no, they're better than that." Brown sounded as if he knew something that the rest of us don't know.

It was a good five minutes of morning radio--chock full of interesting and pointed nuggets without the slightest bit of excess traffic reports or a Kars4Kids jingle. Say this for Willie Brown--he's good political theatre and his bit on KCBS was a nice departure from the usual morning radio minutiae.

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  1. She would be a "game changer" in her own way, but I don't think she would take it. She has always said that she isn't a political animal and she has kept out of the limelight since the end of the Bush term. In her favor: she is smart, has foreign policy experience and would appeal to independents. On the negative side: she didn't heed the national security warning of an attack on the US by Bin Laden; she isn't a firebrand for cherished social issues like anti-abortion rights or anti-gay marriage, and she is a reminder of the disastrous Bush era with its preemptive wars, soaring deficits, and financial collapse. In addition to all that, she is a little stiff and prissy which is just what Romney doesn't need more of.

    But he could do worse... and probably will.

  2. Don't get too excited: Here the real scoop from TPM this morning:

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is reportedly now near at the top of Mitt Romney’s VP selection list, according to a report billed as an exclusive from Drudge Report.

    Not gonna happen, say pro-life advocates — and they cite Romney himself to prove it.

    Rice is pro-choice, a fact that immediately disqualifies her from Romney’s list, according to Romney’s own words.

    The Susan B. Anthony List — a pro-life advocacy group — sent TPM this clip of Romney at a September 2011 South Carolina candidate forum, where he said:

    Moderator: Gov. Romney, will the person you chose as your vice presidential running mate be someone who shares your pro-life and pro-marriage convictions?
    Romney: I certainly imagine so, I haven’t made and selections in that regard … [as I look around at the people I would consider] I would expect that they would all be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage … but this is an important enough issue that the person that I would select in that position would share my views on those important issues.

    Host: So more than just expectation — would share those views?

    Romney: Yes … that person would share my views, yeah.

  3. Condi would much rather be the Commissioner of the NFL.

  4. I'm surprised you and Ike's worked something out. Weren't you talking shit to him over twitter about Bruce pimping sandwiches?
    But hey, money over everything.

  5. Great to find Ike's Place and its gluten-free menu. We have one gluten-free and one gluten-ok in our family, so it's a place we can go together. Ike's just picked up two new customers.

  6. Sharp woman, the anti-Palin, tried-and-true veteran.

    These posters failt to equate 3 big items: how many female voters would she swing?; how many black voters would she help swing?; and how could she help in the key 7-8 swing states.

    Would she want to be the attack dog? Does she add more than Chris Christie or Marco Rubio?

    And what you've see in few places, is Rubio too white (as a Cuban American) to affect the Latino vote, many of whom are Mexican-American, and many of those who might not identify with Rubio? If Romney feels he already has Florida, is Condi a bonus?

    GREAT topic, Rich!

  7. Condi is dripping with blood. Why would you want to promote someone who spoke of faux mushroom clouds and got this nation into two Bush wars that have pretty much destroyed this country's economy, all for naught. Remember the past is prologue.
    If you think African Americans would abandon the President to support a woman who was busy shopping for new Ferragamo boots in NYC while hundreds drowned in New Orleans, you'd be wrong.

  8. It's political chaff to distract from the Bain stuff. Can't believe Willie Brown doesn't see it. The fact that the social conservatives aren't threatening a revolt over the news says about all you need to know. Not going to happen.

  9. 10:00 - "dripping with blood" - the who world said Sadaam H. had weapons of mass destruction; even his own generals throught he had them. All he had to do was let inspectors in!! Besides, the buck stops with Bush.

    Obama has increased the use of drone attacks. Blood?

    Now why did you bring up Michelle Obama buying $500 blouses, and Obama playing over 100 rounds of golf (more than twice as much as Bush, in half the time!), while our unemployment rate is really 14-15%??!!

    Do I think that most AA will switch to the GOP? No! But if she can swing 10%, and 5-10% for women, GREAT!! BINGO!!


    8.2% unemployment rate; Obama told us we would be at 5.6% by now!
    $1.5 TRILLION a year in hot checks!
    $5+ TRILLION in new debt.
    ObamaCare has now TRIPLED in price - from $800 Billion to $2.7 TRILLION - and it hasn't even rolled out yet!
    Gas - $3.80 a gallon.
    I could go on ...

    BTW, its 11:17AM on KGone (KGO), and Michael Bauer is 20 minutes late to his KGO / Ronn Owens review segment. Has everything gone south?

    Ronn Owens 2: Bauer's cell phone goes off in the start of the interview! 11:18AM

    What will go wrong at 11:20?

    1. Why dont you mention he saved our auto industry? The Republicans said "let GM go under"..Obama saved them.Ford,Chrysler..and they REPAID there loans. He did everything Bush couldn't do. Where is Bin Laden? Kadafi? Without Obama..the USA would have been bankrupt.
      If you can't see he's done a great job..and you can't, your just more of whats wrong with this country.

    2. So what would they call the live-in girlfriend?the second lady?


    4. Mr. 12:56 PM - you really read the Daily Kos? har-har-hardy har!

      Obama and his financial advisors said if we gave him a MAMMOTH spending bill of almost $1 TRILLION - it would *stimulate" the economy to 5.6%. They got exactly what they wanted, and we're at 8.2% unemployment, with real unemployment at around 15%!!

      Hey 12:18, if Obama's done such a great job, why is his approval rating now at 44%? What can't he talk about *his* accomplishments, only throw stones at Roomey, a highyl successful businessman??

    5. And 522,why dont you explain Romneys use for decades of Swiss Bank accounts and secret tax history?

  10. Ronn Owens - 11:20, as I predicted - Michael Bauer's phonegoes off for a second time.

  11. She has to be one of Stanford's dumbest graduates..she is one of those who rattle of her degree's and likes to be called
    "Doctor"..but,what has she ever accomplished but push papers? And like that type,she could never take the criticism,too self conscious. And of course her private life of being a spinster..somethings odd there. You figure out why.

    1. Smarter than a "community organizer" who won't release his transcripts. Ran on of the top private colleges in the whole world - not bad!

    2. One the one hand there is Stanford, and then totally in another league above, is Harvard Law.

  12. Condi Rice may be smart and could be an asset to Mitt Romney if she is picked for the ticket, but the woman is dangerous! She's one of big reasons we went into Iraq as she was constantly pushing Bush
    to make that move.

    Yes, we got rid of Saddam Hussein, but at what cost? Thousands of Americans soldiers killed, tens of thousands more traumatized, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis now dead,
    (and more still dying each day with the bombings and instability),
    billions of dollars wasted, a country still in upheaval with ancient tribal blood feuds showing no signs of cooling off, American prestige and respect suffering as a result and now at an all time low world low...and for what?
    Just to get rid of a tin-pot dictator?

    Nice going Condi. Your legacy in American history will be one of shame! It's amazing to me that some Americans actually think we accomplished something over there. And I get a kick out of the conservatives who say that our soliders were: "Protecting our freedom." From who? Saddam Heesein and his twisted Sunni followers. If you believe that, I've got a bridge to Russia to sell you!

  13. Condi Rice would be an interesting choice for VP.

  14. Would love to see Biden tear her a new one in the debates.

    1. Curious as to why you think Biden would out-think and out-articulate Rice even if that unlikely event were to come to pass.

      Rice former provost at Stanford, Hoover Institution senior fellow, acknowledged academic, a highly regarded concert pianist appearing as early as age 15 with Denver Symphony.

      To Biden's credit he is in fact from dinkiest state in the Union. But he does have some cool hair plugs to go along with consecutive foot in mouth awards and a short stint as one-time chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee back in the days of Clarence Thomas hearings.

    2. Racism from the white liberal at 2:14? Bwaaaaa!

      Biden is inept; Dr. Rice, no matter her beliefs, is an expert on Russia and the classicla piano. Biden is only an expert at sticking his foot in his mouth.

    3. Hoover senior fellow!..that's a laugh. Again, a life of appointments because Condy is the ideal token for the right wing.
      Her secret life of being a dominatrix was revealed by her stiletto boots! Didn't it ever occur to her those were very inappropriate for a Secretary of state? Maybe a secretary at Hooters.

    4. So instead of African Americans voting 93% Democrat, you want it 99%, right?

      Token? Another liberal playing the race card. You guys are so predictable!

      Does that make Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and many others ~ tokens? Is Bobby Jindahl a "token"? Marco Rubio? Please.

  15. I think she's a pretty smart woman. Actually a brilliant woman. She had her fill of coiffed idiots in the GWB White House, as Sec of State, a much more serious and prestigious position. Being second stooge to a guy who has no idea of why he is even running for President is not likely.

    It used to be that the second chair was a prelude to your party's nomination for the Big Chair. Last guy to be succesful doing that was King George Walker Bush, and thats only because he rode Reagan's long ass coattails and his sacrificial opponent was the little governor from Mass, who was photographed playing in a toy tank with his GI Joe dolls.

    Love Willie Brown, shady ass dealings and all. Everybody likes to give Baer and Magowan credit for PacBell Park. Truth is, without Mr. Speaker calling in chits right and left, it would have never happened. The man deserves some major recognition for that. MAJOR

    1. Actually,that's sort of the required thing to say about her. But nobody has ever said exactly what she has accomplished. Being hired under the Bush regime as a token doesn't quite make it with me.
      Like with many in the education system,highly educated doesn't mean very smart.

  16. Romney has to find someone who appeals to the Tea Partiers. Rice's expertise is in international/foreign affairs. While that would be a "plus" to sane people, TPers have their focus on staunch conservatism AT HOME ... everyone's home, bedroom, etc..

    Moreover, she's pro-choice, and without a stated personal conservative record. The closest she comes to that is association with W's administration ... again in foreign relations.

  17. The Rice rumor has been slapped down all day long by people who recognize that this was just Drudge helping Romney -- who's had a bad week with all that "when did he really leave Bain?" stuff -- change the direction of the conversation. Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

    1. "When did he leave Bain" is a critical issue to Americans? Really? Is that all the Obama Camp has? Wow!

      BTW, how many rounds of golf has Obama played now in 3.5 years - over 100?

      When you add in all of his cigarette breaks, watching ESPN, watching NCAA basketball, sleeping, and fundraising - which he does a TON of - when does he work??

      This guy makes Jimmy Carter look good.

      Not to mention his Attonrye General running weapons to Mexico, with no tracking going on, no drug busts - WTF!!??

    2. apparently you know nothing about the Security and Exchange Commission. There are requirements under penalty of perjury that those filings with the SEC are accurate.To not do so is criminal. Romney won't release the tax docs from 2000 and 2001 and 2002. Do you understand why?

  18. Great idea. One of the unapologetic architects of the greatest presidential failure since Nixon. A horrifically expensive and tragic war waged for no reason and the economy pushed off a cliff, meanwhile the real war on terrorism bungled beyond belief.


  19. I have posted several pro-Romney and pro-Rice posts here, but a few of you have one thing right - these two god-aweful wars!!

    This said, both party's supported going to war, and they approve funding and war appropriations. That is one thing that is quite appealing about Ron Paul - he was against ball of this nonsense.

    1. Yes both parties and lots of people supported both wars, based on the lies of "weapons of mass destruction", a knowing lie and perversion of the truth which Ms. Rice promoted earnestly. There are hundreds of thousands of innocents who died because of it. Rice , Bush, Cheney all knew it was false. They had other masters to serve,there was money to be made. Rice's chummy relationship with the Saudis is a good beginning point to research.

    2. So are you telling me that Condi Rice bamboozled the whole entire world? No, I think not.

      Bill Clinton, as President, said that Sadaam had WMDs.
      Al Gore said he had WMDs.
      Billary said he had WMDs.
      The Brits said they had WMDs.
      The acclaimed Israeli Military - said that they had WMDs.

      All the UN, and nuclear watchdog groups, asked for - was an ability to inspect. T which Sadaam played cat and mouse.

      And his own Generals who escaped Iraq said that he had WMDs.

      OK, so WHY did we think he would use WMDs? Had he used them before? YES. He gassed the Kurds, and he sent children into battle as martyrs.

      So it is preposterous that Condi Rice lied and manipulated Mosaad or Israeli secret intelligence, the best in the world.

      Yes, thousands of innocents died.

      And Yes, thousands of thugs, murders, rapists, torturers, criminals, warlords and varmits also met their deaths. (See Sadaam's sons, for example.) ... fitting that Sadaam was found in a rathole, eh?

      Speaking of Predent Bush, can you give him some huge credit for saving Millions of lives in Africa via massively increased spending to combat the spread of AIDS?

      And **who** helped him with HIS original idea - when he went to trusted advisors with his idea for fighting AIDS in Africa? Colin Powell and Dr. Condi Rice, the two highest-ranking African Americans in the history of our great nation.

      Amen, brother. Amen.

    3. Sadaam Hussein didn't gas the kurds with a mushroom cloud.
      Your assertion that Colin Powell(who has now issued multiple mea culpas about how there was no intel to support his claims at the UN), and rice are the "two highest aa's in the history of our nation" blah blah..fails to recognize one enormous fact. The President of the United States, President Obama, is the highest ranking AA in our history. He will be for the next four years, as well unless Israeli operatives or murderous US rednecks do him harm.This country is not going to vote for an uptight zillionaire Mormon with special underpants coupled with a lesbian pro-choicer in thigh high leather boots.

    4. 8:16 - Got Anger?

      Sadaam gased the Kurds. Google is your friend.

      Yes, Dr. Rice and Colin Powell were the two highest ranking African Americans - up to that point in our history.

      I've had several AA friends of mine, older folks, who have said, "Well, Mark, you know that Barack is only half Black."

      So why dod you think Israel wants to assasinate our President? BTW, do you think Elvis is still alive?

      Per our "uptight zillionaire Morman": 1) he worked for free as Gov of Massachusettes; and 2) he worked for fre to rescue the Olympics.

      But let's leave it at this, in the successful businessman vs the Food Stamp President stakes: Romney gives like 20% of his earnings to charity; Obama is around 1%; and Biden is at .0013%.

      Actions speak louder than words.


    5. and you are apparently dumber than cat shit. "Mushroom Cloud" refers to nuclear weaponry. You must be wearing some secret underpants too, over your head.
      And golly geez,why would the current Israeli govt. want Obama dead? Because he won't kiss Netanyahu's ass and go kill persians to do Israel's dirty work for it.
      Attacking Persia would finish off the economic condition of this country. Be careful of what you wish for.

  20. Condi Rice is a sellout. She was always an overachiever, playing concerts on her piano at an early age, and graduating at college at age 20, so she didn't realize how difficult it is for many other people to achieve even a modest level of success.

    This is the problem with a lot of conservatives; because many had to scrap and hustle to make it, because they stuck with it and never gave up, they don't understand why many people can't do what they did. But they don't realize that it's not that easy.

    My biggest complaint with right wingers though is that they claim to have a corner on loving America. Their warped vision of what America really is, comes from the viewpoint of the elitist, selfish, self centered 1 percent of this country, who ripped and are constantly ripping off our people and our government, all in the name of 'free enterprise' and 'fair markets.'

    But there's nothing fair about the way these un-american, dangerous, venal types are gaming our system and bringing this country to ruin while they fatten their portfolios, smoke their cigars and laugh at the rest of us.

    The sad thing is, they've got many of the middle and lower middle class white folks in middle American and in the southern states, the very people they are screwing over, believing in their tripe. It's amazing how dense and naive some of our poor
    fellow citizens are. If they only knew what traitors the
    conservatives and the republicans are producing, and will continue to produce (like that fat blowhard Rush Limbaugh) as they systematically rape the country that feeds and clothes them, they
    would throw the bastards out en masse.

    1. To compete at that level of the game, you have to understand what stakes are in play and what points one must compromise on. Rich! This is a great post. You are the man.

    2. Anon 9:46 has to be one of the best posts in recent memory. It shows the utter lack of logic for *some* liberals.

      Dr. Rice is a sellout because she excelled in life. Really? Wow! So you're saying that African Americans should not succeed, should not work hard, and would therefore not "sellout"? Personally, I think the sellouts are Americans of any creed who have been trained to live off of the gov't.

      "Condi Rice ... so she didn't realize how difficult it is for many other people to achieve even a modest level of success." You're alluding that she may be gifted. Maybe. She's a smart woman. But my guess is that she sacrificed many *goodies* in life, was very disciplined, and in return for her hard work and strong family foundation, the payoff was that she got to travel the world, have amazing success, and work in the White House. My guess is that she knew *exactly* how hard it was, and she sacrificed, skipped petty activities, and reaped the huge rewards for her *life strategies*.

      " 'Many conservatives' ... don't realize that it's not that easy." Funny, I've never heard anyone say that it is "easy". However, I know high school kids that merely study between 1 to 2 hours a day: one is Berkeley bound, the other Cal Poly bound.

      Are you saying with 7 free hours when school lets out, African American kids are unable to study 1 to 2 hours per day?

      See, there are also other simple choices, like many Asian-American and Jewish American kids and families make every year, every day ... don't get pregnant, don't join a gang, don't do hard drugs, study and be self-reliant. But I *do know* it is very difficult for AA kids when there is no father, few strong male figures, and Mom is going 3 different directions.

      Who says our viewpoint came from the so-called 1%? Mine came from humble middle-class folks who worked their butts off, never took welfare, would do any job, and stressed education, religion, and family. Midwest folks who survived the Depression.

      And how have hard working folks "ripped off America"? Hasn't Romney paid million upon millions in taxes? hasn't he created tens of thousands in jobs? (One example: Staples.) No Baby Mama's. But, in contrast, wasn't it Obama's Mom who lied, trying to get Disability Insurance *after* she was diagnosed with cancer?

      Neither party is perfect. But you may want to take a class in logic.

  21. If a call-in talkshows are still relevent, what's stopping KCBS from doing that with Phil Matier (or someone with the political chops)?

  22. Why are conservatives so angry? They basically have run this country for the last 30 years, pushing for deregulation, stalling environmental progress, and trying to turn back the clock on hard won civil rights victories. They approved of the costly incursion that helped bankrupt our country in Iraq.

    And here's something to ponder: Who was in office and who was the Sec of State when we were attacked on 9/11/01? Who was in office when this country nearly melted down in 10/08? Who refused to save our American auto industry? And who failed to find Bin Laden, even though he had nearly eight years to do so?

    These are indisputable facts. Conservatives have had their day inthe sun and have nearly ruined this country. And now they're upset? Give me a break!

    1. Exhibit A: California was the envy of the US, even the world - when run by common sense Republicans.

      Even if the legislature was Democratic, a Republican Gov kept them in check, from running wild. Ronnie. The Duke. Pete Wilson.

      Then Democrats ran wild, including wanna be Democrat Arnold. (Let's call him an Independent.)

      What has happened the past 20 years?

      Prison guards go from low pay to envious pay. (Thanks, Gray!)
      Cities going bankrupt.
      Runaway food stamp aid.
      Runaway disability costs.
      Millions of illegal immigrants.
      UC "fees" go from $300 a quarter to thousands per quarter, with more increases on the way!

      While the state sinks deeper in debt, Mark Leno over and over again posters for "same sex marriage" initiatives.

      Power costs skyrocket as California refuses to allow cheap, low cost, zero carbon nuclear power.

      Year-after-year deficits.

      Skyrocketing debt.

      And guess what happens when Obama gives away more Amnesty, and we have a massive chain migration wave from Mexico? We'll have millions more folks who love turning California into East L.A. or Tijuana.

    2. The Obama administration has deported more illegals(from all parts of the world) in three years than George Bush did in 8. Check it out.

    3. Obama passed through Amnesty Lite. (For young people.)

      Obama also plans on Amnesty for 20-30 Million illegal aliens.

      But if you're Latino.. Obama's White House will DEMAND that you give up your silverware before he enters the room!! Humm.. racism?

  23. Does anybody know if Willie Brown has ever had a conversation with Condolezza Rice?

  24. Rice-A-Romney! The San Francisco treat!

    1. Brown pretends to be an insider on national politics, and he's as knowledgeable as a Larry King USA Today column. Brown thought Rod Blago knew what he was doing. That worked out for Rod, didn't it?

      The best thing about Gavin "I lost the 49ers" Newsom dissapearing into the Lt Gov office is that the "Rename 3rd Street after the undeserving Willie Brown" campaign dried up.

  25. You can pro-con the Condi thing all day long but it'll never happen because Romney will be uncomfortable with ANYone who is not an old white rich male. Period, end of sentence.

    1. What flavor is your Koolaid?