Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chron's 'Matier and Ross' Power and Juice; Interesting KCBS Phoner; Radio Chef getting Tipsy; NBC Bay Area/KRON Items; Thursday Media Notes

They're not the singularly most powerful media entity in the Bay Area, but they do command a healthy amount of juice, influence, gravitas and acknowledgement--particularly among SF's quirky politically-fiery community.

Just ask Gavin Newsom and Mayor Ed Lee. Or in Sacramento, talk to Bill Lockyer. Better yet, speak to Lockyer's wife, (if you can get a hold of her.)

The Chronicle's Matier and Ross are the most widely-read and influential columnists in the city and beyond; (they pen the most popular column in the Chron)-- all the way from City Hall to Sacramento; to Oakland and Jean Quan and the police dept. and its union.

More than just driving the news that leaks out of city hall; more than just being at the forefront of the Ross Mirkarmi domestic violence brouhaha, Matier and Ross have catapulted themselves into areas beyond the political arena--they have written about the inner dealings of the 49ers move to Santa Clara. Ditto stadium minutiae involving the A's and Raiders. Warriors too.

Moreover, both have the ear of influential pols like Willie Brown, powerful SF Chinatown political broker, Rose Pak and the Guv himself, Jerry Brown.

Perhaps more proof of Matier and Ross' clout is the fact that a healthy portion of SF media, (and San Jose too, sometimes), often refer to their postings. Case in point, the Nadia Lockyer soap opera that eventually lead to Mrs. Lockyer's resignation.

**KCBS morning anchor Stan Bunger was speaking to reporter, Doug Sovern about "Bike to Work" day taking place Thursday. Sovern, a biker on his way to the city from Oakland, sounded enthralled about the vast amount of bikes on BART. Immediately after the phoner with Sovern, Bunger went straight into a story about a SF biker, in critical condition, hit by a PG&E vehicle on Wednesday. Poor segue way?

**The moody souls in upper MGT. at KRON like to have closed-door meetings with staffers instructing them not to talk to me-- which only means more people will talk to me and thus, put your action plan into shambles--which it already is. Duh!

**Nice going, KGO Radio....allow your "celebrity" chef to get drunk on the air on Cinco De Mayo. Very original. Genius consulting. And while 14 people were listening, Cumulus bogeymen got a memo. May want to update the radio resume, Mr. Scott.

**Could be worse at KGOne: Scott could be subjected to having to listen to the Finch Files.

**Yes, NBC Bay Area News is making strides. Sustainability is the next question. It helps to have the Olympics beckoning too.

**Gil Gross is a perfectly safe choice to run an afternoon radio talk show in the middle of the dial, but it won't move the needle. Need I say anything more?

**It's not that juicy yet, but the loudmouth TV exec, (who presides in the Battery St. gulch), is beginning to make some noise, and that's not the noise your boss would especially like to hear. (Trust me).

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  1. Newstalk 910 needs two things and they'd become so much more relevant: 1, A stronger signal. (What's the chance of that happening?) And 2, switch out their daytime syndicated shows with local talent such as former KGO talkshow hosts. I get that they're trying to mix it up with views from across the board, but people around here want locally based talk shows rather than "fair & balanced".

  2. and where would Matier and Ross be ...especially in the Mirkarimi matter....without Phil Bronstein?

    1. You mentioned that Gil Gross won't move the needle, but don't elaborate as to who you think would. Do tell. I would have preferred John Rothman, John and Gene was always my two favorites, depending on the subject. Several people that get huge ratings I find boring such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, it not because they are conservative, but because they are predictable, and Sean Hannity often contradicts himself. Also when he talks about Europe he is so off base, I grew up in Denmark, and the way conservative's depicts European social democraticy has very little to do with the truth, and the high quality of living most people in Europe enjoys.

    2. Yes, yes, the high quality of European life... does that include the 24% unemployment rate in Spain?; the "luxury tax" of 120% in Sweden, where a vacuum is considered a "luxury item"; $10-per-gallon gasoline; German shops closed on Sundays; and horribly expensive London?

      Don't get me wrong, I loved my trips to Europe, and would love to spend extended time there.. but while we see 5% as a 'normal' unemployment rate, they see 10% as normal. And I do love the idea of at least the option of a longer summer vacation (typically 5-6 weeks in Europe), but I understand their "Social Contact" is why many corporations don't add workforce in the EU, or reduce their workforce in the EU... and add it it places like the Chech Republic, Ireland, the US or Australia.

      But let's not even go into how Greece could go BK, and how they could alos take down the whole European Union. Sadly, we're following suit with our state, federal, and local debts.

      Oh well, the lure of the Free Lunch!

  3. Matier & Ross "do" hold Politicians, and the inner workings of Government Feet to the Fire up here in the Big City, & State Gov.....

    But as far as the stadium in Santa Clara is concerned, I saw Phil Matier act like a little girl, all giddy, and happy when the York ownership secured a loans for the City of Santa Clara taxpayers to payoff, (corporate welfare). He reported on the stadium "yes," but never did he question that "Measure J did not ask the taxpayers of Santa Clara to pay for the Stadium." In fact Mr. York, and the Elected Officials of Santa Clara said that the Stadium would be of no cost to the taxpayers during the run up to the election of Measure J.

    In my book that is not being "Powerful in the Media," thats being a patsy for the rich & powerful....The truth about the SC Stadium is being witheld, and NO Media Outlets in the Bay Area wants to peep the Yorks out on it. The Yorks, and Elected Officials of SC know that this current site is totally Flawed...But it will all be uncovered when the fanbase discovers that the undersized stadium has virually no parking...and you have to walk 20 minutes to your car in the Yahoo Employee parking lot. The newly built garage is meant for the 1%, who will occupy the glass tower at the SC stadium.

    1. Phil Matier is one of the best journalists in the bay area. Very old school reporring. Honest and trustworthy.

  4. KPIX ch.5 is now Investigating the new Cal Stadium Sports Complex financing, I cant't wait for when they start investigating the "new" 49er Santa Clara Stadium. All the Truth will hopefully come out then....But I won't hold my breath!

  5. Re; Gil Gross. That's your opinion, Rich.

    Not MINE. And I suspect many other Bay Area listeners!

  6. Yesterday evening KRON ran an ad for the morning news. I had the brightness turned down. Between that and KRON photography the photo of Darya made her look brown skinned..light brown. She looks better in Latina! Looks healthier too. Darya should try SOME tanning..

    Just don't bake like that woman in New York,..oh,man she's suicidal and asking for skin cancer. Gary Park was like that too...

  7. FWIW - bikers ride motorcycles. Those who ride bicycles are cyclists.