Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glenn at KPIX Opens Up New Dynamics; Coyle Shown The Door; The Full Story

Vern Glenn will begin his duties at KPIX shortly after the US Open. He'll anchor weekends and do reporting during the week, and occasionally fill in for weeknight anchor, Dennis O'Donnell, (who was a producer at KRON during Glenn's tour of duty).

More importantly, in Glenn's case, his salary, which was cut in half about two years ago at KRON, will be significantly higher, at least by today's standards.

Kim Coyle, who was working the weekend beat at PIX, (on a freelance basis) was essentially shown the door. There's word she may try to look to move to another market.

As for KRON, it's Radnich Monday through Friday. My best guess is that KRON will try to hire a local tonsil willing to work on the dime and shoot video. Either that, or someone outside the market who wants desperately to work in SF, at any cost. (They'll be several takers).

The move to CBS for Glenn is a godsend. He's obviously thrilled for obvious reasons. He gets more coin, he'll certainly get more exposure and he goes out, (with more than 20 years to boot), on his own terms. In the end, that's the only thing that counts.

And oh yeah, there's that other thing too. Try to figure it out.

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  1. Is the riddle at the end of your post solved by this mathematical equation?:
    Congratulations Mr. Vern Glenn!

  2. As long as Radnich can continue his couch "scouting" of local sports..he doesn't care. If he had to actually go to games THEN he would miss Vern.
    Everything Radnich knows about local sports is from his 55" TV. He hasn't been to a game in years on his own.

  3. Glenn officially has nine-to-nooner burnout. Thought Rich might like that line.

  4. The only reason Lieberman is devoting so much time to this story is that it's another opportunity to spew Radnich hate.

    It's time to move on. This blog is becoming an uncomfortable embarrassment catering to a few individuals who detest Radnich.

    Please don't censor this!

  5. I feel bad for Kim. While she didn't have the greatest sounding voice, she did a very capable job and deserved better than to be shown the door. I like her as a person and sincerely hope she lands on her feet. All the best Kim!

  6. Someone tell Kim's mom to stop posting here... Let's be honest she is god awful on air and god awful ugly... Yeah I said it, you think Erin Andrews is on cuz she knows sports? Get real, Kim and Amy g? How are these two even employed? You think the Yankees or lakers have old ugly sideline reporters...seriously her work on the 9ers preseason is absolute dreadful

  7. Good for Vern. I am happy for him. And I liked Kim as well. I think a good market for her might be Reno. Or possibly Phoenix. Good luck to her as well.

  8. Kim was garbage both as reporter and as a human being. There aren't enough characters available in this space to describe the things that I've seen/heard her do. From back-stabbing good people to crossing the line, both journalistically and ethically, to get the story.

    She was initially hired as a temp, then weaseled/snaked her way into her current, now former gig. Rumor had it she was "servicing" the right people. The funny thing is that Mr. Squeaky Clean O'Donnell was complicit in all of this.

    I hope Kim takes her "no talents", and the young Producer she, unfortunately for him, seduced, back to whence she came.

    So Kim, you have been skating on thin ice in this Market for years. Good riddance and please may the door hit you firmly in the ass on your way out. Here's an "Exclusive" for you: Nobody in this Market respected you anyway.

    I hope that if you only take one lesson away from your time here, may it be this: Karma is a Bitch!

    1. How do you KNOW all this?

    2. I just do. And if you think I'm wrong about anything of it, ask around. Her list of enemies in this Market is looooooong.

    3. I really don't think your wrong or right. I just have a hard time taking someones opinion from an "Anonymous" name who only credentials are "I just do".

      But what the hell, it's the internet. Anyone can type whatever the hell they want and back it up with a, "because I just know".

    4. Interesting post at 7:44.

  9. I think Kim is rather hot, good looking lips.

  10. Kim struck me as sort of the sloppy and skeay sorority girl, perhaps not the prettiest of the bunch but she made up for her lack of good looks in the sack. If 7.44am is correct then my assessment was not too far off

  11. The greatest thing a man could ever hear is a woman say "I would do anything to get/keep this job"...Even from top level banker woman.
    Oh,and there might have been a reason DOD was "complicit".She has video?..

  12. I didn't know Kim Coyle well, but she seemed like a pleasant person and a competent reporter. The fact that she was no great beauty should not be any kind of an issue. It's actually refreshing that she isn't some glamour queen, so that means she obviously wasn't hired for her looks.

    If all of the guys who work on TV were hired strictly on their looks, there would be a lot of empty-headed pretty boys masquerading as broadcast journalists, so why is this double standard for women still so obvious in TV? I know it's a visual medium, and we all like to see a pretty face (women like to see them too, because they can compare notes), but I find this whole thing about Kim's 'horse face' kind of a sad commentary on how juvenile guys still are.

    I happen to be a man who also has a daughter, and I would hate to see her judged more on her looks than her intellect or other abilities as she continues to grow up. Here in the US of A however, it seems as if people are so brainwashed and bombarded by images off the TV, magazines, and movies, that they really have no conception of what a real woman looks like.

    I guess that's why insecure girls and women who are ages 17-30 are now joining the legions of older women and getting breast implants, lip enhancement injections, and tummy-tucks. That's a sad commentary of our society, if we still judge half of our population based on a surface impression. And as the father of a growing young girl, it sickens me to think this is the kind of world might have to deal with.

    Maybe living in another country isn't such a bad idea!

    1. I completely agree with you, and unfortunately, that's the way it is and no one can change these ignorant sexists minds.

  13. From someone who has worked with Kim, I can honestly say that there are very few who work harder and as professional as she is. From watching her interact with interns, she was always genuine, always willing to help someone who is coming up in the business, or trying to learn about the industry. Could she have been better on camera as an anchor? Sure, but it's not an easy job. She was always a pro and I think athletes (Vernon Davis, Nnamdi, Alex Smith, Takeo Spikes, Jason Campbell, to name a few) all really respected her as a journalist.

  14. Regardless of the rumors and the innuendos, facts counts.

    / Here is the scenario- Would you respect someone who slept their way to a job or someone whose dad's called in a favor for the purpose of their kid getting a job? I could name a list of those who slept their way to their past or current jobs and I could also name a list of those whose dad or family member who called in a political favor for the purpose of her daughter getting a job.

    / What is the lesson here? Diligent performance is one thing. In order to hold your job in these uncertain times, you must have a strategic advantage. Those who know what I mean, don't say. It is all about how the game is played. / How many of you readers know how to play the game?
    / If you are not playing the game, it will play with you at some point of time. /

    Richie L can confirm about the game.

    1. I hope Jackie Bennett did not bang her way to the top of the KRON weather desk. It would break my heart

  15. Sad, sad commentary, if true (and I can't deny it because I don't know) that people do this sort of thing (sleep their way to the top with important folks). I guess that's always been part of the seamy underbelly of human behavior.

    I know it's certainly evident in all walks of life and work, but now that we're in the instant information age, it seems to have become more acceptable to not only talk about it, but perhaps engage in it.

    My question...and it's a rhetorical one I WHY?

    I guess that's why people are so fallible and clumsy and awkward.
    They don't have the confidence or the ability to believe in themselves to get to that next level, so they sacrifice their
    integrity to move ahead.

    I too have seen a number of other prominent people in the local sports media prostitute themselves, yuck it up at the boss's coarse jokes, and brown-nose their way to achieve a desired position. It's amazing how people will be seduced and disgraced by this kind of sick, venal behavior.

    I fell very sorry for those types because at the end of the day, they've not only cheated to get to a good position, but they've cheated themselves. And not only are they not respected by their peers, but how can they look at themselves in the mirror at the end of the day. Is 'success' that important? I guess to some poor, insecure people who want attention, it is.

    As for the above person who says "if you are not playing the game, it will play with with at some point in time," I agree...that is true...but at the end of the day it's better to
    walk away from that kind of crap that to cover yourself with the excrement.