Friday, June 1, 2012

Van Amburg is still alive

A reader asks me if Van Amburg is still alive. He is.

Contrary to web sites indicating his demise, (no need to plug), Amburg is living in El Cerrito and retired. Reclusive? Yes, but very much alive. I know for a fact.

Michael Zwerling, owner of KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz knows Amburg and speaks to him regularly and Jim Wieder, a former TV reporter for KGO-TV and now the owner of Ace Hardware in Hayward told me Amburg stops by from time to time.

I'm trying to arrange an interview. I know many of you would love to know how Van's doing. So would I.

One thing though: He's not left the planet. And please no links from various web sites indicating otherwise. It ain't him.

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  1. See if you can ask him about John O'Riley,who also contrary to what many here think was one of the ORIGINAL good guys for KGO.I'm surprised a few posted that his successor was the first GG at sports for KGO.And they would be wrong..I'm sure YouTube has that classic commercial of the four anchors on horses.
    Last I could find about John was he was battling throat cancer in 2007.

  2. That is great to hear. I bet Van Amburg has a livelier voice than Mattress Mannnnnnn's hostage monotone

  3. Excellent news indeed. I am curious about his views on today's media/news coverage.

  4. While it has been offered that his parting with KGO was less than warm and fuzzy, when he left he left. The average star anchor would have landed elsewhere as soon as possible. But just to walk off for good without a look back--that's impressive.

  5. Can I meet and take pics of him Rich??