Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KFOG Facebook Fans to New KFOG Morning Show: You Suck

Kfog Fm
KFOG is hearing it from whatever's left of their diminished audience.

I guess when you ask for it, you'll get it. The new shitty Morning Show debuted and the 2012 fogheads are in revolt, minus the house tools and interns on Facebook.

The only problem here, folks, is that SCUMulus doesn't care. I've been railing about this and all of 'yous thought I was on some ego trip. See, get it through your head: THEY ARE NOT RADIO PEOPLE.

They are what we said all along: schlockmesiters who invaded a city and DESTROYED its broadcast legacy. I was never a big KFOG guy but I would listen every now and then to Morey and enjoy his '10@10' bit. Nevertheless, I appreciated the music and acknowledged the loyalty from fogheads in the 415 and beyond.

Another station in ruins. Another legion of Bay Area radio fans--from the newstalk legion to the foghead division--completely dissed by a group of corporate assholes, driven by Atlanta commandos and orchestrated by local SF broadcast hit men.

They are out there. They don't give a shit about your feelings. They are to radio what fire is to ice. You have met the enemy and IT IS sCUMuLUS.

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  1. Cumulus blows

    the new kfog morning show sucks big time. a real Weenie & The Butt vibe coming off the new clowns

  2. Now Mickey Luckoff needs to buy two stations.......

  3. Read my lips: BAY AREA RADIO SUCKS EGGS. Boy, this will get the minimum wage interns tapping on their laptops.

  4. The sad fact is these guys DO NOT CARE about anything exct their advertising rates and advertisers are obsessed with demographics. Is sure it is an age thing..the existing hosts were too OLD , they want a YOUNGRR audience and hence younger blood in the AM

  5. It's curious SF Chronicle pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub blogged about Fogheads expressing their anger on Facebook less than an hour after your entry posted at 12:15pm, Rich. Does Hartlaub read your blog for ideas?


  6. Rich, yeah, good thinking, first draft of excellence. KFOG used to be a nice evolution of free-form radio. The DJ and his knowledge was the star. 10 at 10 was a throwback to a time when jocks would program their own shows around a common theme. Sad to say, it's all gone now at KFOG, but it will return somewhere else. All this has happened before and will happen again.

  7. #thedaythemusicdied

  8. A complaint a day might take Cumulus away.....Check out the stock.

    Phone (404) 949-0700
    Fax (404) 949-0740

    Stock Chart

    Company Profile

    Our Company
    There are currently no items available.
    Cumulus Media, Inc. is the second largest radio broadcast company in the United States. In total, the company currently controls approximately 572 radio stations in 120 U.S. media markets. The Company’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, and its More >>

    Stock Quote
    CMLS (Common Stock)
    Exchange NASDAQ GS
    Price $2.82
    Change Stock is Down 0.01 (0.35%)
    Volume 212,500
    Data as of 05/29/12 4:00 p.m. ET
    Minimum 20 minute delay

    Corporate Offices
    3280 Peachtree Road, NW
    Suite 2300
    Atlanta, Georgia 30305
    Phone (404) 949-0700
    Fax (404) 949-0740
    Featured Reports
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    Date Title
    05/07/12 Cumulus Reports First Quarter 2012 Results Printer Friendly Version
    05/01/12 Cumulus Media Inc. Announces First Quarter 2012 Earnings Conference Call
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    04/30/12 Cumulus Media Announces Station Swaps with Townsquare Media
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    03/12/12 CORRECTING and REPLACING Cumulus Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results Printer Friendly Version

  9. Sorry but I'm still in mourning for KGO and every-time I pass by that Culumus Clone in it's place on my dial I sigh

  10. f--k radio. What a joke

  11. Question: Were Webster and Irish Greg at the end of contracts? If so, would you expect more on air personnel to be at risk of being replaced, not only on KFOG but KGO?

  12. Real bad, real sad!!!! Listner now for 20 years, might just finally get Satellite. No more need for KFOG.

    1. I've had Sirius for almost 10 years, almost since it started. There are a ton of great music channels, although I listen to my own stuff, first on iTunes and now on Spotify.

      My favorite channel, and the one I listen to the most, is the NFL channel. It's way better than KNBR, which ranges from childish to arrogant to foolish for me, although I do tune in to the gamecasts for the 49ers and Giants. It's way better than the new local FM sports, as well.

      I have Sirius on my iPod and on an aging Satellite radio and boom box that Sirius sold years ago.

      If you get Sirius SATELLITE (as opposed to online), make sure you can stick out a Satellite receiver (about palm-sized) in the direction of Sirius' satellite. Otherwise, you bought something you cannot use.

      I think Sirius offers online-only now, too, although the lineup used to be limited. It's been a while since I checked.

      If you listen on your Smart phone or iPad or other Tablet, I suggest WiFi, unless you have a bullet-proof cap on your cell usage. Sirius online is a hefty pull on a bill, otherwise.


      (No, I don't own stock in Sirius nor am I employed by it. I'm just a longtime customer. :-) )

      I don't listen to terrestrial radio any longer. I listen to Len Tillem on my iPad's podcasts.

  13. I missed yesterday's KFOG morning show debut (clearly I didn't miss anything). My wife heard part of it and told me about it. So now it sounds like every other moronic morning show. I tried to explain to my wife how Cumulus buys stations and then eviscerates them, driving their core audience away. She said "But if no one listens, they lose money." I said "exactly, but Cumulus doesn't care." I spent fifteen minutes trying to explain how Cumulus was run before finally giving up. How do you explain a business whose sole purpose seems to be driving their customers away?

  14. funny how there's no mention of kramer and twitch on the kfog bio page for tony.

    but then i guess kfog doesn't want everyone to know who tony really is?

    prank calls ridiculing mentally disabled people. classy.

  15. Cumulus reminds me of the A's owner Lew Wolff: Get rid of your talent and fan favorites (Gio, Willingham), run the sucker right in the ground, screw your loyal customers and pocket all the profit you can on the way down. I'm hoping he sells to locals ASAP. 7 losses in a row now and growing....

  16. Why should anyone be surprised about Cumulus and what they've been doing to the local stations. This kind of thing is happening in every area of business in America today. It's one of the biggest reasons that this country has gone into the tank.

    The government is in the back pockets of these robber barons, has been for years, but especially is now. Capitalism is what runs the world, and especially this country. Democracy is important, but only if it allows crony capitalism to go to any lengths to fatten the bottom line.

    And by the way...capitalism isn't to be confused with what we always pretend to practice in this country. The Chinese and the Russians, and many other countries of the world besides the USA practice their own forms of capitalism. A successful venture capitalist told me a few years back: "I love working with the Chinese. They don't have nearly the kind of restrictions that inhibit us from improving our operations." This guy (an American) owned several businesses in China, including a newspaper!

    Blame Cumulus if you want...but the larger problem is unbridled greed and crony capitalism which is largely responsible for the world financial problems that we face today. Cumulus is merely 'going along with the program.'

  17. In other words, they are like Bain and Romney. And, yeah, they suck. Junk-bond-type corporate raiders. Signed: A conservative.

  18. Be in denial if you want, but capitalism is not a sustainable practice, at least the way it's being practiced in these early days of the 21st century.

    Much of Capitalism depends upon the exploitation of our natural resources, which now under siege from the needs of 7 billion human beings, as opposed to three billion human beings 55 years ago.

    It's simple arithmetic. But also remember this...35 years ago,
    neither the Chinese nor the people of India had a standard of living that even approaches what many in those countries now are able to live by. So their demands for more resources have quadrupled, or quintupled in the intervening years.

    We also have a nation of some 330 million (now third largest in the world and that includes the 'illegal aliens' if you want to call people by that name,) who are consuming a lot more than folks did a generation ago.

    So unfortunately, it really doesn't matter that much if America conserves and tries to use its resources properly while developing other sources of energy for consumption. The train has left the station, the boat has sailed....let's just hope that the next generation is smart enough to find a way out of this mess, because we certainly haven't! No president, no congress, and certainly no business conglomorate has the answer.

    If we would all just be reasonable and work together; it all starts with not demanding more than you need. Unfortunately, TV, radio, and the 21st century media have programmed most of our people from almost the moment they could get up and walk on their own two feet...to be consumers and use and buy as many things as they are capable of buying (and when not capable..ouila... credit cards!)

    It's not that complicated.

  19. After 6 months of badness, I finally have something good to say about KGO! Over the weekend, the "Red Eye Radio" show went away; and Bloomberg Business News has taken over the overnights. It's not ideal, but at least it's not self-referential and self-adoring ninnies. I had wondered if anyone at KGO or Cumulus actually listened to the show; and maybe, at last, someone did. What finally pushed me to never have it on again (it was decent to sleep to vs. other options for me) was when, after Obama finally came out in support of same-sex marriage, the hosts kept referring to "The Gays." If anyone in S.F., at least, heard that, it should have had an impact.


  20. I guess I am not surprised by the new changes. Once Cumulus bought out the best radio station in the country it was only a matter of time. We all were saddened when Dave Morey retired, but the morning program still trudged on with Webster and the San Francisco regulars Renee, Peter Finch and Irish Greg. Didn't even mind the sometimes twinky quizzes - they were always grounded by when Dave was the host DJ. When Peter left it still was bearable, but whom ever is making the decisions is way off. The real magic of the morning show is Renee, Peter, and Irish Greg are interesting people who are active members engaged in the community, passionate about San Francisco and we connected with them.

    Management you can't fake the connection with the City and the love of the place. You also can't replace it with pseudo-personalities. We (the audience) liked not just the music programming, but the DJ's who manned the microphones.

    I turned on the radio yesterday morning (Tue 29th) and was floored. NO Webster, no Renee, and no Irish Greg. Well Cumulus I am done listening as KFOG has been stolen by a big corporation with nitwits for managers.

    M. Wright

  21. They said it wouldn't be a morning zoo, but I think I'm hearing monkeys nonetheless. Melanie is OK, but it hasn't taken long for Tony to turn me away. Some insipid comments, too much talk, too animated for me. The beauty of KFOG was a relaxed, fun/not stupid approach, intellectually hip, informative without being banal. Morey was great in ye morning, Webster did a fine job, I thought. The only "animated" morning show I ever enjoyed on KFOG was M. Dung, a very classy entertainer in a unique way. Someone else posted how KFOG is now just another morning show. I guess an empty spot opened on the radio button, but then plugging the iPod into the car makes radio unnecessary for music anyway. Someone want to buy a frequency and put the old KOME "come" radio back together????

  22. i have no opinion on the new crew, but for me KFOG had become an oldies format. yeah, it was a classier oldies station and maybe even a "curated" oldies station, but it was still oldies. they'd announce something for "new music thursday" and it would be the newest release from a middle-aged rock dinosaur.

    and peter finch was the textbook example of a smug, narrow-minded, self-satisfied, pc-spouting, bien pensant libtard.

    (i always liked dave morey. seemed like a chill dude.)

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