Thursday, May 17, 2012

Really, Really, Really Weird and Bizarre Things Heard in the 415 Media File; Thursday Chick Report

KRON and KNBR/KGO interns and producers, I repeat: Fan and love letters can be traced through IP addresses. If you want to show me your love, then ID yourself.

In actuality, thanks to my tech goddess, I already know who's sending me all the nice stuff and the bad stuff. It's not just interns and 9-buck-an-hour producers, gawd, some of you are on the air too!, oh golly gee!

OK, let's do this: let's try to figure out the following:

Is PIX biggie snuggling with her highness or are the Hunan back room stories just darn falso?

Did that stunning news reader from KRON really hold command at Kokkari the other day, (before the fire)?

Why do all the on-air female talent on KrOn always have that pissed-off look when RaDUnich does his bizarro ad-lib of the night? Surely, we, fans of the "Buster Brown" dept. just can't be "held" like this, GARYEE!

Oh, did you hear about KQED "Check Please" guest that was rejected because they listed "Clown Alley" as their favorite restaurant?

BREAKING NEWS: Ron Owens just ate an entire Sleeptrain.

Yes, that's Larry King after his appearance on the Smurph and Hack Show.


  1. Not only bizzare-but insulting. Only he would think it funny to toss money at Pam Moore after a story about pole dancing strippers-remember that? Or how about when he asked the weather woman about the many times she did drugs in college "Your crowd must have been into that"..she denied it of course.
    No matter what he says to them..they take it. That's the price you pay for working with nutty Gary Radnich,if he thinks he can get the attention or a laugh at your expense..he will.

  2. On KRON, why are Jacqueline and Pam on for sports? So Gary can have an audience. As I wrote previously, these ladies are thinking "Don't include me in your bit. Finish your damn segment so that we can go home."

    Went mattress shopping with the wife last week and one of our stops was to a local Sleeptrain (we eventually bought elsewhere.) While there I remarked to the salesman who was in his 50's "Ronn Owens sent me."

    He smiled and replied "Who?"

    Who indeed.

  3. There is nothing more uncomftarble to watch then Gary three fingers" Fatnich when he makes those poor girls sit while he makes jokes only he finds funny. Please Gary you were only good with Tony Bruno. I remember when Gary use to say that the only reason Matt Williams married his movie star was because he was a rich baseball player.otherwise he would have no chance due his less than good looks. D Bruce told him on air that he sure Alicia , Gary wife would have married if he was a janitor . Gary radnich went silent . Classic Lynne moment. Keep up the great work rich

  4. I have to agree with the uncomfortable feel that seems to pervade the set when Gary starts "including" PM and JB in his inane ramblings, basically giving them nowhere to go after asking a rambling or non-sensical questions, "Pam, who is your favorite New Jersey Devil goaltender after Martin Brodeur?"

    Is there no one at that station or in his life that can tell him "No, don't do that!" ?????

    1. I notice that too..Gary lives in a small world..a world where he gets what he wants and only recognizes those who think like himself..what he calls "sensibilities" and the rest of us see as crass,rude,vane. He surrounds himself with yes men and woman at KRON and KNBR. You can tell by the stories that he isn't told..normal people don't do that. They don't browbeat old woman..and they don't run red lights because THEY decide it slows their ride home.
      Yep,Rant bot you hit a key point.

  5. And I saw a newer episode of Check Please! and Leslie looked dee-licious! She's all woman. And not afraid to flaunt it.