Friday, May 11, 2012

Where Are They Now? Ex-SF TV/Radio Anchor/Reporter Knows his Hardware

Remember Jim Wieder? The KGO-TV, KGO Radio, and ABC Radio News reporter won several awards during his thirty year career including the coveted Edward R. Murrow award for his live shots from the Iraqi war front. Jim also freelanced for ABC Television News in Los Angeles and filed his last story from the Malibu fires in 2008. After more than 25,000 interviews, his last was with Governor Aarrnold!

You "50" somethings listen up. Jim took his KGO buyout money to purchase Hayward ACE Hardware in 2005. Just last week the store was awarded the prestigious ACE Platinum award for superior customer service. Its an honor that 5,000 ACE outlets apply for- but only a small fraction get the nod. The store was also named a Hayward Small Business of the Year in 2011, and Jim ran the local Chamber of Commerce from several years. "Transitioning wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be," Jim says. "It was a hoot traveling the world on the company dime."

See, there is life after local TV News.

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  1. What happened to Terilyn Joe?

  2. What happened to Joe Oliver from KPIX and KQED ? Oh yeah right. Never mind

  3. Oh Hey. Frank Dill, Fred LaCoss, Terry Lowry, Gary YOUR OVERMODULATING WILL" Park. Bill Agee KKHI.

    Random gripe: I'm sick of Krukow and Kuiper 3 monkeys act of see no, hear no, speak no evil of hometeam who have apparently tanked for this year already, or actually since September of last year. Bring back Hank and Lon.

    Shameless plug for Giants Plan B formulated in pre-season follows Rich: Bringing back Hank and Lon

  4. Been there many,many times. Its an old 1870's building where the wooden floor gives as you cross it. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my father would go to some old hardware store in the central valley with junk(and dust) everywhere. Only this Ace isn't dusty and it is neat and organized. It wont drive HD out of business..but,its fun to go to that old Ace as a bonus to finding what you need.

  5. I worked with Wieder back in the day, class act and always entertaining in the field. I often wonder how he is doing. Glad to hear he has come through the other side intact.

    Bravo Mr. Wieder, Bravo!

    "Do you have any left handed monkey wrenches?"

    1. "No,but we DO have left handed Monkeys". Jim has almost everything there..

  6. Always liked Jim as a reporter, he was involved in the community and I had the chance to talk to him at a children's fundraiser in Livermore years back.

  7. Met Jim a few years ago when our kids played little league baseball in Walnut Creek. Totally unassuming, humble, polite, and considerate. Hard to believe he was ever in the business.

  8. I first remember him in the mid eighties as the co-anchor (with KGO's Karina Rusk) at KMST (now KION) Channel 46 in Monterey-Salinas. He always seemed very earnest and likeable. And apparently so!

  9. Jim's child is a schoolmate of my child. He and his wife are wonderful folks...polite, friendly, and unassuming. Jim never brags or even mentions who he was or what he has accomplished. Great people.

  10. I remember Joe letting me sleep on his floor in Monterey back in 1987. Joe actually anchored with Kimberley Hunt (Now KGTV San Diego) George reading replaced Wieder. Claudia Cowan (FOX News SF) was an Intern, and lived in the same oceanfront complex. KMST was a pit to work at. It was owned by RETLAW Broadcasting (Disney family). The place was so bad that in 1989 KMST employees voted 43-2 to join AFTRA. Peter Cleveland could tell some horror stories about KMST.

    That station produced a wad of great on and off air talent

  11. Jim Wieder is one of the most kind and endearing people I've ever met. Not only does he have an uncanny ability to befriend just about everyone but he is also disciplined and hardworking. I have known Jim for over 18 years now and I have never once seen him be anything but a welcoming and generous person.